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I have been asked by SEVERAL people what is the change in my size since losing 100 lbs. The answer may shock you! I was a size 28 @ 363 lbs ......now at weight 263 and a whopping size 24 ......

Yep, 100 lbs, and only 2 sizes.....But listen... everything is looser on me.... I havent bought new clothes as when you gain weight, you tend to keep the old clothes thats you will 'Never fit into again' so I am still in those clothes.. however, I will be having to purchase clothes shortly.

My bra went from a 42 DDD to a 38 D ...  ( I did buy new bras)

My undies were 12's ( I wish that was really the size of undies) and are now 9-10's

My shirts are alot looser, but I lost my boobs that hold out my t-shirts so I still at times feel like my shirt is leaning on my belly ( I hate that feeling)

and my pants: They are Very loose around the button area (grab maybe 2-3 inches) but because I still have that pouch... I need thebigger size. The smaller size would be tight, and to me, tight is not flattering or comfortable. They would fit on my butt, but not look good.

I figure now that I have lost most of the weight in my face, boobs, and arm ( I still have more to lose there) that it can only hsow in my gut & legs...... That is where the excess weight is. So now maybe when I lose 10 lbs its NOTICEABLE!!!!

So I said I would start a thread to see the changes in sizes of others, and see that we are not alone.. Because most peeple do not realize that 100lbs and only 2 sizes.. IS THE COLD TRUTH!
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Ive lost 15 lbs (211-195) and Im still wearing the same size pants. They are looser now but Im still not in the next size down. Ive lost the most weight in my boobs and I am down a size there.

Congrats on the 100 lb weight loss!! That is awesome!
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I've lost 35 pounds and went from a 14 to a 12...

Although I am also wearing 11's and the 12 can get roomie :)
I've lost 34 pounds  went from 233 to 199 and I'm now in a size 16!! I was up to size 20-22. So the 34 pounds I've lost has helped drop 2-3 dress sizes.

KEep up the good work ladies!!
first of all congrats on the weight loss!!!

i was 218lbs at age 15 and my dress size was 22. i am 80 pounds lighter now at 23 and wear a size 6-8...u will see a very VERY noticeable difference once u reach or get below 200lbs...so keep going and never give up! the more weight u lose, the bigger the difference...we're behind u all the way!
rainydaze~~ I love you more with each post you make!!!!!

That is what I was thinking.. I know you lose weight all over, so its most noticable in your thinner areas as your thinner there, and it only gets thinner.... The thicker areas are where its last to effect. Now Im thinking that after I drop the next 20.. the remainder will be easier onthe BRAIN to see!!!!
I think sizes tend to drop faster when you get to the smaller numbers. I'm not sure, but I believe there's less of a difference between, say, 4 and 6, and 14 and 16, than between 24 and 26. I drop sizes faster the lower I go, even though weight loss isn't going faster. I went down two sizes recently by losing just under 20 pounds, but I remember it taking about 30 to go from 18 to 14.

Also, there's more area to take weight off from, so your percentage of weight loss / percentage of size lost will accelerate even if the rate of actual weight loss doesn't. To take 25% away from 400 is 100 pounds... to take 25% away from the new 300, though, it's only 75 pounds.
Starting weight was 182.  I'm down 33.5 pounds and went from a size 16 to size 8. 
I started out 215 im 190 now and into size 14 my tummy hasnt always been my biggest problem though its big but even at my heaviest sometimes 16's were big on me its my big arms from lifting many yrs ago and now they have turned to fat they make the rest of me appear bigger than I really am.........
At my starting weight, at 255- i wore a size 22.

At this point , at 205 (50 pounds less, YAY :)- i wear a 16 (sometimes 18 still in certain brands)

I'm pretty proud of myself, and my goal weight is only 55 pounds away. I'm halfway there!
yes, the thinner areas just get thinner.  My prob is upper thigh, hip, rear, as with many women.  I've gone from 198-200 down to 190 and wear mostly 16's, but they look good now.  I can wear a couple of my 14's.  Most are too snug.

When I had to buy some 18's awhile back I cut the label out cause i couldn't stand seeing that number and didn't ever want to be in an accident and unconscious and have them call me "that size 18 lady".

I want to lose 25 more pounds, and hope 14's are nice and loose then.
chuckigirl~  Good Job being half way there!!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Jainasolo~~ What a way to think.. I get it!! YIPPEE!!! I never thought about the % fator to looks!! YIPPEE!!!!
Loosingthepounds - you look AWESOME and should be damned proud of all your hard work!! I know it is frustrating to find clothes that fit well for us apple shapes. If you can't afford a tailor (which I highly recommend), Don't get disheartened - just get creative with the clothes!

