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Medicine to Make Your Period Come??

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Hi all-

9 days ago I posted that I had negative pregnancy tests but no period.  My period is now 10 days late (the last pregnancy test I took was on Saturday, when my period was 6 days late, and was negative).  I spoke to the doctor and will go in next week if I still don't have it. He said that, if I am not pregnant, he can give me medicine to make my period come.  Has anyone ever taken this medicine?  I'm a little weirded out by the thought of it.  I'm wondering if there are any side-effects (increased duration or amount of period or cramps, for example) or if it will mess with ovulation in the coming months.  Anyone have any insight?  Thanks!!

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I was prescribed a medication by my doctor to start my period after my daughter was born. She was about 14 or 15 months old and I still had no period. I had stopped breastfeeding her at 6 months old so we knew it wasn't because of lactation.

I took the medication Cyrin (medroxyprogesterone) for several days and then after a few days of my last pill, my period started. I don't recall it being any heavier than usual but it was also my first period after a pregnancy that resulted in a c-section (I have too many factors to be able to say what would have caused a heavier flow!).

I can't say if it effects ovulation or not because I immediately started taking BCPs. I do remember my doctor telling me to take it right before bed because it can cause major drowsiness. I haven't found any information about these medications effecting ovulation. Here are some links I found:

Product insert: vera.pdf aspx?drugid=6996&drugname=Provera

Edited to add: It looks like the medication is basically hormones. Check out the Mayo Clinic's website on Amenorrhea: S00581/DSECTION=tests%2Dand%2Ddiagnosis

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