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Can you put on 3 pounds when on your blob (period)?

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Every 2 weeks I weigh myself and I was losing again after a month plateau, but today I weighed myself as I felt like a heffalump and had come on, and Ive put on 3 pounds, over how many days I do not know, but I am 12 stone 10, 3 pounds over what I was 2 weeks ago when I last weighed myself. I have only just recently started my periods properly this time, with being very constant flow.

As when I was morbidly obese to obese and on the pill, I use to not come on hardly at all, and when I did it was only very light spotting.

Now I am only slightly overweight, still on the pill, but as I am healthy my body is too, I have been coming on every month for the last 4 months and this month a real proper heavy period, Ive not noticed weight gain with those other times, but I may of just not weighed myself then.

This time I feel fat, but my partner says, hes not noticing it anywhere, so is it just I feel like a heffalump?? and is it my period thats put this weight on me? and therefore when I stop will my weight then go back to what it was?

Sorry lots of questions, but I am still getting use to the more healthier slimmer me, I think.

Best wishes Sue aka astralhippy

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Certainly. It's expected for a woman to put on a few pounds during her period due to water retaination, etc. If you haven't been going over your maintainance level lately, then you should see the pounds come off after your period. It may take a couple days. 

I've put on as much as 10 pounds of water weight during my period, so this is very normal. Just watch your sodium (tough during your period, I know) and get plenty of water. Your weight will go back to normal when it's over :)

As the others have said, it's completely normal (unfortunately)!

And I just wanted to say, I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this I like how you call it "blob." I also like the word "heffalump"...too funny!

Original Post by jcl76:

As the others have said, it's completely normal (unfortunately)!

And I just wanted to say, I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this I like how you call it "blob." I also like the word "heffalump"...too funny!

tee hee glad I made you lol, dont know were I picked that term up, if anywhere, just started refering to it as that as period well I do not like that word, it always makes me go blurghhhhhhhhh, silly I know but had to mention the P word in case no one new what I was on about and as for heffalump, when I was little I couldn't say elephant, so I called them heffalumps instead and its stuck even though Im now 33 lol, same as larlalade instead of marmalade, thanks for all your support and comments, at least I know now it all normal and I should get back to usual weight afterwards the blob has ended.

Best wishes Sue aka astralhippy (((((HUGS)))))

Haha I like this post :] It's about time for my "blob" too and every month around this time I feel like a huge heffalump!!! My pants AND even my SHIRTS are tight on me lol!!  To look at the bright side though, it's always awesome when your "blob" is going away, because for a few days I pee like almost every hour and lose like 5 pounds over the couple of days!! :D

i like the blob! haha it's exactly how i feel around that time of the month too: a blob. lol

I always gain about 5 lbs. when I'm on my period.

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