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Tongue Piercing

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i finally got the nerves to reaaaaaally get serious about getting a tongue piercing haha!! (but i dont think ill tell my parents about this LOL)

but i gotta know some stuff before getting it.... since this freakin' site disturbed me a tad bit....... Undecided

for those of you who already got one (or many?) tongue piercing(s):

  • how bad is the pain?
  • how much was it? [dollars are fine :o) ]
  • does ur tongue bleed a lot right after you get it? how about later on?
  • is it true that your tongue swells up for several days and that all you will be able to eat is liquid stuff like SOUP and ice?
  • USUALLY, how long does it take to fully heal?
  • would i be talking.... "funny"???
  • do the DANGERS outweigh the PIERCING BENEFITS? ( i really hope not.. )

also, id VERY MUCH APPRECIATE it if you gave me some precautions/tips/by-the-way's and the aftercare!! Laughing


man... i think i'll have even more questions later on!!!



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I got my tongue pierced right after I turned 18, I took it out in June of last year, I really didn’t like it anymore and it was kind of annoying most of the time. I guess it’s just something I grew out of.

As far as the pain it hurt somewhat, but I mean it’s not the worst pain in the world it really depends on how sensitive you are.  Mine cost about $30.  Mine bled just a little bit after I got it pierced and it didn’t after that, it was just swollen for about 4 days.  You can eat liquid stuff… it’s about all I could eat for that first week because every time I tried to eat solid food it hit the piercing.  You’ll probably talk funny until you get used to it being there.  I don’t think it’s very dangerous at all, as long as you take care of it like yours supposed to.   

I think that site was only made to scare people.  If that's the case you could have that same thing happen to just about anywhere you got a peircing, you could get an infection and die from an ear piercing,but that's not stopping anyone from gettig them pierced.

OK, well, I have had mine pierced 3 different times (all by the same person however and I trust him with my life) and never had any ill effects, however, with anything, you are taking a risk.  The reason I had it 3 times is....first taking out was when I had my daughter.  They said "Take it out or no epidural" so I took it out.  2nd was because I just didnt want it anymore.  Then, I changed my mind...still in now.

  • how bad is the pain? It is moderate.  The piercing itself didnt hurt, its the recovery that did.
  • how much was it? [dollars are fine :o) ] Mine was $40, all 3 times
  • does ur tongue bleed a lot right after you get it? how about later on?  I didnt bleed at all and I have thin blood.  Everyone is different though.
  • is it true that your tongue swells up for several days and that all you will be able to eat is liquid stuff like SOUP and ice? Honestly...yes.  The first time I got it was the hardest.  I ate mashed potatoes and pudding for about 2 days, then gradually started eating as much as I could.  The past 2 times, I ate right away, but I also knew how to do it without it hurting me.  Everyone is different.  My best friend didnt have any problem eating.  Just differs with each person.
  • USUALLY, how long does it take to fully heal? A couple weeks.  You cannot change the barbell right away though.  You must leave the piercing one in because your tongue needs the extra bar to swell and go down.  The piercer will tell you how long it should be until you change it.
  • would i be talking.... "funny"???  Yes, you will talk very funny if you swell. "S" will come out as "TH".  It is funny, but usually is done within 5 days.
  • do the DANGERS outweigh the PIERCING BENEFITS? ( i really hope not.. )  Um...this is kind of a silly question.  Just like with any tattoo or body piercing....It is a risk you either take or you don't.  I would only ever go to my friend for tats or piercings and he is certified in bloodborne pathogen handling, etc etc. His shop is clean, safe, hygenic, etc. But if you are deathly afraid of something bad happening, dont do it. There is always risk.
Good luck.  Go somewhere clean and reputable.

Pain is not bad at all

I think mine cost $45

It bleeds a little bit but not much

It does swell and it's going to be tender so it's easier to eat softer foods or soup for a little bit

You might talk funny for a day or so.  Just until you get use to having it.

If you have it done makes sure it's a very sterile shop that does it. Buy some alcohol free mouthwash to use after you eat it.  When you brush your teeth brush the tongue too.  I bought a different toothbrush to use and then I could use it to clean the bar as well.

I think it's worth it!


Also, forgot to note:

Do not smoke.  (I did and had to rinse with listerine after each cig and I smoked up to 2 packs a day, eventually, I damaged my tastebuds and they were weak for months...thankfully, I dont smoke anymore).

DO NOT CLICK IT ON YOUR TEETH!  First of all, its annoying for those around you, second, thats how you lose the enamel on your teeth from them.  My dentist was pretty upset when I first got mine done, but I assured him that I DO NOT click it or play with it.  It is just there.  Half the time I forget its there.

I've had my tongue pierced since november-ish.

