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Weight Loss and Birth Control...

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Hi All...

I've been a member of Calorie Count for almost a week and would like some advice. Here is my situation...I am currently taking Loestrin 24e to balance my changing hormones as I get older...(ugh!) I was afraid to take them because I didn't want to gain weight. This is the first month I've been on it and I've gained 3lbs. I want to lose weight but I want to do it properly.  Is it just a matter of working out more or should I be eating certain foods in addition to what I'm eating? If any of the ladies of Calorie Count is taking this pill can you help?

All the best,


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I've been taking lo-loestrin for a few months and do not notice any weight gain. Do you keep the rest of your diet the same?

Previously I was also taking loestrin but it was way too strong for me and my doctor switched me to this lo-loestrin, supposedly it has less hormones in it. I am not sure if that's something you want to look into as well.

Good luck!

I definitely will ask about that one...thanks!!Laughing

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Just throwing this out there, it takes 3 months for your body to adjust to the hormones being added to your body, so a doctor probably will not want to switch it just yet. When you add hormones, you'll definitely retain some water, which is really just false weight and will settle soon.

The adjustment period for birth control sucks. I've switched 2 times now, and it always messes with you for a bit.

In terms of weight loss, you need to figure out your BMR (basal metabolic rate, it's under tools in CC). I'd recommend eating at least these amount of calories a day (Because your body needs this many calories to fuel itself) and add workouts if you'd like an additional deficit.

I'm on the pill and have been losing weight each week since jan 11. Down 10.2 so far.
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Once I told my doctor that my birth control was making me gain weight she looked at me and laughed. She told me birth control has no calories, that I was gaining weight all my own. I was making the decisions to eat what I was eating. My best advice is to stay full. When you want to eat something try celery or carrots. Good luck

I suffered side effects from my birth control for the first three months, including weight gain, but after three months my issues seemed to to go away and my weight settled back down to were I have been maintaining for the last year.

It's my understanding the pill... Any of them do not have ANY link to weight gain. Only the shot Depo Procreation has issues with about 25% of ppl... It's anabolic. Just so happens that's what I'm on.
*Provera.... Stupid autocorrect. Lol.

I lost all of my weight while on birth control. My weight change going off of birth control was completely explainable by my food intake and activity level.

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Birth control absolutely causes weight gain. All of them have it listed in their side effects. Birth controls changes your bodies hormone levels. This can make it impossible to lose the weight bc it's not food based but hormonal. One must stop them ro lose tgr weight. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't happen. It absolutely does, not to everyone but it's not rare by any means!!!!!

I actually had the opposite problem - stop taking birth control and gained 14 pounds in two months without changing diet or exercise AND lost my period. Was actually probably a bit more active with heading to college. So yes most of the weight gains comes from changes in appetite due to the hormones but the hormones can have an impact on your metabolism and the way your body processes foods. Doctors suspect I have a form of PCOS and without birth control my hormones went crazy, caused my period to stop, and insanely quick weight gain. Last month I started the pill again and am praying for a return of my period and my weight to normalcy.


So in all just watch what you're eating and how you feel in general. Give it some time. Rarely will the hormones actually cause fat gain in an individual - water weight yes but fat, eh not so much. Good luck to you though! Oh and if you do have concerns later down the road there are some good alternatives for the pill!

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Actually people hormones react differently. I am not going to reveal my job, but I'm gratelly versed in this subject. Birth control without a doubt in the majority of people absolutely does cause weight gain. In fact for some women in case catastrophic gain that is difficult to undo past your 40s. If you don't want to risk weight gain, you should not take the pill.
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I am not trying to be rude. But when this hapleneded to me, I started doing studies on this in my 20s. Interviewed specialist etc. the statistics are horrifying. It's pretty much a guarantee you will gain weight.

i've lost and maintained weight on birth control. i've been on two forms in the last couple of years. 

my sister is the same.


I have been on BCP for many years and my weight has never been an issue.

My weight is only an issue when I do not control the food I put in my mouth.Laughing

Birth control increased my blood pressure. Even low dose. I hear your body adjusts after a while. It wasn't a good combo for me to workout with such elevated blood pressure. I'm glad I don't take anymore and I'm done having kids because the risks involved with BC are so not worth it to my body. Blood clots, strokes etc.
I actually find it helps me to maintain a healthier diet, because I lost my monthly cravings for sugar, fat and red meat that came along to sabotage me 1 week out of 4. I'm never as hungry as my hormones made me before!
Original Post by esafit86:

Birth control increased my blood pressure. Even low dose. I hear your body adjusts after a while. It wasn't a good combo for me to workout with such elevated blood pressure. I'm glad I don't take anymore and I'm done having kids because the risks involved with BC are so not worth it to my body. Blood clots, strokes etc.

I know there are great risk involved, but I was an emotional wreck before BCP  balanced out my hormones.  My moods are quite level now; it's funny because people comment that I never change during the month, so it's worth the risk for me. I am a much happier person on BCP.

I'll definitely second that! I perform better at work and handle stress better too. My only worry is that I can't take it forever!
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