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Foods that make you sick?

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So, I'm coeliac, so I know anything with gluten in it makes my stomach ill and I get a rash. not fun.

But, I've also realized that nuts- plain nuts (unsalted) make me want to puke. I'll eat them... be okay... and then ten seconds later, have to run to the bathroom because I feel SO SICK and nauseous and ill, I'm scared I'm going to end up puking everywhere.

So plain nuts make me feel sick. Here's the weird part: if the nuts are not plain (ie- maple nuts or sugar coated, or in a honey nut butter/nut butter cookie) I don't get the nausea. Weird? yep. 

I don't really like nuts (regardless of what they're in) so I don't eat them anyway... just thought this was really odd... Anyone else like this? 

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I get nausea a lot with food. I know that milk products make me nauseous, but there are other things too like pork. I had just stopped eating a normal diet and started simple like veggies, chicken, fish, rice etc. However I'm trying to eat a more normal diet again and am having lots of problems with nausea, so apparently pork and milk isn't it.


I know what you mean about eating some things and it not making you sick. I can't eat pork or ham, but I am fine with bacon so long as it's not fatty or greasy.

Pancakes.  Every single time I eat pancakes, I feel nauseated.

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Nuts make me sick too, but not just plain ones. It's a shame because I need them in my diet and I actually like almonds... Guess I'll stick to soynuts.

Among other things, rich, sweet foods make me sick to. I can't eat cookies or brownies and things like that. However, I can eat candy, though I don't care for it. I've noticed that full fat ice cream makes me sick, but low-fat doesn't. I have no idea why.

  • Chicken and Dumplings
  • Soy products of any kind, including soy nuts - especially soymilk and soy protein powder
  • Cracker Barrel's pancakes
  • Mc Donald's french fries
  • Most ice creams and sorbet

There are others too, I just can't remember. The soy thing is awful though. It was terrible to be vegan and have to avoid most soy products.

meatloaf with the hardboiled egg inside.  ugh.  I like meat loaf.. I like hard boiled eggs... just Not together.

All nuts since if I ingest them that's a really not fun ambulance ride, massive ouch in the thigh from the epi pen and hives just about every where.  Nope, no thanks. 

anything red lobster.  I love seafood but got food poisoning at one so I can't even go IN the place.


Anything having to do with smores...regular or in granolar bars or whatever. I enjoy chocolate, grahm crackers, vegan marshmalows seperate, but not together at all.


& also vegetarian chili..nauseous & ill, and just not fun so I avoid it.

Breakfast Cereals with fruit in. If I put the dried fruit into cereal I'm fine but the stuff with it already in always makes me feel queasy.


Creamy sauces. Which is a shame, because I love pasta and mushroom sauce, but I can never order it in restaurants because there's always so much cream.

I've actually heard of people being able to digest low-fat ice cream, but not regular kind (same with cream sauces), has to do with one being too high in fat/oils for your stomach to digest or something... I forget (I'm like this, and someone told me it was because of that reason)

Certain restaurants, if you've had a bad experience with them, can also make you feel sick. Like, I've gotten really sick from Taco Bell, and even though their food is gross to start with, I even more so refuse to eat from there since the food is revolting.

oops. double post. sorry


Especially portabello mushrooms. Which is gutting, because I love mushrooms.  

Coconut milk!  It smells wonderful but uggggh.  And shiitake mushrooms.  Always have a tummy ache after..

Original Post by ladyduece:

meatloaf with the hardboiled egg inside.  ugh.  I like meat loaf.. I like hard boiled eggs... just Not together.


Yuck! do people really make/eat/sell/purchase that? Seriously?






The smell and the taste makes me nauseous.


I had a bad McDonald's Fish Fillet experience when I was 6, and 18 years later, it still makes me queasy

haha never heard of Egg in the middle meatloaf before, looks interesting...

Only food that I can think of that makes me a little sick are scrabbled eggs (I put cheese in mine which might be the cause?). I don't get really sick from them but for a couple hours afterwards I usually feel a bit nauseous.

And another thing that's a bit off topic, toothpaste sometimes makes me feel sick for a few minutes if I brush my teeth too fast LOL weird..

Do people fight over who gets the egg in the meatloaf? Like, is it come kind of prize? (serious question) 

Original Post by jesszahav:


The smell and the taste makes me nauseous.


I had a bad McDonald's Fish Fillet experience when I was 6, and 18 years later, it still makes me queasy

Both of these. odd as it might sounds; if I eat more than 1/4 cup of carrots, I feel nauseous.  That and regular ice-cream, though frozen yogurt suits me well that I eat 1 cup every evening (hahaha).


Very sugary foods gives me headaches from hell

soy ice cream(Soy Delicious)

anything very spicy or high fat(lots of ethnic foods to avoid)

"random things I come upon". this one rocks. super sensitive stomach.

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