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Firm, Fit, & Fabulous: Maintenance-Minded Fat Loss *CLOSED*

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 We approach our goals with a healthy mindset. Here is our philosophy in a nutshell....

  • we do NOT restrict our caloriesby large amounts
  • we do NOT subscribe to any particular diet trends
  • we take the holistic approachthat the body should be nourished, strengthened, and appreciated for LIFE.
  • we will NOT beat our bodies into submission by attempting a program that is impossible to maintain.

Strong, healthy, and sexy beats skinny any day of the week!


**We are a community of FRIENDS and we are inviting you along for the ride. A few of us became close friends while supporting each other in this weight loss thread and that support and friendship became such an important part of our lives that we crossed over to this endeavor together. So this is a group where we really focus on getting to know each other closely, not only as weight loss buddies, but as individuals.We will offer each other daily support about anything and everything. 

Weigh In Schedule

1. Oct 1st

  • Stevie: 157
  • Christina: 117

2. Oct 8th

  • Stevie: 
    • goal: 156.1
    • actual: 153.2
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 116.25
    • actual:116.3

3. Oct 15th

  • Stevie: 
    • goal: 155.2
    • actual: 152.6
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 115.5
    • actual:117.6

4. Oct 22nd

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 154.3
    • actual:153
  • Christina:
    • goal: 114.75
    • actual:117.8

5. Oct 29th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 153.4
    • actual:152.2
  • Christina:
    • goal: 114
    • actual:115.8

6. Nov 5th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 152.5
    • actual:
  • Christina:
    • goal:113.25
    • actual: 115.8

7. Nov 12th 

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 151.6
    • actual: 151.6
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 112.5
    • actual:115.8

8. Nov 19th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 150.7
    • actual:150
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 111.75
    • actual:121.4

9. Nov 26th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 149.8
    • actual:
  • Christina:
    • goal: 111
    • actual: 121

10. Dec 3rd

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 148.9
    • actual:149.4
  • Christina:
    • goal: 110.25
    • actual: 120

11. Dec 10th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 148
    • actual:
  • Christina:
    • goal: 109.5
    • actual:

12. Dec 17th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 147.1
    • actual:
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 108.75
    • actual:

13. Dec 24th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 146.2
    • actual:
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 108
    • actual:

14. Dec 31st

  • Stevie:
    • Stevie:
      • goal: 145.3
      • actual:
    • Christina: 
      • goal: 107.25
      • actual:

75% compliance (because life happens and plans aren't perfect)

  • End weight: 
    • Stevie:  -8.8 pounds = 148.2 
    • Christina: -7.3 pounds = 109.7 
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Hey ladies!!! How are all of you?? I have to go to work early today but I woke up early to see Fredie off so I'm getting in a short workout--treaddy jog. I have a firm luncheon today BUT I'll actually peck 2 salads Amir throughout the day and some pirates booty and a Luna bar.

Hey ladies! I hope you two are doing well. :-) All's okay here, just trying to be more productive and work on my dissertation transcription, bleh!

In regards to health, I'm coming to the unfortunate realization that I am no good at free-wheeling my plan. And that irritates me because I want to just be free and loose about it. Yesterday I told myself, I'll try to make good decisions, drink enough water, exercise, and then at the end of the day I'll tally everything but I won't count cals throughout the day. What I thought was a good day turned out to be an overage of about 250, and that's after exercise. Boooo. Lol. It's not like it's an outrageous amount of overage, but the thing is I thought I was coming in at a deficit. So, no bueno. I hate when I keep coming to these realizations. :-/


So back to behaving and structure for me. Arrggh. Going to go back to trying to lose at a rate of .5 lbs a week. Back to the tried and true method.


Ugh... having to be strict with ourselves is such a bummer. :) Just wait 'til you're 40!! Enjoy what you can get away with now while you can. Ha ha. 

Things are going well here. Just very busy with end of school stuff. And then I'm off for a couple weeks to attend a nephew's graduation party and visit family. I guess I'll be free and loose for a couple weeks because I won't have easy access to record everything. And really, how much damage can I do in two weeks?? I guess we'll see...