The most uncomfortable part of the piercing process was getting the clamp put on. The piercing itself didn't actually hurt at all. I would describe the whole thing as being incredibly uncomfortable, but not actually painful.

Your tongue does swell up pretty badly for 2-3 days afterward, and you will talk with a sort of lisp for the rest of the day of the piercing, as well as the day after. However, popping a couple of aspirin helps tremendously.

The only reason the piercing should bleed is if the piercer does it incorrectly. If you go to a pro (DO GO TO A PRO!!!), it should not bleed.

My piercing cost $50.

Aftercare is simple. Carry around a bottle of anti-bacterial Listerine with you everywhere you go. Swish your mouth out after every meal and every beverage. Plus, swish it out randomly throughout the day.

Eating is a little difficult for 3-4 days...soup, ice cream, and mushy foods are generally best. I ate lots of mashed potatoes.

The day after piercing was definitely the worst for me. Your tongue kind of swells up around the piercing (which is why the initial bar they put in is so long), and that is a bit painful, but like I said, a couple of aspirin takes care of that in short order.

I think I left mine in for 4-6 weeks, then was able to change it. (Ask the person who pierces you, he/she will be very helpful.) I would definitely recommend changing to a piercing with a metal bar and PLASTIC balls as soon as you are able. This will prevent the danger of chipped teeth.

Good luck!! And don't be afraid. Being calm during the piercing is the biggest help of all. AND ASK QUESTIONS OF YOUR PIERCER! He/she is your bestest best friend!

Haha, I just can't stop.  One more:

As far as listerine or mouthwash.  A common mistake is to do it full strength.  Mix water with listerine.  1 part listerine to 10 parts water.  Trust me on that please.  It seems like very little, but it really does do the trick.  Wash with full strength first thing in the morning and before bed like you would normally do but for things like meals or smoking (if you do), only do that with diluted.  Listerine or any mouthwash is harsh on your mouth.

I don't have one, but a good friend of mine does. She didn't have any of the problems that the website did, and honestly I have known several people to get them and never have any of those problems, aside from the fact that she has swallowed a ball off of hers before. She also doesn't really play with hers as much as I have seen other people do, I'd imagine thats where you get into tooth problems.

That being doesn't mean it isn't possible.  She paid $70 to get hers done but it was at a really nice tattoo parlor - if you are serious about getting it done you should spend the extra money to go somewhere that is clean. You can avoid most of the problems on that site just by making sure that the people piercing it know what they are doing and actually care about cleanliness.  You should be able to tell as soon as you walk into a place if its going to be clean or not.

As far as telling your parents - I doubt you will have to.  It is going to be really hard to talk without them noticing that you are acting differently or making a point of not opening your mouth wide enough for them to see it. And that is if they don't notice that you can't talk for the first week after getting it - YES your tongue will swell up really big and its really painful for the first few days! My friend has really high pain tolerance and she was even complaining.

The people that pierce you should tell you after care stuff...mainly I would just say make sure that you have an extra barbell and balls - the balls will fall off, theres a good chance that you could have a bar break, and your tongue heals back REALLY fast. If you left it out overnight theres a good chance you couldn't get one back in the next day. 

jharmon4 is right about the tongue being a wonderful regenerating tissue and it will close very quickly.  Within hours usually.  I wouldnt take it out for more than a few minutes unless you are taking it out for good.  I personally have never had a metal ball come off or break.  If you use latex gloves, you can tighten it easily without your fingers slipping because of saliva. Also, never heard of anyones bar breaking.  If you get an acrylic or plastic barbell then yes, but metal shouldnt be a problem.

I got mine pierced 16 years ago.  Back in 1998, I took it out and put it back in in 2000.  No need to repierce..I just slid it back in as the hole did not close.  

Go to a clean place, a reputable studio.  Be prepared to spend anywhere from $50.00 to $80.00 depending on the place. (USD)

Tongue piercings are the least painful piercings to get (according to the masses I've talked to).  The healing period is awful.  Some people are able to eat right away.  I'm not one of those people.  I couldn't eat solid foods for 2 weeks.

The first 48 hours I talked funny, my mom noticed right away.   

Listen to the piercer.  Whatever (s)he tells you to do for aftercare, do it.  Do not use anything harsh, even diluted listerine can be too harsh.  Most piercers now recommend a sea salt solution to rinse with.  Harsh chemicals were not made for open wounds, which is what a tongue piercing is.  Do not get anything less than a 12g piercing.  Any reputable piercer will not do it in anything less.  Anything under 12g has the capacity to rip out depending on what you're doing.  You do a lot with your mouth between talking, eating, sleeping and kissing...going with a thinner gauge can increase the risk of it tearing out of your tongue.  

