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How can I stop sweet cravings?

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I am constantly wanting sweet foods - chocolate, cakes, biscuits...anything! And when I have just a small thing I find it really hard to stop. I know that this may be because I am not eating enough fibre or something but can anybody advise me about something I can take to help this?

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Hey. Are you eating enough in general? Enough protein and fibre to keep you feeling full? If you let your blood sugar drop too low then it will make you want sugar sugar sugar nownownow, which only leads to an energy crash later on. You want to avoid letting yourself get really hungry. Eating regularly, little and often, throughout the day to keep you going is good for this.

If you crave chocolate/sweet things then those 40 kcal hot chocolate sachets are brill! (Options, Cadbury highlights, Skinny cow etc). Because they are hot you drink it slowly, and hot drinks fill you up + it satisfies the chocolate/sweet craving.

And I think a lot of people find it hard to stop at 'just one'. Try and find healthy alternatives that satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your weight loss efforts and stay clear of foods you find hard to control yourself around for now.

Stay positive :)

I LOVE sweets, as well. I find that eating eggs in the morning helps with sugar cravings.  If you really want to satisfy your sweet tooth, try some lighter  options. Sometimes I'll have a cup of coffee with my favorite flavored creamer. Or another grat option is a chai latte: just prepare the hot chai tea, add a splash of almond milk, and some sugar. It's like christmas in a cup! You can also try chewing some gum :)

Just like a crack or meth or nicotine dealer the sugar dealer is using a powerful drug to keep you hooked so you will go back for more and more. The other common denominator all they care about is taking your money and nothing of your health.

Its hard to get off sugar, particularly processed sugar. Your body has been duped into thinking it needs it, because its easy to process. Yet adds pounds of fat.

Once you do kick the habbit, you will find that natural foods have never tasted sweeter.

After the first 3 weeks off sugar of the processed kind. Strawberries never tasted sweeter. I could taste the sugar in things like bread, whole wheat mind you. Apples and bananas had never tasted better. Even Milk is sweet.

If and when you force yourself off the processed sugars you will find a whole new world of sweets that you would never expect. You quickly find that your body does not need it, and along with it your body quickly finds it does not need the fat it has stored.

Get some small sweet fruits of what ever is in season, have you ever tired a plum? a Mandarin orange/clementine?  If you eat a small piece of fruit it curbs the need for sugar fast, and if your eating meals spaced out though out the day 5 to 6 of a couple hundred calories each and of wholesome quality foods. You will find yourself not wanting any sweets at all.

In fact over the last couple months I have been to some birthday parties. And at them I was given cake, and guess what happened when I put a bite of cake in my mouth...It made me gag. I felt Ill with it in my mouth. I wanted to vomit. I chocked down one bite each time and drank a lot of water and put it down gracefully in the trash.

So. if you work to avoid it, you will naturally not crave it, and in time your body will see it for what it really is. An addictive poison.

This article is very interesting and I hope you read the whole thing, its eye opening.http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/refined-su gar-the-sweetest-poison-of-all.html

i know exactly what you mean. i'm a sugar addict as well, and since i've cut off refined sugars there are times when i'm dying for a chocolate bar. see, the thing is, i KNOW me, and i know that if i let myself start having sugarfree popsicles or low cal tootsie rolls, i'm just going to fall right back off the wagon and eating everything i want. i can't cut out sugar and be reasonable. i'm an addict. a recovering alcoholic doesn't say "let me just have an mgd64 instead of a gin & tonic." i can't reason with my addiction. i still have fruits though, and therefore it's not as bad as when i was on phase 1 south beach (no sugar at all). if that's what you're doing (no sugar at all, ONLY meat & veggies) then wait a few days and it WILL get better. if you're allowing yourself fruits, have a frozen banana. it's just like ice cream!!!!!!  i find that drinking unsweetened (home brewed) iced tea helps with the sugar issue, for some reason. when you have that bitter in your mouth, it takes away the need for sweet. (every sunday i brew up a batch of iced tea and just drink that all week whilst at work.)  and gum... and brushing your teeth after dinner... 

well can i just say hello i am new to the site and i have filled in the bits that neede to be done and i was pleasantly surprised by my nutricainal results, but i was going to suggest that i have a chocolate slimfast thats been in the fridge so its nice and cold and sip it and i enjoy every sip its just lovely and its hitting that sugar fix and is so healthy too.Smile

Eating smaller meals throught the day and getting enough fiber have already been addressed to make you feel fuller and avoid blood sugar crashes, but it's worth mentioning again.

