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what movie title best describes your sex life and why?

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Mine would be The Breakfast Club because we always do it in the morning.
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the one that i thought of right away for a laugh was: Waiting...

Body of Evidence! If you've seen it you would know...


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

I think the title says it all

A River Runs Through It because I am menopausal and have horrific hot flashes every time he touches me!

Sahara. Cuz it's pretty much all dried up right now.



Original Post by jason0111:

Sahara. Cuz it's pretty much all dried up right now.

HAHA!  I shouldn't laugh, but I'm in the same boat.  My fault though, so maybe I should get my act together!! 

Easy Rider... jk

More like...

The Big Sleep

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"

Apparently l'm a squealer. Laughing


"Woman on Top"

My boyfriend and I are on opposite ends of the fitness spectrum. I'm a major health nut and he's a junk food junkie. I usually wind up manning the ship, so to speak, because I have better stamina than he does. This actually works out pretty well because it's easier for a woman to orgasm when she can control the rhythm and intensity of sex. Still, it would be nice if my boyfriend did some of the "manual labor" every once in a while...Undecided

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Far and Away.. Have a young baby and sex is not top of my list
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I want to change mine to Now and Then.

Mrs. Doubtfire......don't ask.

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