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Addicted to that 'crunch' in food

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I have decided to take it upon myself to start beign healthy, eat well and get into fitness over the summer. This has been spurred on by a health worry that I have just encountered and finally want to look after my body after years of being too naive about things.

My only problem is, I can't stop eating.. I seem to maintain a healthy weight (apparently) but what I eat isn't good on my heart..

I am hooked on crisps, biscuits, cold toast with butter on... anything that crunches.. I have tried so many times to stop but if I have soup, I crave a 'crunch' after it

Does anybody know any hints or tips or have an experience that they could share with me to stop this?

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Have you tried eating low cal crunchy foods? Stuff like celery, low cal crackers, maybe a cup of corn flakes, or an apple/pear? Even something like poppadoms aren't really high cal/high fat...

I love that crunch too, and one of the things I sometimes do is to grill a tortilla so that it goes all crunchy with some tomato and spinach on, with a bit of low fat mozzarella... yum! 

I'm hooked on crunchy foods, too. In fact, I usually say "if it doesn't crunch, it's not lunch" because I don't feel like I've eaten enough if I don't have something crunchy.

Fortunately, there are some decent choices out there. I like rice cakes with melted low-fat havarti cheese on them (one slice of cheese for two rice cakes). I also eat rice crisp crackers, multigrain crispbread, melba toast snacks, Kashi TLC crackers, etc. A wedge of the low-fat Laughing Cow cheese is a perfect topping for any of the above. I get the crunch I crave but keep it low-cal, low-fat and even low-sodium (except for the cheese).

So no need to stop. Just find a healthier choice that works for you.

My personal favourite is to have a small bowl of hummus dip and a large selection of raw vegetables for dipping ...  peppers, carrots, courgette.  Takes ages to eat and the combination of sweet crunchy vegetable with savoury, nutty hummus is very satisfying.

Girlfighting's Kale Chips - crunchy potato chip substitute

Try these! Super crunchy and yummy!

I love crunchy are some of my favs:

Carrots, Celery, Kashi cereal (as a snack) 7 grain flakes etc, shredded wheat squares, nuts (in moderation), rice chips, wasabi peas

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cut pitta bread into traingles and put it in the oven for a few mins until it's crunchy (you could dip in salsa, hummus, cottage cheese, cream cheese, guacamole) i like to crumble it into soup too. or try and find some wholegrain, healthier chips.

sugarsnap peas, carrot sticks, pepper slices (for dipping)

use crunchy lettuce as a 'wrap'

puffed wheat/puffed rice cereals (in yogurt, cottage cheese, milk)

apples (dipped in pb? cottage cheese, cream cheese)

nuts (you could sprinkle flaked almonds on things for crunch. i love flaked almonds on sliced banana)

you can make salads REALLY crunchy, with raw vegetables, nuts, or 'crutons' made from a slice of toast cut up into squares

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oh and popcorn :)

freeze dried fruits are crunchy and delicious, and relatively low-calorie per serving.

I love Wasa brand crispbreads, topped with low fat cheese, a slice of turkey, hummus, etc. The Wasa light rye is 35 calories per slice. The other flavors, oat, multi-grain , are 60 per slice.

La Rosa flaxseed and seasame chips (at Whole Foods). 24 chips for 140 cal. They are high in Omega-3's and are tasty. Plus they are filling as well. Good luck with your endeavor!

Original Post by gi-jane:

My personal favourite is to have a small bowl of hummus dip and a large selection of raw vegetables for dipping ...  peppers, carrots, courgette.  Takes ages to eat and the combination of sweet crunchy vegetable with savoury, nutty hummus is very satisfying.

 Hummus and Veggies....YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

Carrots for the WIN!!!

Great thing is that you can have however many you want! x3 Yay for negative calorie food! ^^

I happen to love crunchy foods as well!  I am a teacher at a boarding school, so there are not always appealing, healthy options.  Something I often to is grab a bowl of hot soup (vegetable, rice, almost any type) and add raw chopped celery, raw chopped onions, and raw chopped peppers.  It satisfies my need for crunch and fills me up with something warm (which is SUPER important when you live SEVERELY North!)

Kashi Go Crunch is  another one of my favorites.  I eat it plain and also add it to organic low fat yogurt.


I'm a fellow crunch addict.  I second the Kashi crunch cereal.  I love it in non-fat plain greek yogurt with some fruit.  I also found Joseph's Oat/Flax wraps.  They are only 50 calories for 1/2 a wrap or 100 for a whole one.  I stick it in the oven and I can get a BIG bowl of chips out of it and dip it in salsa.  Yum!  I also do the freeze dried greenbeans and lots of raw veggies with dip (hummus or light ranch dressing).  I also love a bowl of rice krispies as a snack, even cocoa krispees are only 110 cals for a cup!

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