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Ladies, where do you buy jeans if you have no hips or butt!?!?

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I hate all of my jeans!!  I've lost 32 pounds since March and gone from a size 9/10 to a size 1/2 but I have NO butt or hips anymore!!  Granted I have mostly size 3's and 4's so maybe that's the problem but I've had to downgrade so much I'm broke!  LOL

Anyway, my waist is around 26.5" and my hips are 32" so I was thinking maybe a girls size would work?  If so does anyone know what size to try?  I have very short legs as well (I measured a 29" inseam but it was hard to do by myself).  Plus they would probably be cheaper which would be great as well.  :)  Please help because I'm tired of having saggy butt jeans!!!!!

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Well I don't know about "cheap" but I bet Express would have jeans that would fit you.  Depending on the style and if they're on sale, and they almost always have some on sale, I'd say you could get the for $60 or less.  They have short, regular, and long.  Not cheap, but far more affordable than designer jeans, and they're practically made for people without many curves. 

If you find out please let me know.  I don't have hips or a butt even when I'm fat and on top of that I also have thin legs and a thick waist.  I guess I'm built like a guy. lol

I'm hoping that when I reach my goal, that through some miracle I will stumble across a brand or type that works.  I really want to get back into a pair of jeans, but don't want the baggy butt look. 

I am much taller than you, but have small legs and no butt, and I like j. crew or gap jeans. They come in a short length (most you have to order online, but if they don't work you can return them to a regular store) and lots of the newer styles are more narrow, especially in the thighs.

If you go to a store and find a style you like you can just have them order the shorter length in your size (I have them order me the longer length:) I bet 0 or 1 would work for you!

You might also look at j. crew online.  They usually have lots of good stuff on sale in small sizes!

I'm 5-0, 120, 28.5 waist, 35 hip. You're a little smaller than me but our proportions are similar. I wear a size 4 women's, but my perfect size is a 14 plus girl. Girl's sizes tend to be shorter with wider waists. They fit me much better. Maybe a 12 or 12 plus for you?

BTW, I remember being so proud of finally growing out of girl's sizes as a teenager. Now, I'm proud to be back in them again.

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Th Lucky Store by me had Lucky jeans for 49.50 on sale, like half price +..  til Black Friday.  (worth looking into).

You might be a size 26/2  thats what I fit in and my hips are a 32.  I'm 5'7.5 I got regular legnth.  (thy had short and long).

Good Luck!  If you hav a Lucky Brand store try them out, it is a good price.

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