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Firm, Fit, & Fabulous: Maintenance-Minded Fat Loss *CLOSED*

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 We approach our goals with a healthy mindset. Here is our philosophy in a nutshell....

  • we do NOT restrict our caloriesby large amounts
  • we do NOT subscribe to any particular diet trends
  • we take the holistic approachthat the body should be nourished, strengthened, and appreciated for LIFE.
  • we will NOT beat our bodies into submission by attempting a program that is impossible to maintain.

Strong, healthy, and sexy beats skinny any day of the week!


**We are a community of FRIENDS and we are inviting you along for the ride. A few of us became close friends while supporting each other in this weight loss thread and that support and friendship became such an important part of our lives that we crossed over to this endeavor together. So this is a group where we really focus on getting to know each other closely, not only as weight loss buddies, but as individuals.We will offer each other daily support about anything and everything. 

Weigh In Schedule

1. Oct 1st

  • Stevie: 157
  • Christina: 117

2. Oct 8th

  • Stevie: 
    • goal: 156.1
    • actual: 153.2
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 116.25
    • actual:116.3

3. Oct 15th

  • Stevie: 
    • goal: 155.2
    • actual: 152.6
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 115.5
    • actual:117.6

4. Oct 22nd

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 154.3
    • actual:153
  • Christina:
    • goal: 114.75
    • actual:117.8

5. Oct 29th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 153.4
    • actual:152.2
  • Christina:
    • goal: 114
    • actual:115.8

6. Nov 5th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 152.5
    • actual:
  • Christina:
    • goal:113.25
    • actual: 115.8

7. Nov 12th 

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 151.6
    • actual: 151.6
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 112.5
    • actual:115.8

8. Nov 19th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 150.7
    • actual:150
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 111.75
    • actual:121.4

9. Nov 26th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 149.8
    • actual:
  • Christina:
    • goal: 111
    • actual: 121

10. Dec 3rd

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 148.9
    • actual:149.4
  • Christina:
    • goal: 110.25
    • actual: 120

11. Dec 10th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 148
    • actual:
  • Christina:
    • goal: 109.5
    • actual:

12. Dec 17th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 147.1
    • actual:
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 108.75
    • actual:

13. Dec 24th

  • Stevie:
    • goal: 146.2
    • actual:
  • Christina: 
    • goal: 108
    • actual:

14. Dec 31st

  • Stevie:
    • Stevie:
      • goal: 145.3
      • actual:
    • Christina: 
      • goal: 107.25
      • actual:

75% compliance (because life happens and plans aren't perfect)

  • End weight: 
    • Stevie:  -8.8 pounds = 148.2 
    • Christina: -7.3 pounds = 109.7 
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Good Morning Girls,

So an excellent day yesterday :) really pleased about that.

Plan for today:

B: Oatmeal, natural yog, walnuts and honey

S: Nectarine

L: Mozzarella and Mango Chutney Wrap. yum yum!! with salad.

S: Banana and yoghurt

D: ????????????

Snack?????????? and protein shake

Training: Body Pump and spin and box. oooooh dear! hardcore!

Jo that is so hardcore!! woah you must be at the gym for like 3 hrs+ to do all that? So intense.  Most of my workouts are like not even an hour long haha. 

Pretty happy with my workout though yesterday too.  and my food was great I think it was just around 1800.  Also my abs have been looking WAY better to me in the past week... Yay.  I wonder if that means my fat loss is really happening.  Where I really want to lose some is around the hips/butt/thighs!! always the last to go I guess.

Stevie I hope you are feeling better today! You guys are making me feel super lucky not to be a sufferer of migraines.  It sounds absolutely terrible. 

I don't really have food plans today.  I would really like to get better at advance planning of food.  My exercise plan is either just cardio or a rest day, depending on how late I stay at work/how tired I am. 

Chrissy what are your plans for today? let me live vicariously through your fun trip!!

what is everyone else up to??

I'm about to dig into some files I have to make a phone call I don't want to make now......UGHhhhh

Hii Megs, whoooo to your abs looking great! you go girly! deffo makes you feel good doesn't it.

What workout did you do yesterday? Apologies if you wrote it earlier and I missed it. Yep wednesday is my hardcore day but I love it. Body pump is an hour and then I go to a combined spin and box class which is super tought. Its half hour intense spinning and then half hour circuit boxing including all various boxing moves, skippng, pressups, tuck jumps, burpees... you name it he fits it in. eeeeek! so hard! but I always have a super GYM HIGH once i get home :) makes me feel greeeeaaaat!

I am in work too, just returned from my lunch. Writing  a newsletter today. fun and easy. There is only 3 of us in the office :)

Good Morning ladies,

I feel mostly better, slight remnants of a headache and I sort of feel hungover, but not seriously in pain, so I'll take it.

