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April 25Th 6 week challenge final weigh in

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Most importantly this week I started a group for us, April 25Th 1 year challenge,  so come on over and join the group. We will be finished here after next weeks weigh in.

So everyone, it's week 5 time and here we go!

Ima80schick  +1.4

Ameylink73  -2

Girlfighting27 -1.6

no3mie  -1.1

eli1426  -1.3

And our biggest loosers so far this week,  Ameylink73  -2

congrats to all our loosers this week, total loss so far this week  4.6 lbs.

The grand total so far with last weeks 54.5 **** 59.1 lbs.**** and shrinking

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First off ladies, SORRY! I had a big gain this week 1.4 lbs, I didn't see it coming. I knew I wasn't going to loose this week but I really didn't expect the gain. As you all know todays my B-day, hence the challenge, yesterday was my daughters. So this week we had several out to eat meals, and a  blizard. I really think this is water retention from all the sodium rich food and an enourmous amount of dairy yesterday. Plus I didn't eat nearly enough fruits and veggies, or drink nearly enough water. I stuck to it with the gym every other day with at least cardio if not weights, and I thought that would keep me ballanced. Today is my actual b-day though this has been a week of celebration. I am going to continue to enjoy it, finish of the half a mexican platter I couldn't get through at dinner last night, an extra big coffee, and some chocolate covered strawberries fpor desert, and I am going to be ok with it. I did well through all the holidays this year, and 30 is a little bitter sweet for me, so torture over, I'm going to enjoy my birthday, indulge and spend some extra time at the gym this week. Sarah

SW: 170


LW (actually 2 weeks ago): 165

TW: 163

Well, thank goodness for good friends.  A week of vacation and I am down 2 lbs.  My friend made me eat well and walk every day:)  I am geared up for a year of progress!

Sarah, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your week!  After all your progress, you deserve it.  You are so close and, no doubt, will be back on track in no time. Also, I hope you enjoy 30:)  I loved every minute of it.  Now, 31 was a little more difficult:)

Thanks Amey, good work to you! I feel very positive about 30, so excited! Thanks, Sarah

3/14: 174.2 lbs

3/21: 172.6 lbs (-1.6)

3/28: 170.8 lbs (-1.8)

4/4: 170.2 lbs (-.4)

4/11: 168.8 lbs (-1.4)

4/18: 166.6 lbs (-2.2)

4/25: 165.0 lbs (-1.6)

total lost: -9.4 lbs!! yay!!

I think I did pretty good! Now to keep it going!!

Thanks, My birthday was amazing spent the whole day with family, and a dinner out with the hubby.

I normally only weigh in on Sundays, but I couldn't help but jump on this morning to see what damage was done with yesterday. I am down a lb. from Sunday already, I am certain it was all the dairy, I have trouble digesting it. I am Pretty good about eating  small portions, especially when I go out. My Mexican platter was dinner that night, breakfast with a banana and lunch with a salad the next day, eating this is why I think how could I have really gained, especially with all the workouts. Glad I hopped on, I feel better already! Sarah

girl fighting27, Hell yea you did! over 9 lbs in 6 weeks! Thats 1.5+ lbs a week amazing, you roack! Sarah

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No3mie, Thanks it was the best birthday I could have asked for! Also give your self a little more credit, you have had it tough all the way through this 6 week challenge, and managed to loose over 5 lbs. You deserve a pat on the back! We all do! We've been putting a lot of effort into bettering ourselves and we deserve to feel fantastic about it! Sarah

Well, my birthday came and went as well and somehow I managed to lose a little!  Last week I was 176.9, this week 175.6.  1.3lbs lost:)  I'm looking forward to keeping up with everyone over the next year!  I don't always have time to write,  but I do read everyday.  Congratulations everyone - you all have made amazing progress!

Happy B-day, to you! congrats on the loss! Sarah

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