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jockey diet

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ive just started the jockey diet which is 800 to 1000 cals a day, just earing fish, chicken and salads plus fruit juice, is this a very sensible way to lose weight?

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No, it isn't. I don't know your stats  (age, weight, height, gender), but the bare minimum for a small sedentary adult woman is 1200. Larger people, teens, active people, and men need more than 1200.

The food choices are good. Calories are too low. Add fats such as nuts and olive or coconut oil.

I think you already know the answer to this, but no, sensible does not in any way describe this diet. It is pretty well known that eating disorders are rampant among jockeys, so anything called the "jockey diet" immediately raises my suspicions. Eating 800 to 1000 calories per day is not healthy and could do irreperable damage to your organs. This will also slow down your metabolism. You need to at least be eating your bmr. And again, I think you probably already know all of this.

tonpas: it appears that you posted a reply to someone else (I quote it below). It was sound advice to that person, why not take your own advice?


"hi, at seventeen years old you should really be doing a lot of execise, you dont need to consume only 1200 calories a day. you would be far better off eating three healthy meals a day and taking up some physical activity, after all you will never have so much energy in your life as you have as a teenager"

yes i know but im a lot older than a teenager and i have more weight to lose, thanks though

thanks i just read a book about it and the guy who wrote it lost 60 pounds in no time and i have 80 to lose, but thanks i will heed your advice

Original Post by tonpas:

thanks i just read a book about it and the guy who wrote it lost 60 pounds in no time and i have 80 to lose, but thanks i will heed your advice

are you a jockey?

what is bmr and how do i measure it, thanks?

Original Post by tonpas:

what is bmr and how do i measure it, thanks?

Basal Metabolic Rate: The amount of energy expended doing nothing but laying in bed all day.

The Harris-Benedict equation for BMR:

  • For men: (13.75 x w) + (5 x h) - (6.76 x a) + 66
  • For women: (9.56 x w) + (1.85 x h) - (4.68 x a) + 655

w = weight in kg
h = height in cm
a = age

thnk you very much bierorama for that information

Don't eat coconut oil- there are plenty of other oils without all the saturated fat. 1200-1500 calories is more reasonable.

Having a lot of weight to lose is irrelevant to your starting calorie intake.  ANYONE would lose at that level.  Actually, if you really do have a lot to lose, you've probably been eating at rather high calorie levels and would lose, anyway, with much less restriction.   But 1500-1700 is a good range for a lot of people, especially with light exercise.

Jockeys are the male equivalents of supermodels and ballerinas when it  comes to reputations for screwed-up eating.  Don't be like them.

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I'm on the jockey shorts diet. I just finished a crab melt, some cabbage and apple salad, half a cup of pea soup and some cider.

I think I'll have a cookie for dessert. Sounds better than your diet.

Why not forget about equine anorexics, and work out and eat like the horse like I do? It's fun!
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