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How could I have gained weight after a colonoscopy?!?!?

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OK everyone, some of this might be too much info, but here we go anyway. I was plateaued for a good month or so, then I had a hospital stay due to ruptured colon/diverticulitis (8/1/08 - 8/4/08).

When I got out of the hospital, I started losing weight at a nice pace again, (about 1.5 lb per week). And that went on for the month of August.

Now yesterday, I had a colonoscopy to follow up and make sure nothing else is abnormal. Any of you who have had one or know someone who had one can testify that the cleansing you do the day before is very thorough. I'm very sure I had nothing left in me. And a lot of fluid leaves your body too, not just stool. Then I had to fast yesterday before the procedure. It wasn't complete until 3pm, and my stomach was uncomfortable, so I ate a snack and an easy supper.

Today I weighed myself and I have gained 4 lb since sunday. Normally I would assume that a jump like that was water weight, but how could that be the case considering my experiences of the last couple days. I'm not totally freaking out, but I really don't like that number on the scale. I half expected a temporary (water) loss because of all this.

What do you guys think is goin on?

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Hummmmmm weird.  I know after my colonoscopy i lost weight simply because I didnt eat and to put it bluntly, pooped out everything i ate prob the whole month prior.  I ate a huge pastrami sandwich afterwards and gained the 6 lbs i lost back in probably 2 days.  It could be anything, only you know your body.  Maybe your expecting your monthly friend?  What were the colonoscopy findings?

Our bodies fluctuate soooo much, I have been batteling my weight since 5th grade.  I have lost 100 lbs already and have another 40 to go.  I think you need to look at the whole picture and see that this is not a day to day thing its a lifetime thing, so as long as you are eating right and exercising the weight will come off, sometimes things happen you just cant explain.

The best fo luck!

Yeah, it IS all water weight. The laxatives they give you are very, very powerful. It will be at LEAST a few days before your stomach/system is back to normal.

nikki730, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks its weird. I assumed I would go down a bit too (I know it would have been short-term) just because of the amount of food and fluid that left my system.  My findings were normal. The dr said other than the diverticulosis (which we had already discovered) there was nothing even suspicious in there. They only checked me out because I'm pretty young (31) to even get the diverticulosis/diverticulitis, and they wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else to worry about.


jamminatorr, I guess that's why I figured I shouldn't go UP in weight. Those powerful laxatives flushed me out good and I didn't think there was hardly any water left in me.

My plan is to just go back to my regular (healthy) eating and exercise routines, and it will probably even out soon. Even if its is "real" weight (which logically shouldn't be possible) I know that it will eventually go away too. It was just suprising.

Thanks for your answers, and please feel free to keep adding answers/comments/suggestions!!! This is just weird, lol!

It's just fluid retention.  I had one a couple of months ago and that prep fluid is full of salt to keep your electrolytes balanced.  Relax and let it run its course.

Its water.

Dehydration could have caused some water retention (many people can retain up to 5lbs of water regularly)

Also it could be a side effect to the laxatives/meds they gave you.

I found this also:

Causes of body water retention depend on a wide range of factors including a high salt intake, as a reaction to hot weather, gravity, nutritional deficiencies, burns as well as sunburn and as a side effect of certain drugs.

No worries, just get back into your normal routine and you'll probably end up dropping more than 6lbs.

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I go for one every 3 years and each time I gain at least 6 lbs the next day.  They give me lots of i.v. fluids because you're pretty dehydrated by the time you go in for the procedure due to the stuff you take to clean you out.  It's just water.  Water is heavy!

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Me too.

I had lost 1.5 lbs a week from august 15th to november 22. Then I had the colonoscopy. Gained about 4 lbs. And three weeks later and having trouble losing it.

I figure my body went into the starvation mode and started holding onto everything. Amazing, isn't it?

Not to mention frustrating.

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