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What is the biggest obstacle standing between you and your goal?

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I used to think it was willpower, but I realize now that it is attitude. I take the littlest discouragement as an excuse to "slip" with my calories. I give myself permission not to stay strong and keep my cravings or boredom or stress -- whatever -- in check.
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Biggest obstacles-  Binging/portion control
for me its probably getting the motivation to go and workout. i could lose weight so much faster if i would just get on that elliptical!!!
my motivation that goes up and down like a yo-yo.

I also find myself slipping into the attitude of "I'm doing so well, I'm allowed another treat" - like twice a day!!!
Initially when I started my weight loss I wanted to loose 60 pounds, however, my goal was to reach a size 7/8.  Now that I am currently a size 8 and I have only loss 28 pounds I not sure if I still want to lose a total of 60.  My husband doesn‚??t want me to lose anymore weight.  He said that if I lose anymore weight I am going to look like a CRACK head.  Therefore I‚??m not sure if I want to lose anymore because I would drop down to a 5/6 and I haven‚??t seen that since High School.  I have concluded that no matter how much weight you lose one is NEVER satisfied!
I would say myself...I can blame time, money, lack of motivation, willpower etc etc - but ultimately Im the one stopping me. Im also the one encouraging me, so hopefully I will be doing more of that =)
i would have to agree, the motivation. its a struggle to get from my house to the gym. but once i'm there, i'm good...

i wish cc was a gym where i could look forward to seeing you guys everyday! that would be so much better! 
hunger, I get hungry when I do not eat constantly. I only have to lose 10 lb that is alot compared to many people but it is so hard. I eat uber healthily and still I can only drop small amounts. Since school ended I have lost 10 lb but I still have 10 more to go!
Sodium-laden foods.
Ughhh. Mine would have to be this 9 week plateau . I have a feeling once I break it things will be smooth sailing!
I have nothing or nobody to blame for any obstacles that jump in front me.  I am the only one that is accountable for me.  My pain issues are something I am working through, but we'll get there!
...like RockyDog, for me it's Alcohol!!!

I like to drink wine or cocktails, then I eat more foods that I know I shouldn't (plus  bigger portions).  Then, the next day, I am too tired to get out of bed to exercise, because the alcohol zaps me of my energy.  And then I eat more crappy foods because I am craving them after drinking the night before.  The day after that, I feel pretty good, will exercise, but then at night, again with the wine...  It is a cycle that I am trying to break!!!  I have gaining & losing the same 10 pounds for the last year and a half!!!
My husband's days off. :)  I do great when I am by myself, but when the weekend rolls around and he is home my exercising and eating schedule just falls apart.  I find myself saying, "Hey, lets go to Starbucks for coffee" because I know how much he enjoys it.  Then I end up driving around with him all day (he always has places to go), so basically I am just sitting in the truck keeping him company.  Of course, that's the point...spending some time together...but it wreaks havoc on my weightloss program!
I have a couple of tough obstacles... the first being my weekends, when my friends and I go out to the bars...the alcohol undoes everything good I did that week and the next day I crave bad foods and say to myself "I'm just throwing off my body so it doesn't think I'm starving myself" (during the week I eat between 1200 and 1500 calories and have been working out an average of 4 days per week).

The second being eating out. I am so bad when I don't have calorie counter to tell me exactly what I have consumed. A lot of restaurants do not have nutrition information on their websites... it's awful! My boyfriend is all about getting the most bang for your buck so if I don't finish EVERYTHING on my plate he says I'm wasting. I've been getting better about not cleaning the plate though... baby steps!
No more obstacles, since I have fully embraced the healthy lifestyle. The only thing is time, and I have patience.
My obstacle is bad weather. When I see that the weather outside is crappy I feel much less inclined to go out or even do anything inside because I'm upset that I won't be able to walk. Also my headaches. I get headaches very easily, and often. If I exercise for too long they happen, if I'm doing yoga, and I'm in a position for too long I get a headache. It's pooey.
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I don't know why but I feel hungry more easily than people around me.

My willpower stays strong in daytime, so I can stick to my calorie allownce. But in the evening, I feel extremely hungry and my willpower wears out, and I end up with a big dinner. lol

I should mention that I'm not starving myself in daytime--about 850 cal of healthy food is enough for keeping most people from feeling extremely hungry until dinner, right?

But not for me. I save 400 cal for dinner and it's not satifying at all:(
My kids' "Little Debbies".  They get me every time I see them in the pantry.
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