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Weight Watcher Points and Calorie Equivalent

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Hello all, 

I'm new here and would like to ask a question that I can't seem to get a straight answer from the WW forum. 

I went to a dietician/nutritionist and found out from some kind of evaluation that I have a low metabolism.    In order for me to lose the 2 pounds per week, I need to be eating close to 1200 calories per day.    I don't know what that is in weight watcher points.

I've been with WW for 9 weeks and have lost 10 pounds.   I've done this eating 24 points.    This is like 1 pound per week.   

I don't have any idea how points and calories relate.   The WW forum told me to just do the points WW recommended and all would be well. 

Can anyone help me out?   How many points equal 1200 calories or how may calories equal 1 point?  

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From what I remember with weight watchers points are based on a formula of calories  but also fat vs fiber - the more fiber a food has it can lower the pt value so even though say on average 100 cal is 1 pt but if the fiber content of that same 100 cals is higher it may only count as 1/2 a pt.  I know there was a formula for calculating pts but heck if I can remember it.

Also even though one item might be one pt if you ate 2 of those items its 3 pts - for example the La Tortilla factory low fat whole wheat tortillas are 50 cals and worth one pt but if you eat 2 of these then it counted as 3 pts.

Also why not just plug inyour foods into this site and if you are staying within pts then you can get a ballpark figure of what the calories are.
First of all, congratulations on losing 10 pounds - that's great!!

I use the weight watchers point system too - mainly because I'm too lazy to count the calories in things like tomatoes and celery!  I found the formula on the web once, but didn't bookmark it.  1 point is roughly 50 calories, but there are adjustments for fat and fibre grams (just like the sliding scale thing they give you).  If you've been at 24 points every day for 9 weeks, you actually might want to consider adding a few points one or two days a week.  That might help - you may be moving into 'starvation mode', and slowing your metabolism down, thus slowing your weight loss.

You also don't say how much exercise you are doing.  Exercise will help boost your metabolism so you could end up eating more and losing weight faster.

Good luck!
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Congrats on the weight loss!

I heard the conversion was 1 point = 60 cals, but its not always that simple since WW takes types of food into account.
I do ww also. I try from time to time to count calories and compare to my points. Sometimes I stay with my calories (1200) and points, but other times you can actually eat more. For example I had something the other day that was 280 calories. It was 9 pts. I would have been over my points, but I had about 500 calories left.  So that day I counted calories (ha, ha). So as not to confuse you. A lot depends on the type of food. WW takes into account the fiber. Because of the mentality of the point system, I know that at times I probably don't eat enough calories because I'm afraid of gaining the weight. I'm doing better though. Congrads on losing the weight!! That is great!!
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Thanks to all of you.   I was thinking each point was about 60 calories or so.   I also saw that horrible equation for figuring out points.  solving for fx, etc  LOL.  Too much like being in school.   Losing weight should be so complicated.  

Anyway, thanks for the info and thanks for the congrads for the weight loss.   I'm feeling better and have been told I'm looking thinner.    Words to make my heart sing!!!!

Got 10 more pounds to go to make my 10%.  I guess 18 weeks can't be too much time to lose a total of 20 pounds.  

Hope to post again.   Hope all your weight losses are going smoothly.  
Hello :D

I've been on a Weight Watcher program for 4 week snow (have lost 4 lbs, about 1 lb per week).  My point allowance is 20 per day.

The point use formular which takes Carolies/Fat and Fiber in to account:
http://www.google.com/patents?vid=USPAT666356 4&id=1YYNAAAAEBAJ&dq=weight+watchers

I'm using online calculator to calculate points.  If fat and fiber = 0, then 50 cal = 1 point.  If you add fat, point goes up, if you add fiber, point goes down...

Oh, by the way, I'm quitting the program today ;)  Starting to think that I'm eating way too little (less than 1000 per day) and I hate how WW doesn't give much reward to 'Exercise Activities' :(  I'm starting my CC and logging food/activities here instead.  I can eat more and feel good about my exercise!  I just started so I'm not sure if this switch will work for me or not.  I hope it will, all I need is 1 lb per week.  So I'm doing this 500 calories deficit thing which is way way easier to accomplish than Weight Watcher 20 points/day. :)
I also had some initial success with weight watchers, but found it difficult to figure out the calorie content in the foods. I stopped having success after a while, and after I started counting calories, I realized that I was not eating enough, so my metabolism was low as well.

I think that weight watchers is great, and it gives a good foundation as far as what your body needs every day, however when I started adding exercise into the equation calorie-count has been of more use for me.
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I have been on WW since March '07 - have lost almost 30 lbs.  It has been a great program.  It has taught me to eat high protien/high fiber and limit the fat grams.  I can eat anything I want in moderation - portion control is the name of the game.  It is a hard program to follow (any diet is), but after about 3 weeks, points counting gets easier.  Then at week 3 you incorporate exercise and offset the activity points with additional foods.  Ultimately, you should be eating 22 points a day and accumlating 27 activity points per week.  I am know doing the "wendy plan" which allows me to fluccuate points from high to low every other day.

I have talked to my doctor and to a nutritionist and both have said that WW is the only "diet" that they feel is safe and would recommend to patients/clients.

WW is definately not for the lazy.  It will ekkp you on your toes.  Plauteaus happen when people try to re-wwrite the WW program - everyone does it - but almost all come back to the tried and true WW.  It does work - stick with it.
hi there al I know is 50cals = a pint not sure a about the fat etc.

I think Calorie counting is a better way of keeping track of what you put in your body.  I don't get the "simplicity" of WW, everything has a calorie count, not everything has weight watchers points  on it.  I absolutely love this website because it helps me to know what I'm missing in my diet to make better choices but even when I was calorie counting alone I always added a veggie to my food for more to eat with minimal calories, your body figures out the power of volumetrics on its own.  

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