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Shreik! Just had the kids' guinea pig put down, and maybe didn't need to...

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OMG. Last night i came home to find one of our 2 guinea-pigs dragging her back legs, clearly paralysed. i rang the vet, and took her straight over (they were about to shut) before the kids had chance to see the poor little thing... The vet said it happened sometimes, and the best thing was to put her down. So, we did. Today, I'm reading about paralysis in guinea-pigs on the good old internet, and find it's a very common condition, easily cureable with large doses of calcium... aarrrgghh!! Feel like a murderer...

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I feel your pain, but you were just being a good mum. Maybe the advice on the internet was inaccurate...I feel like your vet should've been aware of this "common" and "easily cured" problem if it were true.

Yikes! I agree with cheesblock, I'm sure the vet might have know if there was an easily curable condition

*still make mental note never to limp near dansmum*  ( ;-) sowwy, couldn't resist)

I agree with the fact that your vet most likely would have known if there was an easy fix for the poor critter.

Don't be too hard on yourself over this!!

dont feel did the right thing. I hope that you can trust your veterinarians more than the internet (yes, i know IM on the internet right now:)). the condition you were reading about, Hypocalcemia, doesnt really happen THAT much in GP's, mostly cattle and small dogs aftergiving brith, rarely does it happen ino ther species/st other times. Hypocalcemia is more whole bod weakness or paralysis, usually coupled with shaking or seizing. if your GPs were dragging their back legs, they had some kind of spinal inury unfortunatly.

    I am so sorry for your loss and hope tht you and your kids are ok:)

Original Post by kikt:

Yikes! I agree with cheesblock, I'm sure the vet might have know if there was an easily curable condition

*still make mental note never to limp near dansmum*  ( ;-) sowwy, couldn't resist)

Lol!! - Like it!

Thanks everyone - you're right, there's stuff about 'curing' all sorts on the internet... The article even went as far as to suggest hydrotherapy swimming for guinea pigs to get strength back in their legs... ours once escaped and fell in the fish pond, but it was doing more of a drowny kind of thing than a swimmy kind of thing...

Kids being kids, they are getting over it by spoiling the remaining one rotten... she's lapping it up!!

Oh, no! I'm so sorry..but you know, vets don't always know too much about the really small pets like hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, so you are not to blame.

You did what you thought was kindest for the guinea, and for your children, so your intentions were golden.

I remember when my hamster got loose and actually got into mouse poison that had been left in a closet for years. When I found her, she was sitting there holding somein her little hand and raising it up toward me like "Oh, hi! Want some?"

I had to take her to 3 different vets in town before one agreed to care for her..apparently, a hamster was considered "exotic".

Anyway, she luckily lived, and they thought she probably didn't actually eat any of the poison, but I had to give her some liquid stuff for weeks afterward.

Just saying..even the vets don't always know what to do with certain pet, so how could you have known?


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