Food-wise yesterday was alright, around 1850 cals but no exercise. I've been looking back at my daily check ins trying to compare my weight and cals and I'm coming to the determination that NROLFW's calorie recommendations are too high for me. In weeks my weight hasn't moved, but more importantly my body fat number isn't budging. I think that even though I often think I'm at a small deficit, I'm actually closer to maintenance than I'd like to think. I don't think it's a crazy over estimation, around 75ish calories off,,, I think CC is probably more accurate for what my body uses for maintenanc.

I do still agree with NR's recommendation to not cut more than 300 from your food, because I really want to get the right nutrition. With the 75 calorie downward shift I think that on non-weightlifting days my maintenance is 1950 (exactly what CC says and what I used for a long time), and on weight lifting days it is 2200, which seems accurate too. I think the original NR numbers DO work for someone as hardcore as Jo though! But not someone a little less so, like myself. I noticed on the NR forums that almost all of them shifted those numbers downward for the same reason.

So, considering NR's recommendation for 300 cals cut from food if weight loss is a goal, then on non-TT days I will aim for 1650-1750 (I have to make a 200-300 calorie deficit window because eating 1650 is a challenge for me), and on TT days I will aim for 1900-2000.

If this AT ALL effects my energy levels, then I will re-evaluate. I do NOT want my body to feel bad or deprived, or to even lose weight quickly. I just want to make sure I'm being accurate in my calculations and moving in the right direction scale and bf% wise. Again, my bf% is high (almost 26%) and I really want to get it down to 21%ish, which means another 7ish lbs lost (of fat), which apparently isn't going to happen unless I make nutrition and calories a priority just like I make exercise.

I AM psyched though that I know what to do to maintain and it hasn't been difficult... eat between 1800 and 2200 daily plus stay active. Pretty easy recipe. Hopefully if I can start getting my body fat to shift I'll be closer to enjoying true maintenance. I know the rest of you ladies are pretty much solidly into maintenance, I just have a little extra ways to go before I kick up my heels and enjoy!

Plan for today first part of today...


B-- Greek yogurt, cofee

L-- Egg and veggie scramble, toast, skim milk

Haha yay love the Gym High.  My workout yesterday was Upper body and Abs.  My gym has body pump but I've never gone! I should definitely give it a try.  Yesterday I got my assistance on my chin up to 20lbs.  I am going to be so excited when I do an unassisted chin up! I hope I don't plateau because I've been dropping on avg 5 pounds of assistance a week so that would be in a month. 

Only 3> how many are normally there? my office has like 100 people or something!

Hello Stevie! I always start writing a message, get distracted, and post it like 20 minutes later and there have been other messages I didn't see! I think I am going to do something like that too I think, drop my cals more than I have been on sedentary days and a bit on workout days too.  I think I will make 2000 my max on non strenuous and non-cardio days because weightlifting for me is not that strenuous generally, its not even like what you guys do with bootcamp and TT... It's more along the lines of New rules I guess.  Sedentary make it about 1650 as a target.  No stress if I'm hungry and need to go over though of course.  Or if I walk more and want to eat 1800 etc.  I'm with you though, sometimes you have to tweak the numbers to get the right results!

Lanie: yay to feeling a bit better girly. Hope it all dissappears and you feel back to normal asap! :)

Sounds like you have done a good evaluation of your calorie needs and understand the changes you need to make..... so im with you all the way :) sounds reasonable and you have thought it through so the best thing to do is try it out and listen to your body.

Megs: There is 15 of us in total... so a really small office. but i really like it :) sounds like a good workout - you are doing great :)

Body Pump is good and fun but a lot of people criticise it for been a rubbish way to build any strength and that it should be ditched and lift heavy ... which is what we are doing anyway. but I like pump and still go because I find it fun and enjoyable and love the class environment to go along, exercise and be with my friends too :)

hey ladies.  well today we are going to see an off broadway play. awesomeness. its called Perfect Crime or something. 

stevie: awesome that youre listening to your body and gave more calories a shot. 

megs: great job on the workout :)

jo: whats the newsletter about?

Chrissy: Hiiii girly :) yay to having fun! bet the play will be amazing. Have fun girly :) :) I know you will be.

The newsletter is something that I write for the old people in the community where I work. I include fun things... like places to visit and whats on.... Stories that people have sent in for me... any news in the community, fun things like quizzes and recipes and stuff. I enjoy doing it.... its a fun part of my job :)


jo..that sounds interesting.your job is so multi-faceted. thats awesome. 


waiting for lunch with a NY attorney. its a pretty nice place. i think they will have good food. i checked the menu and it seems decent 

Jo, your job does sound really interesting.  I like the fact that I get to do really different stuff all the time too... otherwise life gets too boring!!

whew I am having another busy day.  Good for my billable hrs though!!

sooo far...

bfast, wrap 250

snack, cereal bar 160

Lunch, turkey sandwhich 300




who knows what I will eat next! Actually I have some idea that it might be a latte........Mmmmmmmmmmm

Jo-- Your job does sound fun. :-) And don't bother about what people say about body pump, maybe that would apply to you if you were using only that as a strength training method, but you're working your booty off in a variety of ways so this is just icing on the cake! Hope you're having a wonderful wednesday workout queen!