I too have a major sweet tooth. I always keep a bunch of grapes around when a craving hits. They're sweet enough to hit the spot, but they have a high water content so they're low cal.

Bitter sweet chocolate chips are good for chocolate cravings too, because it's easy to stop after a pretty small handful. And they have less sugar and more antioxidants that milk chocolate. They give you a nice little energy boost too.

Someone already mentioned brushing your teeth and chewing gum, but that usually deters you from eating as well.

People really do get addicted to sugar because it's sooo prevalent in the American diet. I've read studies comparing it to drugs, stimulating the same brain areas and neurotransmitters, and that you can actually have withdrawal symptoms when you cut sugar out of your diet (aorry for the lack of citation Embarassed)

I don't crave sweets anymore since I've been living low carb. I feel great

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I believe I'm a sugar addict.  For the most part I try very hard to avoid sugar or anything that falls into the "sweets" category (to be clear, I don't count fresh fruits as "sweets").  I find the less sugar/sweets I have, the less I crave them.  In the beginning it was really hard, but after 6 weeks my body got used to not having sugar and the cravings reduced greatly.  I found that it had nothing to do with fiber or balanced nutrition - I'm just one of those people that reacts strongly to sugar!!


Things that help me:

-sugar free gum; specifically ice breakers kiwi-strawberry, and strawberry sorbet.  These two flavours taste like dessert without making me crave real sugar.

-watermelon.  Most fruits help but I find watermelon the best because I can eat my fill of it without busting my calorie limit for the day.  For example, 24oz/680g of water is only about 200 calories...... and if you eat that much watermelon you are sure not to crave processed sugar (not to mention you'll probably be sugar full and not hungry for anything else either!)

-crystal light, wild strawberry.  For whatever reason this flavor of crystal light satisfies my sweets craving.  Tastes best when it is really cold.

-hot chai tea with artificial sweetener and milk.  Chai tea is meant to be served sweet, and I find that I can successfully substitute mostly artificial sugar for processed sugar and still get the satisfaction (I still put a little real sugar in to mask that article sweetener aftertaste).......... and like most hot beverages it fills me up. 

-Edy's No Sugar Added fruit bars: http://www.edys.com/brand/fruitbars/flavor.as p?b=136&f=2141  I think these taste GREAT and most of the time will satisfy my sweet tooth.  I wouldn't eat them when I'm legitimately hungry though because it would turn into me eating a ton.  For as something to eat when I'm not hungry, just badly craving sweets, it usually works and I can get by with one 30 calorie pop.


Things that don't help / intensify my sweets craving:

-"sugar free fudgicles" or anything similar.  Before I admitted I was a sugar addict I would get those skinny cow ice cream pops.  I thought they tasted AMAZING.  However, they never satisfied my sweet tooth - instead of having one to try and calm my sweet tooth I'd end up eating 4/5 because they just made me want more and more.

-hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate simply makes me want to drink more of it, or move onto a chocolate bar or something!

-chocolate milk.  Unlike hot chocolate, it doesn't make me want something else sweet.... it just makes me want more chocolate milk in the future instead of drinking regular milk.  Bad idea.... loads of calories!

-small portions of "sweets;" aka fun sized candy bars and the like.  I find any amount of a "sweet" just makes me want more and more and more of it. 


Hope this helps...

Remember there is a reason why people use the word addict, addicted too, always wanting, craving. just have to have it. a sugar "high" its in your face everywhere, wake up!

