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How to get a flat stomach?

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I run everyday and I usually eat whatever. But I don't stuff myself. Can't seem to get that flat stomach every girl wants.
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Me too!!!  Running hasnt worked by itself.  Im adding weights and swimming.

What is your age, height, weight, average caloric intake?

Im 50, weigh 115, no idea of my calorie intake because Ive never counted calories before!  This is my first try!  I usually run long miles and then eat everything in sight!

I play competitive volleyball and I still can't get a flat stomach with my constant excersise. The key is to not eat sugar or sweets. It goes all to you gut

I agree with PrincessLindsE. It doesn't matter how much you exercise if your sugar intake is too high, hello belly fat!

For me that includes fruit too. If I eat a lot of fruit it goes straight to my gut too!

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sometime stomach can be the hardest part (I know that for a fact Embarassed )

try to do what ever exercise you do but real fast and until it hurts (like sit ups) but also try to do them in a different manner like side to side and with alternative legs up.  But remember fast, even faster than the fastest you can.

Also, I do the hula-hoop  exercise with the magnetic massage weighed hula hoop. I be honest, I am not sure about all that magnetic bit, but it is weighed and not even due to those 'magnets' so they work brilliantly.  10 min a day, twice a day even better.

That worked for me.

You need to eat healthy and do cardio/aerobics. Crunches and sit-ups do not help with the flab, just the muscle underneath.

Jump roping is an amazing exercise for your body. I had a lot of excess skin from my pregnancies and now it's almost gone! In a couple of weeks my stomach is going to be flat and smooth like it use to be! You have to eat right!!!

How often do you jump rope, and for how long? Do you do intervals, or more endurance and just go as long and fast as you can? I hadn't thought of jump roping before, great idea!

Pilates gave me some serious ab action! Drink lots of water too...sodium in other drinks cause it to bloat..

My stomach used to be 26 inches. I used to do regular sit ups like 3 times every week. Now that I've gained weight like 26 lbs, I just gained like 3 inches on my stomach. Even when I'm trying to lose weight it's always my stomach that gets smaller. I suggest just do crunches and make your stomach that part of your body that easily burns fat. Drink a lot of water as well.


On the negative side though, I've always had big arms and legs. =.=

Yeah I have the same issue (stomach is the last to shrink).  I was told recently that how you do crunches and other ab work makes a difference in how the muscle forms.  If, while you're doing the exercises, you exhale and pull your belly button in toward your spine, that engages the muscles so they pull inward rather than just tighten in their current position.  So, in essence, you can have the most rocksolid abs ever BUT they won't be flat unless you change your form...

Also, I've found this helpful and effective: http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/flat-be lly-diet/beat-bloat-10-smart-food-swaps

You should start weight training.  It will burn the fat and build up your muscles, which will increase your metabolism.  A full body routine will work your abs since your abs are your stabilizers.  Squats (esp. front squats), deadlifts, bench press, pullups.  That's what you should work on.

Original Post by smashley23:

You should start weight training.  It will burn the fat and build up your muscles, which will increase your metabolism.  A full body routine will work your abs since your abs are your stabilizers.  Squats (esp. front squats), deadlifts, bench press, pullups.  That's what you should work on.

Cardio is not going to give you the "look" you want.  You need to lift heavy weights and no amount of muscle is going to "show" if you have fat on top, partly determined by your genetics.  Start a good, whole body,  heavy lifting program and do it for 6 months or so then see where you are.  I have also read that cutting back the sugar does help with abdominal fat.  That is my main area that needs work too so I started "New Rules of Lifting for Women" at the end of Dec and have cut way back on my carb intake and all processed foods. Will see what kind of results I get in a few months.

@norame - I LOVE TO HULA-HOOP! My girlfriends and I make them ourselves, easy directions online.  We take them to music festivals and concerts.  Its so much fun to see people and kids pick them up and learn (or re-learn!) how to do it.

Great for the abs and inner thighs!

I read on fitness magazine's website that yogurt helps. (They quote a study that was done in 2003, I think.) You have to eat 18 oz a day, but that's not bad as long as you're eating non-fat plain yogurt and adding fruit for flavoring. Dieters who added the 18 oz a day in addition to restricting calories not only lost more weight, they lost 81 percent more belly fat than the people who didn't eat yogurt. I've already been eating more yogurt, but I'm going to try the 18 oz thing and see if it helps my stomach at all. Here's the link to the article: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/health y-eating/nutrition/health-benefits-of-yogurt/

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