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Women, 5'6", I have a question for you.

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Hey there. So, I am 5'6", small frame. I'm a size 14 now, and I want to be an 8 or 10. I was just wondering. You other 5'6", small frame ladies: Around how much did/do you weight at size 8?

I know it won't necessarily be the same from everyone, but I'd like to get a general idea.

Thanks! Embarassed

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I am 5'5" with a small frame and when I was a size 8 I weighted about 140-145.  Unfortunately I blew that after I found my wonderful husband but I will soon get back to it.  Hope that helps! Smile

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Hi victorechka,

I'm 5"6 and currently wear an 8 (sometimes a 6 if its a bigger cut) and I weigh 154.

I'm a medium frame (so not big boned neither petite).

Hope that helps.
I'm a little under 5'6" with a very small frame.  I wear size 8's at about 125 to 130.  When I was younger, I probably wore 8's at more like 130 to 135.  

I'm a measley 5'5", medium frame; when I was a size 8 I'd estimate i was 145 pounds or so.

I'm 5'6 with a medium frame. I wear a size 10 right now and weigh 140. I assume I'll be a size 8 when I weigh 130 or so.

I'm 5'6 with a medium frame, and I believe I was 145-150 when I was a size 8, now I'm 130-135 at a size 4...it really depends on the store though.

I agree with misspriss316, it really does depend on the store.

I am 5'6", small frame, and when I was in late teens/early twenties, I wore a size 8 at roughly 125 pds. Then they went and changed the sizes. I weigh a few pounds less now, but wear anything from a size 0-4, depending on where I get it from.

Keep in mind that your body shape (pear, hourglass, etc) will also determine what size you wear at any given weight.

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I started wearing size 8 around the 150 lb mark.

I'm 5'6 and I was probably about 155.  I had decent muscle mass tho.
5' 6", at 132 ish I wore a size eight.

Depends on the store and the age of the clothes for that matter.  Vanity sizing is all the rage lately. 


I had some 8s I could fit into when I weighed anywhere from 145-159.

My guess is I'm currently an 8 in 1970s sizes, but at Target the 6s are loose on me.  I'm 130 this morning (yeah!  new low!).

I weigh 139 pounds and wear a size 8.  I am 5'6".

I'm 5'6", size 8, weigh 153

It depends on the brand.  I'm ~130 now, and wear size 8 from The Limited.  However, my Banana Republic 8's are WAY too big.  I think I was fitting into BR and Ann Taylor 8's when I was around 140-5 (but those brands definatley have vanity sizing).
To be noted, I'm very bottom heavy, so that skews things a bit.  My dress size is more like a 4.

I weigh 145 - 148, have a medium frame and wear an eight or a big six.

I'm 5'6" and wear size 8 bottoms at 120 lbs. One size smaller tops, though (boobs where are you? Embarassed)

I think it all depends on your body type and muscle mass and stuff. I was about 140 when I was in an 8 and I'm 5'6", but I have no ass and a big gut.

Ah....good memories, those size 8 jeans....can't wait to get back into those.

I'm about 5'5.5 and I usually wear 8's...sometimes 6's.  I bounce around between 130-136.

Also at stores aimed for young adults, sizes are different than stores selling to middle aged adults. And you have to take vanity sizing into consideration. Gap/Old Navy sizes tend to run big. At 150/155 I was a 6 at the Gap. I am now at 135 a 4 at American Eagle. At the stores themselves the different cuts fit differently. At one store I own a size 4 capris, and a size 6 jeans each fit the same. Where do you usually shop?

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