Hands down, sugar is an addictive drug, and a poison.

over time it will take a toll. Granted the damage does not make you scratch your skin off or suck someones anatomy for more of it...all ya gotta do is go to the store.

but it will make you feel like crap after the "crash" withdrawal. The damage will make you fat. Rob your body of nutrients to use that energy...hence why your teeth rot, and bones get brittle.

to get an idea of what drug abuse will do too you, check out this link. its just a picture, but its worth 1000 words.


Bottom line is. Treat sugar as if it were meth, or coke, or as if it was drain cleaner...avoid it like the plague and treat it for what it is. Dangerous.  Admit that if you crave sugar your a drug addict. its true, if you admit too it. bottom line is, your a drug addict.

Keep in mind you used to be able to order things like LSD via mail order. You used to be able to buy cocaine over the counter at any store. People used to give there Children laudanum to keep babies from crying too much. Look at turn of the century photos of families and notice the dark circles around babies eyes. guess why?

Mercury used to be safe and ok to play with. Asbestos used to be ok to work around. Just because its not a controlled substance yet, does not mean that its safe, or ok.  Just because Tax money is made off of something does not make it ok or safe...hmm, kind of like tobacco or alcohol.

Important thing is. You do have the choice to try to keep from eating it. Natural sugar is ok. But the processed stuff with out the benefit of fiber and nutrients and vitamins Just not a good Idea.

If you would not put a dead diseased rat in your mouth or a piece of feces, you should also not put sugar in there too.

Yes I am being very harsh here. But if someone you cared about was killing them selves with an abusive substance wouldn't you want them to know and intervene?  I know many will blow this info off, But they shouldn't.

I've found keeping my protein high and replacing sugary snacks with fruits have helped me alot.

I love sugar and honestly it is probably my only "drug".

When I first started I was not losing hardly at all dispite low calories- what finally did it for me was cutting back to almost no sugar.  I also did not use substitutes.  Some places recomment 20 grams, I aimed for 40 since I knew I ate it all the time.  Which meant no cokes, no candy, just the sugar in foods and some berries.  I found some cookies that were low in sugar- without using artifical sweetners like butter cookies and would allow myself 1-2 depending on my calories for the day.  This turned it around for me. I think the big thing is during this time I did not switch to diet drinks- I drank water, coffee, unsweet tea, and very little juice, some lowfat milk.

As I added fruit back it was amazing.  I recently went on vacation and have started eating more sugar again- I am not gaining but the cravings that had disappeared are back so I may have detox again.  I know all of that seems extreme but it does make a huge difference.  I think the key is that gradually you can have some of the sugar but if you have to much the cravings will come back. As with anything moderation is key but to get there sometimes you have to deprive it completely.

It is extremely difficult. That said, you have two choices:

1. Go cold turkey (this will most likely back fire). 

2. Pick one sweet that you crave the most. Have it every time you crave it, but each time, leave a little on the plate until you have reached being satisfy with less than half (this way you are not depriving yourself).

Then move on to your next challenge.

Gum (or mints) usually does the trick for me.  You can also brush your teeth right after the small portion that you've allotted yourself. Or use some cognitive behavioral techniques to mentally talk yourself out of over-indulgence. 

I would like to say, cutting out what we call "sugar" (sucrose aka table sugar) and replacing it with artificial sweeteners (sucralose aka Splenda and aspartame aka Sweet n' Low, Diet Coke, etc) is not that much better. There is a ton of conflicting reseacrh and articles and opinions about which is better, one causes cancer, one's bad for your liver....Hard to know who to believe, but I think it's a good idea to try and avoid them. Stick to fructose (fruit sugars) and even lactose (milk sugars) for your sweet tooth needs. These are usually found in foods with other nutritional benefits, too.

About natural sweeteners: most people have heard about agave nectar and Stevia. The former has 4 cals/gram just like all carbs, but it's sweeter than sucrose so you use less and it's lower on the glycemic index. Stevia has no calories like aspartame and sucralose but is natural, which most people associate with being healthier *shrug*. I haven't looked up any research on it yet.

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