I find A-line skirts tend to work better with our body shape - give us hips for a more balanced proportion. And sooo much easier to find skirts that fit - no need to deal with the rise issue (which is the trouble - it's not so much your waist, as the rise that is often the bigger issue... you can try tall-size pants -you may have better luck there).

And flaunt those legs - you have *really great* legs!!! Try an A-line skirt that has an elastic waistband for ease, is slim in the hips (no pleats), and hits just at the knee... I'm betting such a style would look fabulous on you!!!

I like the V-neck look on you too... that's another one that works well for me too. We are built very similarly, actually, but I'm at my weight goal now so the gut is not so much of a problem for me anymore. You'll get there too!!

What I found is that as I got closer to my goal, the sizes flew by... I dropped 3 sizes in just 12 lbs. It all had to do with the waist size and the rise. I lived in skirts for the longest time - but I am back in pants once again and having less trauma trying to find ones that fit.
jenmcc~~ Makes so much sense... I work construction the skirt thing wouldnt do well for me for the most part.. for evening out " which are never" that would be a good suggestion. I am trying not to purchase any clothes until I have to for 2 reasons, one... I dont plan on staying there.........at that size......... so Its a waste of money, and also I dont want to get COMFORTABLE with that size as well. I want the big size difference in my shopping experiences....
I hear the frustration!

I've lost 29 pounds (229 to 200) and I'm 5'8".  I started in a 22 and today I happen to be wearing an 18 that is pretty loose.  I keep pulling them up all day and it is irritating.  HOWEVER, that is just today.  I have pants in my closet that range from 16 to 20 and regardless of the size on the tag, some or tight and some are loose.  Well, none of the 16s are actually loose enough to take off without buttoning I guess.  Anyway, my point is, I STILL have a pair of 20s that are super tight on me.  I hate pants and I've decided that no matter what the size says, it is unlikely they will fit me.  Gaining a lot of weight and then losing it makes your body fit differently then it would otherwise.  I think I may have to invest in a tailor just to get anything that fits me all day long.  Most of the pants, when I put them on in the morning, they seem OK but by the afternoon they are loose loose loose.  Maybe I'll just become a freaky dress lady that only wears dresses all day long so I don't have to worry about keeping my pants up. 

Still - ya - it is annoying to still put on 20s and have them fit me.
I've lost 30 pounds.  Was a size 12, now a 6 and an intermittent size 4.  I figure I need to drop 5-10 more pounds and am not sure if I'll remain a 6 or drop to a 4.  Will see.
I'm 5'9", I lost 33ish punds from 220 to 186.4 and went from a size 16 to a 10. But I'm really bottom heavy, so it's not about what my waist can fit, but what my thighs can fit. At 220 the 16's were too big in the waist, but tight in the thighs and now at 186, the 10's are too big in the waist and tight in the thighs. Pants just aren't made for people shaped like me.
Starting weight - 235 - size 22
Current weight - around 160, mostly size 12, occasional 14.
yupyoutoo~~~ We all need tailors to fit the "CORRECT" way Im sure...... I have a ton of excess jean material at the nape of my back, you could fit a 5 lb bag of sugar down there when Im sitting down....... But snug at the hips (pouch area)
Lezlie - YES!  That's my problem!  That's why, even if they are snug enough to be uncomfortable, I still have a problem with them also being too loose and falling down.  (Not all the way down, but not sitting right on me kind of falling down.)  I have a pair of 16s that I really want to wear, but they are super tight in my thighs and really not good for going out in public.  I figure I'll fit into them soon enough, trouble is, they are already too loose in the waist and if I wear them around the house for any length of time, they are falling down from my waist so the rise isn't right and I have to keep yanking them back up.  By the time my thighs fit them, they won't stay on me at all! 

Don't clothing makers KNOW we have smaller waists then we do hips???  I mean, Old Navy has FIVE different kinds of jeans all with different "fits" and "rise" options.  Can't they make a "fit" for people with 1) larger thighs and smaller waists 2) larger hips and butt and smaller waist 3) larger tummy/waist and smaller thighs, etc.  Doesn't that make more sense then to worry about just how far up the waist your darn jeans go and nothing else?
I haven't lost enough weight to really tell yet (I was wearing size 16s w stretch, and some 18s, and after 12-13 lbs I fit into a couple more of my 16s, but not all of them, and some of them I can get into but are too tight to wear out, plus one 14 skirt i can get into but too tight to wear out...and by getting into i mean button and zipper up)

But I definitely hear your on the thighs being bigger than my waist!  That's me too, and it's so annoying when jeans/capris fit around the waist but are too tight in the thighs!

Oh yeah, and V-necks look great on me too because of my body shape!
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