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tossed the rest of a bag of candy down the toilet to avoid yourself from binging?

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Nope. But hey whatever works for you!

No, but I am more for the ice cream. I am good for a few days, then I have a little, a little turns into a lot, a lot turns into all of it. That is when I can say it is gone and I don't have to look at it any more and be tempted, and then my perfectly fit Hubby brings in another container because I am out. Yes, it is to be nice because I HAVE to have some sweets, but it is a bummer too because there goes the cycle. *Sigh* ;-)

Not down the toilet but I have poured out a bottle of soda, thrown away cupcakes, brownies/cookies that were tempting me etc. It takes a strong will to be able to dump all those goodies!

I keep extra dark chocolate to treat myself with. A "Special Dark" Hershey's kiss has 20 calories. And, dark chocolate is good for you...has the same great fats found in nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc. I don't binge...I sometimes will have 2-3 kisses if I've been good. Even that small amount does wonders for me mentally...I don't feel like I've forbidden myself something I love...chocolate. 

In the past I have failed when I wouldn't allow myself to have something...knowing I can have a chocolaty treat when I want one keeps me from bingeing.

In example...I tried the Atkins diet years ago...after about 3 months of that strict diet I went to the store and bought a big bag of mini peanut butter cups. I ate the ENTIRE bag. I allow myself to have chocolate now...within reason, and the dark stuff. I wouldn't dream of eating a whole bag of kisses now because I'm "allowed" to have it...the need to cheat isn't there!

I have thrown out a bag of chips before literally walked to the dumpster and tossed it haha

Nope but I did put the rest of a pie in the trash can and squirt dish soap all over it so I couldn't eat anymore! : )

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Nope but I did put the rest of a pie in the trash can and squirt dish soap all over it so I couldn't eat anymore! : )

I've done that with cookies before! It's sad when you have to stop yourself from possibly fishing food out of the garbage haha

Sometimes it has to be done - I read somewhere around here a saying that I LOVE and think about whenever someone wants to offer me something fattening:

Better in the TRASH than on my A**!!

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I've destroyed food many times in an effort to avoid eating it.  I hate being wasteful like that, but I know that if I don't destroy it, I'll eat it, so either way, it will be gone.

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Original Post by pugpup12:

Nope but I did put the rest of a pie in the trash can and squirt dish soap all over it so I couldn't eat anymore! : )

I've done that with cookies before! It's sad when you have to stop yourself from possibly fishing food out of the garbage haha

Omg, I know how that is!!! I did that... we made cupcakes and even though they had gone crusty and gross I found myself still picking at them....I threw them into the trash with a nice topping of dishsoap on

No, but I did make cookies one time that kept calling my name in the kitchen so I ended up throwing em in the trash and spraying Lysol all over them so that I couldn't fish em out!

By the way, I LOVE that quote - Better in the trash than on my A**

When i decide it was time to lose the weight and get trim, i did clean ou tmy cupboards and fridge and sent everything to a camp under a bridge near me but for me greatest challenge was to get to a place where i could go sit at a bakery and have the will power to say no to a chocolate croissant. Once you get there you can have all sort of snackies in your cupboards/fridge and not touch them - i had to get to that place coz i have a big family and didn't want to force my ways onto them.

no, but I have given it away (like bring to work, give to kids, etc)

I have, however, immediately spit 'bad for me food' out at times when I stuck it in my mouth.

No, but I have a friend who uses this type of strategy.

My strategy is to buy individually wrapped portions of things, so that I will only eat one and have to think twice before opening a second one.

No the toilet but I have put down the disposal or when tossing in the trash, if it is chips. I crush them first then dump them out of the bag into the trash. and when something I can crush, I put a nasty dose of SALT on it and toss it.....

My husband is just now learning that I had an addiction to food and having to eat daily makes it real hard to avoid the foods that are not so good for me.

I try to keep snacks that I do like everywhere... even in my car I keep single serving 70 calorie bags of almonds so I have a better chance to not hit fast food or convenience store for a snack.



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Yes, including dumping things right into the trash and mixing them up, so there would be no temptation. Ugh. Sigh...
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We have chickens so they get food I need to get out of the house!  For example, we have a big party coming up and I bought a new cake pan to try out.  I always do a dry run so that I can make sure my idea will work.  Well, the first time was a flop, so I had to bake another batch!  Rather than have the equivalent of TWO cakes in the house, the chickens got the first one.  Pretty sure they are on a sugar high now! (And the 2nd cake is going to work with me today!)

I have never flushed any food down the commode, mainly because I don't want to stop up the commode.  However, I have thrown away food just to stop my eating.  Sometimes I realize that I am eating way to much when I am eating my 3rd or 4th helping.  So, to stop the madness, I will just throw it away. 

I have never taken food out of the trash can to eat.  By the time it gets in the trash can, I am totally disgusted with myself for having eaten as much as I have and I don't want any more of it. 

Nowadays I just try to limit the amount of foods in the house that I know I shouldn't eat.  What is healthy for me is also healthy for my family.  It is kind of like looking out for their health as well as mine, even if I am the only one that is over weight.  I don't want my family to be as over weight as I am.  Hopefully, they see me making alternate and better choices and they realize that those same choices are also better for them.

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Just last night I opened up and poured 2 huge bags of M&Ms into the trash, underneath everything else.  I do that regularly, and ice cream I dump into the sink as well.  My husband doesn't support my weight loss efforts and I've given up asking him not to bring junk food home, so now I just wait until he's not around and get rid of it.  Such a waste!

I've never been able to throw it away because it seemed wasteful... IT NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO ME to put something on it to make it unpalatable.  I really liked the "either way, it will be gone" comment.  Now (+13lbs of holiday fat), I think I can use that to let it go.  So, thanks!

The +13 came from me devouring all the sweets given to me over the holidays so it would quit talking to me.  It's all gone, but now I am going to have to break the sugar addiction again.  Lesson learned... I never should have eaten that first sample.

I love to make sourdough bread, but my husband and I can only eat so much of it (I am a carb freak and can get out of control pretty quickly). I bake, keep one loaf and everything else goes to work with him.  His co-workers love me, and cannot wait for me to get inspired!  I am happy with one slice of bread....

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