If you think you are destroying your teeth and gums, take it out.  Do not suffer through gum erosion because "a tongue piercing is cool".  I've seen too many people deal with gum erosion (and in a couple of cases...lost front teeth) because of the placement of the piercing.

Do your research.  Understand the complications that can arise from a tongue piercing before you get pierced.  Talk to people who have had it done, talk to people who wanted to but then decided not to.

Most of all, enjoy the experience of researching and then getting it if you ultimately decide to.   


  • how bad is the pain? i did it myself.felt nothing, really.
  • how much was it? [dollars are fine :o) ] free. =P
  • does ur tongue bleed a lot right after you get it? how about later on? there was like one teeny drop
  • is it true that your tongue swells up for several days and that all you will be able to eat is liquid stuff like SOUP and ice? yea, the swelling sucks. but its only for 3 days or so. i still ate what i wanted. but after every meal &snack i would rinse THOROUGHLY with mouthwash!
  • USUALLY, how long does it take to fully heal? umm.. it took me like a few weeks
  • would i be talking.... "funny"??? yes, you will. you get a lisp.
  • do the DANGERS outweigh the PIERCING BENEFITS? ( i really hope not.. ) well i did it myself ¬hing happened to me. but i did go from the bottom of my tongue to the top to make sure i didnt hit those two veins


    EDIT TO ADD********* the lisp goes away within a 1-2weeks. you get used to moving your mouth a certain way do that you wont sound funny when you talk.

    Why not just skip the piercing and fake the lisp?

    oh, &i wanted to say why i took it out.


    feeling the ball on the roof of my mouth made me insane! but it was fun to play with! =)

    Personally I have never understood tongue piercings.  To me they are gross.  Why on earth would anybody want one?  The reasoning for getting one is beyond me.
    cesty, they do serve a purpose ;-)

    i have nothing against piercings, but the potential damage to your teeth is something to consider seriously.  you can crack or wear down the enamel, leading to discoloration and decay.  once the enamel is gone, it doesn't come back.  the damage is permanent and can cost thousands to repair, and sometimes the only options are veneers, caps, or pulling your teeth and getting false ones.

    sorry if that sounds alarmist.  i'm neurotic about teeth.
    I have never met someone with a tongue piercing that didn't sound like they had a tongue piercing, male or female. You can tell someone has a tongue piercing without even seeing it. It changes the way you make sounds.
    the speech impediment wears off.  it's no different from getting braces; you sound funny for awhile, but you adapt.

    The speech impediment wears off to some extent, but it never completely goes away. I admit, I hear accents very easily, so I can probably hear it easier than most.

    Original Post by tatjanaturtle:


    If you think you are destroying your teeth and gums, take it out.  Do not suffer through gum erosion because "a tongue piercing is cool".  I've seen too many people deal with gum erosion (and in a couple of cases...lost front teeth) because of the placement of the piercing.


    So very true, Im struggling now I had my toung pierced for almost 10 years.  I was never really one to play with it, but I dotnt think it was in the right place cuz it kept hitting my front teeth every time I ate. 

    I have taken it out, its been almost 3 months now I took it out because I noticed one of my bottom front teeth are loose.  Now that its lose there is no way to get it back to its original strenght, I have to live with it like this from now on, and hopefully it doesnt fall out on me.

    Hey Sooji, 

    Had mine done many years ago.  I took it out a while back, and don't miss it one bit. 

    • how bad is the pain? mine was horrible... the piercing part wasn't that bad, but mine got crazy infected. it was nasty, and it hurt too bad for me to take it out. it finally healed, but it took a long while.
    • how much was it? [dollars are fine :o) ] i don't remember
    • does ur tongue bleed a lot right after you get it? how about later on? not really bleeding, but the infection made it nasty and ooze-y
    • is it true that your tongue swells up for several days and that all you will be able to eat is liquid stuff like SOUP and ice? i ate a lot of soup, but the heat travels right through the post onto your newly cut in half nerve endings. get the picture?
    • USUALLY, how long does it take to fully heal? i can't remember exactly  now, but it seemed like forever
    • would i be talking.... "funny"??? yes. your parents will notice immediately. no way in the world to hide it.
    • do the DANGERS outweigh the PIERCING BENEFITS? ( i really hope not.. ) other than getting a lot of giggles at the bars, i can tell you that the benefits are not THAT big of a deal. seriously. and i cracked two teeth while i had it. i had a friend who swallowed his twice before he gave up.
    If you really want it, go on and get it. Probably the worst case scenario is that it will get a least a little infected, hurt like hell, your parents will be very p*ssed and you may end up having to take it out.  Be careful and go somewhere clean!!
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