Eh, I doubt you can do too much damage in 2 weeks. 2 months on the other hand, lol, I don't recommend. Speaking from experience. :-P

Yeah, I really hate having to come to the re-realization that I actually still need structure, and loosey goosey doesn't work for me, much to my chagrin, and despite my vehement assertion that I can be a natural/intuitive eater and exerciser. I know that I KNOW what to do, but when I don't set rules or guidelines for myself, I just don't do what I should, simple (and annoying) as that.

So, I've already had a bit of a calorie heavy day so I'm trying to cool it. I've had 1300 cals so far and I want to just drink lots of water and have an apple until dinner, which is 4 hrs from now. I'm making vegetarian chili served with sliced avocado and fat free sour cream. Picked up some locally brewed beer so I'll probably just share a little of J's with my chili. Dinner should be about 550, and then 75 for my apple (snack). My day's total should come in under 1950. I'm okay with that. I'm going to do my High and Tight work out and abs dvd to burn a total of 225. I haven't done those videos since before my vacation, oops. Can't imagine they'll be kind to me after such a long absence!

But that's okay, trying to get back on a good track and this is a great start. :-)

Yep, my husband keeps telling me that I don't have to be so careful anymore... that all the running and exercise should just let me eat when I'm hungry. But I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. So that doesn't work. And I can eat compulsively, which isn't at all healthy for me. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what I'm eating -- I just want to keep chewing and chewing and chewing... 

I have become a natural exerciser, more or less, which is nice. At least that battle has been fought and won. :)


Jodi---I feel the same exact way with hunger!!

Stevie--you've got this. What kind if damage has been done??

Like 4-5 lbs worth of damage from the good place I was at until a week or so before leaving for the DR. I've been slowly but steadily gaining since mid to late April. And not only gaining, but getting flabby and losing the tone and muscle I was forming in my butt and legs. My stomach is still mostly flat, but pudgy flat, nothing to write home about. Before leaving my stomach was rocking. I find it really irritating that in 6-7 weeks it all can go away so quickly and I'm already back to my pants and skirts fitting tightly and looking rather unflattering.

And man, I'm realizing how hard it is to scale back my eating now that I've been having what I want when I want for a while. I ended up eating more than planned yesterday (added iced banana bread and dried cherries) because I just still wanted to eat. So I had a maintenance day. But that's still a step in the right direction compared to my many overage days. And I exercised, which felt great. And I had lots of water. So a success on a few fronts. Going to try and make today better and get some sort of deficit. :-)

I'm hoping that some of my weight is just extra water weight, but since it's been stable I'm not sure. I guess some of it could be stable water weight, lol. Fingers crossed. :-P Either way, I'm just going to give each day a good try, but I'm not going to freak out about it, just slowly work at getting things back on a good track so I can feel better.

Anywho, Hope you ladies are doing great this morning!!

Stevie--I'm in the same exact place with my weight but it happened in like 4-5 weeks. 5-7 pounds up and it's stable. Wtf?!?! I didn't overdo it that much AT ALL. I'd guess a calculated 1-2 pounds gained MAX. So maybe some is water--not sure but my body has gone downhill and it irks me tremendously. Maintenance days are success IMO because it's at least one day where you're not adding to the damage. Eating is just so enjoyable--it isn't fun to cut back in the slightest.

I had been eating a lot of vegetables -- HUGE amounts of veggies, actually, which worked really well in the weight maintenance department. Unfortunately, now my belly can hold way more food than it used to be able to. So when I am eating the higher calorie foods, I have to try and limit my portion sizes to something that feels ridiculously small. No fun. 

I made some delicious baked macaroni and cheese from scratch the other day and realized, through CC, that one serving of that stuff from my recipe is over 500 calories. Yikes. Didn't stop me, though. I was craving that fatty comfort food big time. Yesterday my vice was cookie dough. I ate a LOT of it. Today... I guess I had a small serving of 1/2 fat ice cream by Breyers and a little bit of cookie dough. Much better control today. Well, that and the cookie dough is gone. I briefly considered making more, but decided against that... I guess that's where the control comes in? 

