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Does anyone fluctuate 5 pounds during the day?

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I don't know if my scale is broken or I am just weird.  I weigh myself when I wake up and it says one thing, I take a shower and weigh myself again and I weigh a pound less.  When I get home from work I weigh myself and it is up 4 or 5 pounds.  What's the deal?

Before anyone goes off on the fact that I am weighing myself too much, I already know!!  I am doing it on purpose to get better idea of what my body weight is doing during the day.  Maybe I am just a weight flunctuator.

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Yeah me too.  Pretty sure everyone is like that.

It's also why my scale is now in a room that I rarely visit, rather than in the bathroom.
Oh yeah I can go up 5lb in a day easily :) its just the food that you add in and stuff I wouldnt let it get you down :)
I do the same thing. So you are not alone :)
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I also weigh myself through out the day.  I have my evening weight and my morning weight.  My weight usually varies only by 2 to 3 pounds.


Just weigh yourself in the morning when you get up that is your true daily weight so my Dr. tells me because during the day you have eaten and drank water or some kind of liqid I am only going to wegh myself once a week as it is to disappointing to do it every day because i fluctuate 4 to 5 lbs every day.
i don't think there is such a thing as a "true" weight, but weighing at a consist time every day makes sense.

5 pounds seems like a huge fluctuation to me, unless you're weighing right after a really big meal or after drinking a ton of water (a liter of water weighs about 2.5lbs).
yup. i fluctuate 5-6 pounds in a day easily. i am lightest at noon for some reason, and of course heavier at night. i always shop for clothing at night.
It's totally normal! Everything you eat and drink in the day adds weight, your clothes and shoes add weight, and body weight naturally increases during the day for some reason as well. Now quit obsessing over it. Weigh yourself ONCE a day, no more, and always at the same time of day...
I am exactly the same. My weight can change 3-4 lbs in the course of a day. It is difficult to stay off those scales, but really try to only weigh once a week always at the same time. It avoids any disappointment and  it is worth the wait !
my weight changes as the day moves on.................at least 5 pounds sometimes more
No, you're certainly not the only one.  I know I fluctuate between 1-5 pounds up or down EVERY day!  It's so frustrating, because I'm not sure how to tell if I've actually lost weight.

Me too.  I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning, right after I've visited the bathroom, and that's what I record here.  But out of curiosity, I'll step on the scale at different times during the day, and it's usually heavier at other times.  Today I got on again right after breakfast, and weighed a pound more already!

If your evening weight and morning weight vary by more than 3 pounds - you are eating too many carbs. 
Everyone does, as long as you eat and drink your weight should fluctuate 4 or 5 pounds in a given day.  Think about it, if you're eating and drinking (8 glasses of water a day should be about 4 pound in and of itself-- though not at once) that has to go somewhere.  The best way to deal with the fluctuation is to way yourself first thing when you do, that way it's consistent and not dependent on what you had for lunch.

My weight fluctuates as much as 8 pounds in a day, because of fluid retention. 

Weigh only once a week and only watch the green trend line on your weight log because it smooths out the fluctuations.  The only thing that matters is progress over time.

Original Post by strikez:

If your evening weight and morning weight vary by more than 3 pounds - you are eating too many carbs. 

Nonsense!  Too much sodium will cause water retention, but carbs have no short term effect.  Explanation from the CC+ Library:

How did I gain 4 pounds in one day?

Temporary weight gain is most likely a result of water retention, which can be caused by eating too much sodium. Water is heavy: a gallon weighs 8.34 pounds. In the body, sodium is found in the tissues outside of the blood vessels. If sodium becomes too concentrated, water rushes in to lower the concentration. The result is puffiness, often seen in the fingers and ankles as gravity pushes water to the ground. To eliminate excess sodium and water, reduce dietary salt intake and drink plain water to flush out the system. In women, the hormones of the menstrual cycle can also cause sodium retention. Certain medications can cause water retention as well.

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The same thing happens to me, my sister-in-law who is a doctor advised me that the best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning when you wake up after your first urination.  Good Luck!Wink
Original Post by clairelaine:

Original Post by strikez:

If your evening weight and morning weight vary by more than 3 pounds - you are eating too many carbs. 

Nonsense!  Too much sodium will cause water retention, but carbs have no short term effect.  Explanation from the CC+ Library:

If you read Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards he explains the link between excess carbs and large daily weight fluctuations.  Dr Hart makes similar claims in The Insulin-Resistance Diet.  The weight fluctuations are a result of the insulin - leptin cycle.  Weigh yourself before and after you urinate in the morning, if you fluctuate several pounds, I would be very surprised.  Maybe the CC+ Library need more up-to-date information. 
I agree, my weight goes up and down all day mainly because of when and what I eat. I've started onyl weighing myself in the morning and not looking at the scale again for the day. Once  a day works well for me.
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