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I slept with my best friend's girlfriend, need advice, please help!

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Thread titles that are destined to be drama threads. Go!

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"Should I have an abortion?"

Why I spanked my child.

I think "insert politician's name here" is a jerk!
"I still remain better than all of you in every aspect of life that counts..."

Cows deserve to be eaten (posted in vegetarian)

'Religion is bulls**t and there is no such thing as God'!

i think models look healthy

"Michael Vick is A-Okay"
There's nothing as starvation mode!! I only eat 900 calories/day!!!
Boyfriend is 33 years older than me - is that ok?

Anyone know what this weird rash is? (pics included)

I know so much more than any of you.  Why do people post such stupid stuff over and over? I'm going to read the post I think is stupid, just so I can tell you I think it's stupid!!


Meat eaters are murderers!

You all suck, I'm not posting anymore!
I hate <skinny> <fat> people

Kids? Yeah right...

Is it OK if i onll eat 900 calories/day?

Poll: What is a safe age to start smoking pot?

What is the deal with Americans?
1,544 Replies (last)
Allergy Remedies
Is It Possible to Go Natural?
The side effects of allergy medications keep some people from using them. Natural remedies can be a great alternative, but some are more effective than others.