This evening is leftover night, which means that I will not be tempted in the least to over eat. I hate leftovers. Even leftovers from something that was reasonably good initially are not appealing to me. So maybe that will make up for my day yesterday. :)

Chrissy, I'm still trying to figure out what in the world a maintenance day looks like to me. I have this weight window that goes between 145 and 149... and it pretty much seems to not matter that much what my calorie intakes have been... so I cannot figure out what I actually need and how to get some firm handle on how to control myself. I guess I like rules, and I cannot find my rules. 


Jodi--your rule seems to be to keep doing ehat you're doing. You're maintaining beautifully.

But... but... what I'm doing is going back and forth between days of eating quite healthy and then days of eating -- well, let's face it, far too many desserts. It's almost like a binge then. It doesn't FEEL like that's what I should be doing...

Jodi-- Well, you know what you "should" be doing, pretty much exactly what you are doing but taking it a little lighter on the desserts here and there would take you to 'ideal'. I think your stabilization means that your body has found what works for you. Probably eating the same types of healthy foods every day is not that appealing to you, your personality, or your body, and so you have a system. :-) Your system is to load up on the good stuff and exercise a lot, which allows you to indulge almost as often as you'd like without moving you too far in one direction or the other. Your body sounds like it knows what it's doing. ;-)

I've been behaving like you, except without the loads of good food and exercise... just the plenty of desserts part. I guess that means not very much like you at all. :-P

Chrissy-- Yeah, it's not fair, is it? I just want to eat, and eat a lot and frequently. I am not even an emotional eater really, I just flat out enjoy eating. I am probably a boredom eater though. I can definitely tell that when I have down time I really like to spend it munching. I feel like throwing a tantrum and kicking and screaming like a child when I think about having to scale back and behave better.

Trying to not let myself eat anymore before dinner today, I've already had a weird combination of snack foods all day long. So far...

B: 2 cups of coffee with plenty of creamer and greek yogurt (365)

L1: Pack of Lance cracker sandwich thingies, extra sweet hot chocolate, 2 pieces of banana nut bread  (735)

L2: 1 banana, 2 weight watchers string cheeses (200)

So I'm at 1300 right now, and dinner is one of those pasta bag meals with 2 cups of mixed greens thrown in (480). Oh, and before dinner I'll go do some cardio at the gym with J, and will have a fiber one granola bar on the way (140).

That will bring today's total to 1920, which is maintenance for me. But thankfully I'll be getting some exercise in so I'll have at least a 200 calorie deficit come from that. I don't know why, but even eating 1900 cals feels like sooo little, and like it's a huge success. Haha! Probably because I've been such a piggie for a while and the stuff I'm eating isn't filling enough. :-/

Then I'll have a

Stevie--I hear you. Every single lunch at work is at a restaurant it catered. ((sigh)) oh well. Today with exercise I get 1800 cals and I should have an okay deficit. Maintenance with no exercise is a puny 1425 calories.

Yes, I should definitely be scaling back on the sweets. But they're so darned good. And I haven't been making granola, which saves me some calories. :) I sort of miss sitting down and eating a bowl of it... every day. But it's good for me to have a break from it. I was getting too carried away. And that's one of those things that's incredibly filling. I eat it dry, and then after I drink something it swells up in my stomach and fills me way up. So I think that's partly why my stomach is thinking it should hold so much more food now, too. It's not just the veggies. 

Luckily the leftovers are gone now and I can eat a decent meal tomorrow. Yay! I hate leftovers. 

My maintenance calories have been up between 2000 and 2500. I am fairly active, so if I were to go a few days with no exercise, I would probably have to pare that down a bit. But it seems like that's a pretty wide window for calorie intake...

