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Wine + Diet ... Possible combination?

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Is it true that wine goes all to "love handles"? :))

I have a hole program made for me.. Along with a "eating as bird" plan i have to quit on wine... Impossible.. I am so used to have like 2 glasses daily, sometimes more.. Is that a big crime? :((( How big the influence is? I love my wine... :(

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budget the wine into your calorie allowance, I also love my wine (and beer) I have been on calorie count since mid Jan and lost over 20lb's so far and have not given up my fav tipples but I have been more aware of them, and counted them into my allowance.  It is a balencing act with your self - can I not eat that 200cal and feel full and enjoy my wine or would I feel more satisfied with some more food?  only you can male that decision for yourself

I can definitely booze and lose!  I might be guilty of saving up calories so I can party pretty hard on the weekends :)  

How many calories daily you consume? i tried to put a limit ti 1200kcal.. but with wine...not much left to eat.. i really need to loose... :((((

Just fit it into your calorie allowance.  Genetics determines where you gain weight, not what foods you eat.

I love cheap Champagne, myself.  I don't drink it often, but sometimes I feel like partying a little and arrange a weekend so I can have some.

I was talking about the daily consumption.. :( I am afraid i am very addicted :(((

So fit it into your daily allowance.

Not to be rude, but if you don't think you can go a day without drinking wine, than you may have larger issues than weight loss to work through.

Suck it up, limit your alcohol consumption to weekends, and find something else to fill your week nights with. 

If you really want to lose weight, you'll stop making excuses and just do it.

There's nothing wrong with drinking a glass of wine everyday. No one tells those that can't give up a small piece of chocolate that *they* have problems. There's no need to deprive yourself from the simple pleasures in life, and I fully understand the pleasure of a nice Cab Franc...mmmm! Red wines have a lot of antioxidants in them (as do dark beers) and they've done studies to say that the human body has adapted to alcohol and actually performs better with refular exposure to *small* amounts of alcohol on a regular basis (roughly a serving).

I have no excuses for saving up some extra calories to do a little binge drinking on the weekend other than I'm 25 and not ready to grow out of that phase of my life yet :)

I never said that having a glass of wine everyday was a problem. The problem is when you feel like you absolutely can not give it up. I have no issues with drinking and I tend to binge drink on weekends myself when I get the chance. However, I also do not mind skipping a few weekends. The OP insinuated that she drinks more than a single glass of wine each night, which to me, is not necessary. Life is short, and you should be able to enjoy alcohol( I know I do). But you should also be able to stop drinking it if you need to.

Thanks for all the replies.. The problem i guess is in culture. Here in Portugal its impossible to have an everyday long delicious lunch without a glass of wine.. My problem is more social. It became like a small pleasure for us all - me, my work collegues, clients.. Its the best part of the day of 1,5h enjoying sun and wine.. But Tmill91 is right..When you have to do smth you just do, no excuses... i hope to get myself a big kick in the behind to see things in a more strick way :(( and getting results i am looking fo..



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1) I definately work wine into my diet. On a recent work weight loss competition, I drank 3-4 glasses a week (and there was two weeks where I drank 2-3 glasses a day!)

I won the competition, I lost 22.6 pounds in 10 weeks.

2) You mention that you are trying to fit it into a 1200 calorie/day budget. I am not sure of your height, but unless you are very short, that is probably too low for you, even on a diet. I think 1500 is healthy for an average woman, and that should give you the room to enjoy a glass of wine.

Maybe exercise more so you make up for it. How much are you exercising at the moment?

Well, I exercise quite a lot, every morning i do Bodyflex (15min, takes my stress away and gives oxygen:), then gym - 4 times a week i do rpm (spinning) and twice a week body pump or similar..


Maybe things just take more time than i expected. took 1 year to grow my 9 kilos up.. now cant get surprised when in a month they didnt melt away :)

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It seems like you maybe do not want to hear this, but if you are exercising like you say, and only eating 1200 calories, you are starving yourself.

You need to up your calories or you will have a hard time losing the weight, (starvation mode, metabolism slows down, bad stuff)

If you search this form you will find lots of lengthly posts about this very subject.

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