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I added wiki howto's to my homepage. Everyday I get 2 new ones. This one cracked me up. There's 11 ways on how you can make yourself sneeze. There's even a couple of warnings too.

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I like how this one says under warnings to never stop a sneeze...then just a bit down the page is a wikihowto about how to....guess what?! Stop a sneeze.

hmmm : \ 

8. Hold a massager up to the bridge of your nose. This can create an intense tickling sensation that makes some people sneeze.

I've done that.  It sent me into one hell of a seizure.
CD - Was it the vibrations or the smell of the massager that caused the seizure?Surprised
The vibrations.  We ended up trying it again later that night with a fuzzy penguin toy, same thing happened. 
Well, I guess we can rule that idea #8 is tried and tested and true.
Yeah, except I never sneezed. xD

lol....I'm a "sun Sneezer"

all I have to do is look at a bright lightbulb and I sneeze like crazy....

Plucking my eyebrows always makes me sneeze lol
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#3 moonikins Mar 05 2008 12:50 CD - Was it the vibrations or the smell of the massager that caused the seizure?

OK, now that was funny!!
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