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3 week weight loss race! let's do it!!

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Hey ladies! Need a group of around 10-15 to keep each other motivated! I want to be feeling confident and happy with my body come July and not hiding in the shade! I think a weigh in every three days should keep us on track and get me through the weekends without binging on cookies,cakes and White bread! Three weeks- I think 6 pounds is achievable! Let's get started!!!! X

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Hi! I just ready about your support group and I would like to be a part of it!! Count me in. 3 weeks! Let's do it!!
Fab.. Start day tomorrow

CW:?? 144 maybe?going to weigh Sunday morning SW:see above lol GW: 126

Maybe we can get a few more members before then:)

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I'm in When do we weigh in?
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Lets do this, I am hoping to drop 8lbs by the end of this month!!

I'm so in!

CW 165 GW 160

That should be a reasonable goal since I am retaining water right now :)

I'm in. Hoping to lose 7-8 lbs in five weeks so this is a good start. 

SW: 122-123

GW: 118

UGW: 115

Woo more groupies lol! We'll keep each other on track. I think if we stick at maybe 1200-1400 calories a day we'll all be beach babes in no time haha! (much easier said than done :D) If we say first weigh in Sunday morning. So no sarurday treats for me for the first time in a long time :( I'm sure it'll be worth it:) Going to carry some healthy snacks around with me in my bag so I'm not drawn to biscuits or bread when I'm out and about x

I'm shooting for 1300-1400 calories per day and I work out for at least an hour and a half at least five days per week. The last 5-10 pounds are so hard! They just don't want to budge! Looking forward to Sunday, although I'm sure I won't have lost any by then. Undecided

I'm a teen so I am shooting for 1800 daily sorry maybe we should calorie zig zag I used that and it worked great!
Might not get a loss to write home about by sunday but it will just keep us from cheating if we know the next weigh is only two or three days away each time:) Does that work then eating 1000 one day then 1200 the next ect. I've been super strict these last 5 days- between 700 and 1000 just to jump start but I'm gonna aim for 1300 for the next 3 weeks. It's the evenings I find hardest so I'm drinking loads of tea(green and normal) to keep me away from the food cupboard:D I don't exercise because I'm too lazy I guess (no point trying to make excuses) x
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I'm in. I need to start and get serious. I need help and motivation big time. I have gained 6 lbs in the last two weeks and I've been so down about it. Was doing good eating lots of veggies and such but I have fallen back into the bad food routine and eating late. I'm here to help and support all who need it but I need support as well. Lets do this!

CW- 136 GW-120 UGW-115 Height-5ft 4in.

I have the exact same goals.  Count me in!

CW: 126 GW: 120

Weigh Ins:

Sunday, June 18th: 126

Wednesday, June 20th: 124 (Progress!!!)

Count me in please I'm ready 3 weeks!!! 1200 cal/day CW- 267 GW - 259. :) it's possible!!!
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Count me in!!
Count me in too! Sarahmarieanna how tall are you because we have the exact same cw:144 gw:126
I'm in
I'm 5'11. 126 might be a bit ambitious for me but because I tend to go up and down if I got to 126 at least i would have a 5 or 6 pound leeway if I had a bad week here and there. I just bought loads of berry fruits for the next few days- I hear they are good for speeding up weight loss, let's see then shall we:D x

I am SO in!

SW 128

GW 124


That's ambitious enough for me! Going to stick to 1200 on weekdays and 1400 on weekends. Starting up weight training on Monday and also walk 1 hour to and from work. I will also weigh in on Wednesday/Thursday just to keep me in line!

Weigh ins:

Sunday June 17th:

Wed. June 20th:

Sunday June 24th:

Wed. June 27th:

Sunday July 1st:

Wed. July 4th:

Sunday July 8th:

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Went to the gym this morning :) did week 1 day 2 of C25K and 20 min on elliptical and will do my yoga/ Pilates tonight. I am eating no more than 1800 cals today :) how is everyone else doin?
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