Jodi--a range is nice. On less hungry days you can eat less and save those cals for more hungry days. I eat 1700-2100 most days. I think my weight is going down. I can't wait to be back to normal!!
Well yesterday's lunch derailed me a little. I wanted to eat 1700-1800 total but ended at 2000. Should've still been a slight deficit because I worked out quite a bit. Today it's 1700-1750 and I have a happy hour and luncheon at work to attend--I'll stick to lighter choices. Im not bringing vending machine money or snacks. Soooo that should make it easier. Hoping to eat only ~675 calories blat lunch/happy hour otherwise I have to either 1) increase my evening workout time or 2) decrease my evening food. I want to refrain from either of those. Tomorrow is weigh in day--hoping to see good numbers. At least 1 pound down--I feel better so even if I dobt see those numbers I'll feel okay as long as it isn't higher.
Hope youre both well!! Have a great weekend. Going to fredie's and having an early day!! Yayt
I'm doing okay ladies--had deficits all weekend and hoping to have a great week. I am halfway done with "dieting" and then I'll resume a deficit after a month or so. I only want 5 weeks on, then 4-5 off. I hope when I finally get on my home scale in 2 months that I have a pleasant surprise.
Seems thisis the end of the road (for now). I know you'll both reach your goals because you're incredibly capable, beautiful women!! As long as you never give up you'll always be on your way to becoming a better you :) so dobt worry about the bad days or even weeks--just always have your plan waiting for you when the world calms down!

I never leave for more than a week or two Chrissy, and I think about you girls frequently if that counts. :-P 

It's a mixture of things for me, our internet at our extended stay is terrible terrible terrible and when I try to use my lap top and type posts it either 'times out' and doesn't work by the time I'm trying to actually post it, or it backs me out of my post for some reason, like takes be back a few screens and then my post is lost, so it's irritating. I do have my phone though, so I can use that. On the other hand, I just haven't been very motivated about my health. I've been crampy and/or menstrual for the past week, and while it's not a good excuse I've just been scarfing down everything in site. Just have to get my mind right every now and again before I check back in on our awesome group here.:-)


I think it's AMAZING that your weight is going in the right direction, it sounds like you're doing a great job. It's nice that you'll have a big break from deficits. :-) 

I keep sort of grasping at motivation in bursts and then it goes away so quickly. I'm feeling motivated again though, or at least, motivated to get motivated if that makes sense, ha! There's a statistic that on average a woman in an abusive relationship has to leave 7 times before it 'sticks', she ends up losing resolve and making justifications and going back over and over until finally it sticks. I feel that way about dieting/losing weight. Trying to end my abusive, unhealthy relationship (with food and laziness) and I keep coming back. Hopefully this time I can make it stick.

So, this weekend I'm going to let be my 'transition' weekend. Making better choices, less sweets and snacks, more water, thinking about how many calories I'm eating... just being more aware of what I'm doing to my body and getting some activity in. 

Then Monday, I'm going to start my Brazil Butt program again. So many parts of my body were just looking and feeling so much better and I want that again. I may do it a little differently though. I think I'll stretch the first 30 days of the program into 60 days, so I'll do the workouts every other day, and on the days in between I'll do my own chosen activity, something lighter and easier on the body, like walking, a light jog, yoga, pilates, or whatever. Those workouts were amazing but they were just really hard, and knowing you're coming home to that killer workout every day can be daunting, and takes mega motivation which I am struggling with at the moment. So if I can do them every other day, I'll be pleased. I'll put together a plan later.

On a happier note, I've been very productive and am working my booty off (unfortunately not literally, yet). Trucking along on my dissertation and internship prep, and my research job was extended through June so I can keep at training the new person who will be in my position. So  a couple more weeks left of that. I've been super busy every day and need to keep that up every day from here on out as well. Other happy news, got my apt in Salt Lake City secured. It's painfully expensive and small, but it's very nice and has a huge beautiful gym included. And it's .5 miles from my office at the behavioral health clinic, and 3 miles from my office at the hospital.  I don't yet know how exactly my time will be split between those two, but at any rate, I'm no more than 3 miles away from work so that's awesome.

Alrighty, back to work for me. I have a friend coming to Austin tonight to visit, so I need to get a good chunk of work done and clean up. You ladies have a fantastic Saturday. I'll get back to checking in daily. :-)

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