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what do guys think of flat chested girls.????!

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So I am quite skinny and this has made me very flat chested. So I'm wondering am I unattractive to you guys??? Do you only want boobs?? I'd really appreciate some response as this is really denting my confidence.. Thanks
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Original Post by carmenxox:

I have small boobs, and while my boyfriends says he loves them... he definitely doesn't hesitate to notice big boobs 

Eh, you could have giant boobs and men will still notice other giant boobs. Men will always notice boobs. Men are boobs. ;P


This should not be denting your confidence.... honestly, I like small boobs and I prefer them to big ones. I think it depends on the guy, like I said before, my best friend is just the opposite.  I am telling you that I think it can be very attractive, although I am now curious. 

 If you are with someone, and you don't feel confident, maybe it's not you but the people you are listening to? If you don't feel confidence, I would examine the people you listen to.

small boobs are awesome! it takes all kinds, of some of them prefer small boobs.

They think that they need to eat more zombie brainz to make their twins bigger.

I have giant boobs which I like. However I would like it if I could unzip them to run and play racquet sports. I could also do a side line in rentinf them out to fill bikinis and ball gowns.

Original Post by snorker:

I have giant boobs which I like. However I would like it if I could unzip them to run and play racquet sports. I could also do a side line in rentinf them out to fill bikinis and ball gowns.

Oooh, yours have zippers?


Original Post by feralfern:

Original Post by cheekysz71truck:

I was told that more than a mouthful was wasted anyhow....hehehe

And some might say this is a comment dudes say to make the itty bitty titty committee feel good just to get into their pants. hehehe

All boobs are awesome, small, large, somewhere in-between. I don't think denigrating women who are endowed is the ticket to personal self esteem.

Exactly. I just can't stand it when people say bad things about the big breasts to be supportive to the small breasts. Of course men are going to notice big breasts, just like how I would notice a big d*ck if a man is flinging his thang around! If something is noticeable, people are gonna see it!

I have big breasts and men who liked me or paid attention to me are not the kind who hang around because of them. (Or at least, I don't think so.) Whatever happens to intelligence and personality? People need to get some confidence, urgh.

Do not, DO NOT, let this affect your confidence. I can promise you, for every guy out there that wants a pair of massive mammaries, there's a guy like me on the opposite end. Personally, I love fit, athletic, and yes.. small chested, women. To me, there's nothing better than a girl who's lean and fit, sleek and slim.

You may run into some guys who don't agree with me... to be honest, those aren't the guy's you want. You want someone who is genuinely attracted to you, and believe me.. there are plenty out there I know, and I've never met you. I'd be willing to bet my life savings on that; you have nothing to worry about. What should worry you, is that there are so many men out there, who would love nothing more than the opportunity to simply talk to you. Don't count out the quiet ones :)

Really though, you have nothing to worry about. I'm willing to bet there's several guys already interested in you, and just too afraid to say so, on account of how attractive you are :)

I'm more of a leg-butt man myself.

We did a survey in an office where I used to work.  As it turns out, all the guys that said that they preferred big breasted women had been breast fed as babies.  I was bottle fed.

Some guys like big boobs, some guys prefer smaller...

There's someone for everyone!

ETA: so much big boob hate. I've never had any complaints, meh.

Zombie Tit's and Bottle Babies coming to a theater near you.

I am a guy and I have to say that I have no preference big or small as long as they look good, pointing the right way etc etc..

But seriously the first thing I notice is a ladies smile.....That and their butt!


DH has always said that anything over a mouthful is a waste.  But he did go and by really dark sunglasses for the beach.  The mirror kind that lets you sneak peeks..


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