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pumpkin guts?

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Alright, so I probably spent an hour of my life separating the pumpkin seeds from the guts I carved out of my sweet new jack-o-latern.  I pureed the pumpkin... but it doesn't look much like the canned pumpkin I'm used to.  I figured canned and fresh pumpkin probably wouldn't look the same, but it don't taste the same either... Is that normal?  Do I need to cook it or add something to change the texture/taste?  

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Did you make the puree with the stringy guts?  If so that's the reason. xD ee.html

What kind of pumpkin was it?  Those big ones don't taste like much.  What you need is a small sugar pumpkin or better yet a cheese pumpkin which is a cream color outside with bright orange, sweet flesh. 

Also, you didn't mention how you cooked it before pureeing.  If you boiled it in water, that would remove some sugar.  I like to slice and roast it first.  In fact, I like to eat it the roasted slices. 

Also, the Jack-O-Lantern type pumpkins aren't the same kind that are usually eaten. Though the taste/texture wouldn't be radically different than normal with those ... if you did use the stringy parts, though, that definitely explains it.

u need to boil the guts till they are about the consistancy of mashed potatoes, and scrape out some of the wall of inside of the pumpkin as well....boil this all and then it will look like canned fiance and i just made 6 pumpkin pies oast night out of one pumpkin (HUGE ONE) and u need to boil it first.

then u can do what u please with it...i suggest a pumpkin cheesecake, or go online to and look up recipe for gooey pumpkin butter cakes, or something to the effect of that name...that cake is delicious!

happy baking!

Oh wow...I did it all wrong, lol.  I used the stringy parts, and I didn't cook the pumpkin at all before pureeing.  I'll have to try again--will definitely look for one of the cheese pumpkins.  Oh man, pumpkin cheesecake sounds sooo good.  Thanks guys!  : )

jack-o-lantern pumpkins are fine for cooking; you just have to season it well.

pumpkin soup is my favourite; lots of cinnamon and nutmeg - yum!

Original Post by kaaatie:

I didn't cook the pumpkin at all before pureeing.  I'll have to try again--will definitely look for one of the cheese pumpkins.  

Well, that would explain the strange taste!  Next time you clean a pumpkin before cooking, use a big spoon and scrape the inside flesh clean.  It's easier if you halve or quarter the pumpkin.  I peel mine before cooking because I don't like the look of the skin in the puree.  I prefer to use as little liquid as possible to preserve the flavor.  Mostly I steam it until well done.  Or as I said before, I roast it which gives an even more intense flavor.

You might find cheese pumpkins at a farmer's market.  They are called that because they are slightly flattened  instead of globe shaped.  Some people think they look like a wheel of cheese, hence the name.

can you do anything with the stringy part though?  i'm curious...

I don't know of anything with the stringy part, except separating and roasting the seeds.  And the seeds don't have to be completely clean to roast - see this link: ke-your-own-pumpkin-puree/ 

That link is to a "PioneerWoman" Blog post on making pumpkin puree and then roasting the seeds - great photos and step by step.  I always kind of knew and wanted to try it and now have.  Fun and good - although for pie, not sure I can tell the difference between Libby's puree and homemade....

BTW, I am not affiliated with P.W. - just a fan. 





Original Post by juleroo:

can you do anything with the stringy part though?  i'm curious...

 I just throw it out with the seeds because I don't like pumpkin seeds much.  Those strings are just there to hold the seeds in place. 

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