Megs--Yeah, I wish I could keep the cals higher, I oh so want it to work for me, but unfortunately it isn't. :-( So I'm just shifting downward a hundred or so cals and hoping that it'll do the trick. I don't even have any real weight loss goals in any specific time, I just want to be MOVING in the direction of a better body. Hope the changes work for you too. Are you wanting to lose weight? I was thinking you were already at your goal?

Chrissy-- Thanks, sounds like you're having a pretty good time in NY. Who is this lawyer you're meeting with and how did you set that up? Is G eating alright and enjoying himself? How does it feel to be a married woman?

Emmie & Audra-- Hope you girls are having a really great day too! Let us know how you're doing. :-)

So food so far today is alright, just need to keep it in check. I'm at 1035 calories for the day and that leaves me room for 200 in decent snacks before dinner, which will be spaghetti with beef, so pretty high calorie. Later tonight I'll hit up the gym for TT and HIIT.

Trying to make myself work on my dissertation, bleh. It's slow going because I'm not really in the mood. But that's what I get for procrastinating!! :-P

Hope you all are doing well.




Stevie - To answer your question, I'm not really sure what I want! I mean my goal is really fat loss and the truth is that I don't know what the scale says and I'm not really worried about it ....soo I don't really want to lose "Weight" but at the same time I'm not sure I can lose the fat without keeping a deficit?

I guess really I just want to improve my physique without starving myself.  I want to eat basically how I would eat at maintenance but I don't really MIND eating at a bit of a deficit and I definitely have been healthily a lower weight, the stress of moving made me gain weight and then the stress of gaining weight made me gain a bit more weight, when I moved across the country and started a pretty intense new job a bit over a year ago.  But I have adjusted to and accepted my new weight, I just think that my body could let go a few of those emotional eating pounds... does that make sense? Nothing drastic and I am not in a rush.

I know what you mean Megs, that sounds very reasonable and like you're in tune with your body in a healthy way. I think I transitioned into maintenance before I was ready because I jumped on the bandwagon as everyone else was ready for maintenance. However, it was also because I needed a break from so much structure. I've taken a pretty good maintenance break for the last month or so, and now I'm ready to get more into the swing of things. But I've learned that I don't want to count calories burned... I don't even want to care about calories burned... I want to work out to get stronger, faster, have more stamina, and see improvements in my physique. I don't want to think of every bit of exercise as a way to lose weight or think of it in terms of cals burned or ounces lost. I want exercise to feel like challenging activity for the purpose of improving my body, not losing weight. As long as I (generally) stay within that 1650-2000 window depending on how hungry I feel and how my body feels, then I should be fine regardless of what sort of exercise I did or didn't do. If that means I have zero deficit or a 700 deficit I'm okay with that, and should be moving toward at least slow weight loss. Anything but being stagnant at a stand-still is fine with me!


Ay yi yi.... it has been a crazy day around here. Work is exploding!

Anyways, I need to get right back to it but just wanted to check in quickly.

Got in my gym time this morning, elliptical today. Trying to talk the hubby into swimming with me tomorrow....

Breakfast was a smoothie, lunch was just veggies with marinara and parmesan, and dinner will be leftovers. Random fruit grabbed for snacks here and there.

Hope everyone's day is going well! 

Stevie... Good I'm glad you approve of my plan/ goals :) sounds like we are pretty much on the same page actually ;) sometimes it is definitely really good to do maintenance for a little while ... I see people on here mentioning that as a way to pick up metabolism and bust through plateaus. And I agree with the counting calories burned thing. Overfocus on that stuff is definitely not always a good thing and it's so hard to get it accurate anyway.

Emmie sounds like a very healthy day! I also did elliptical today... Just like 20 mins intervals and 15 mins steady state/cooldown but after 10 hrs at my desk I needed some movement at least :)

stevie...G is eating quite well. i tried positive reinforcement and it  works. my dad set up the meeting. how is the dissertation coming?? 

megs:sounds like work has been crazy, what was dinner??


Chrissy dinner was a big bowl of pasta with shrimp in it and then a piece of cake for dessert... but my calories were not much over 1000 at the time so i felt I could do it..!! Lol.  So how was your lunch ... did you learn anything from the attorney? Eat any delicious NY pizza or bagels today?

WOW!! Had over 900 calories of frozen yogurt today. YIKES!! I had raspberry and chocolate after dinner. A whole 12oz of it (by weight NOT volume). Before lunch I had coconut. After lunch I had fudge. 300+ a pop. Whoa. also ate some pizza! 

Megs: Dinner sounds good. 

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