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The rules to this game are simple:

1) You must answer with.. a question. No exclamations or statements are acceptable! Only questions!

2) There is NO.. Rule 2 :)

The question can be as twisted or convoluted as you like. :)

So, I'll start.

How are you all today?
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Exactly! Didn't we used to think that was Martha Stewart?

did my name cross your mind?

Was that you whispering it in my ear?

Why would stanbob need to be told he's perfect, doesn't he already think he is?WinkLaughing

Wow, was that a shot?

Should I repent and apologize, because I crossed the line?EmbarassedCry

If it was in the sand, wouldn't the tide have washed it away?

What if the sand was in a sandbox, would the line still be there?

Was it Sylvester's sandbox?

aren't you glad, that I don't take it personally?

So relievedCool, stanbob.

Are there lines in Sylvester's sandbox? Why?


Isn't that where he buried the perfect little tweetie bird? (Bwahahhaa!)

Wouldn't he have to outsmart that sneaky little bird first?

Wouldn't Granny have something to say about that first?

Does that involve her frying pan?

Is anyone still here?

Did you know I used to frequent this thread?

Would you like to dance with me?

Didn't I see you dancing in the play "Cats"?

Does the word 'no'ran anything?
How do you know their name is Kathy?
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