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Cost of dog x-rays, does anyone know?

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Obviously the cost will vary, but my dog is about 70 pounds.  But has anyone gotten x-rays for their dog done, and what can i expect as far as price range goes.  He will be getting checked for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) :-( So hopefully, all the tests will come back negative and whatnot, but I wanted to know how much these x-rays will set me back, obviously in my opinion though money isn't an option when it comes to my pup. 
thanks everyone!
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Ask the vet before you go in.  I used to own a cat that cost me so much in vet bills.  They knew it was a strain on our buget, so they would let us post dates weekly checks for up to 2 months.  You could ask if they have a payment arragement or something of the such. 

Hope your pup is fine. 
i know way too much about this. x rays from my vet cost around $100-125 from what i recall (add to that if they're also putting your dog under anesthesia for a biopsy). obviously your vet will have their own schedule of fees.

i hope your dog is fine :-)  i lost my Buttercup (she was about 55lb) to cancer last october after going through 10 months of hospice/palliative care for her terminal cancer (myxosarcoma). feel free to send me a private message if you need anything. i'll gladly offer whatever expertise i gained from my experience.
x-ray is around 100 for us as well.  If one single payment would be a problem for you, you should ask the hospital or vet clinic if they do payments before the X-ray.  We did encounter one that doesn't.
Probably depends on the area you are in.  Rural Oklahoma would probably be around $60, but in the Houston area it runs about $100 - $125 for the first two views and interpretation.  That's usually for the specific area they are evaluating - if they suspect cancer, they may want to look at the chest too and additional views are extra.  Any sedation or other procedures are additional.

I hope they don't find osteosarcoma.  Good luck to you and your pal.
Pricey i'd imagine.... thank heck my dog's insured i never have to worry about such things!!

Hope your pooch is okay :(
thanks everyone for your input!!! thats kind of a relief actually, i was thinking they were going to be like 300!!!!
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