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What's the best Lean Cuisine/ Smart Ones

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I know alot of people on here probably eat them and I was just wondering what everyone's favorite one was......?

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most lean cuisines are good

my university only has about 6 different ones, but i enjoy the beef with soy for only 200 calories..although it got old after 2-3 times.

i find that theres SO many that you could probably eat a new one every day for a few months before repeating, unless you're very picky
People advise Amy's forzen meals for a better taste and nutrition. keep in mind they are PACKED with sodium and most contain trans fat. If you wanna eat some, just have them once a day.

I find for somehting so "low in fat" and "high in sodium" they taste kinda bland but not salty enough! Everyone has different tastes. I think it woudl be easier to nuke some rice a chicken and sprinkle with herbs, but that's just me :D
I luve the Lean Cusine Panini's, Lemongrass chicken and there is a also a peanut chicken noodle dish I love.
I like to get the Weight Watchers Sante Fe Chicken and wrap it in the La Tortilla Factory Low Fat/ low carb whole wheat tortillas.  I do wish packaged foods wasn't so high in salt.  With my working and work out schedule there is nothing I would like more than to come home and just pop in a microwave dinner but my sodium intake is too high to begin with! 

I like WW lasagne and ravioli.  I don't care much for most lean cusine stuff and most of the south beach taste like its the sand from the beach

I like most health choice
i personally like lean cuisine more...they both make very similar stuff...and if i eat the exact same from lean cuisine and one from smartones...i usually like the lean cuisine ones better...and i agree with kittykatz...i love their paninis too...and their chicken carbonara (my co-worker said the LC one tastes A LOT better than the WW one)...also...LC's mashed potatoes have more texture to it while WW's mashed potatoes are more like watered down...
I have to agree, I think Lean Cuisines taste better than Smart Ones. And also that South Beach are not so great (especially the breakfast burritos, I had to cover it in hot sauce just to cram it down!)      &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp; 
My favorite smart ones are the ziti marinara, lasagna, cheese pizza and the ravioli. Lean cuisine- sesame chicken, baked chicken, vegetable egg roll and the pizzas
I absolutely live on LC roasted chicken with lemon pepper fettuccini. It's sooooo good. My roommate loves the ziti with marinara sauce. I also really like Lean Pockets chicken parm if I want something quick and travel-able.
The LC are better, my favorite is the chicken in basil cream sauce, but smart ones has a chicken enchilada suiza that is so yummy!
Love Lean cuisine but find them higher in cals than smart ones. Love the new Brick oven style BBQ Chix Pizza. I eat one of those everyday for lunch. Smart ones have really good frozen deserts and their thai chix and rice noodles. Those are my favorite I e3at a little of LC, SO, Healthy choice, and South Beach Diests. Just whatever sounds and looks good at the time.
They are all too salty for my taste.  I get a Healthy Choice entree once in a while, if they are on sale, but then I have to limit sodium for the rest of the day.  Sodium is the first thing I look at on the label.
the new spa varieties of lean cuisine are excellent. I also keep a couple comfort classics like mac and cheese and mashed potatos and turkey for those cravings. I must say, I was so happy when stouffors (who makes lean cuisine) cut out preservatives as well.  I like amys as well but amys has a lot more calories.  She has great veggi lasagna though and now its in low sodium as well.
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chicken carbonara,spagetti w/meat sauce,lazagna w/meatsauce chicken fettecini,chicken parmesan for LC's

healthy choice delux french bread pizza and the chicken fettecini are good as well.
Chicken Carbonara... Yep I love it
Smart Ones has better vegetarian options - I like their Santa Fe Rice and Beans the best.
I love Lean Cuisine! I had the Garlic Chicken Pizza which was really good. Also the Southwest Chicken Panini was awesome!! It was actually toasty, which was a surprise.
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I think the Cabonara (LC) is WAY too salty! Yuck!

My faves so far are:

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;          Mac & Beef (LC)

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;          Chicken Scaloppini & Lasagna (LC)

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;          Fiesta Chicken & Santa fe beans & rice (LC)

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;          Turkey w. Stuffing &  Sweet potatoes (LC)

 and the Veggie Lasagna (Weight Watchers) isn't bad.

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;          
I'm a lover of the Healthy Choice brand. <3

The nutritional facts are all reasonable (even sodium) and their complete meals are AWESOME. They even come with a desert I'd usually consider off limits. They're usually in the 300 cal. range and most of them come with a serving of vegetables.
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The Lean Cuisine mushroom spinach pizza is my favorite pizza in the world!!  It tastes so bad for you....It's great!
I really like LC Chicken Fettucini, and S1's Macaroni and Cheese... I usually have a frozen meal for lunch in the afternoons at work, but as mentioned before, if you're counting sodium, just beware.  Lots of sodium in these little packages.
Smart Ones:
  • Adobo Style Chicken
  • Homestyle Chicken & Green Beans
  • Turkey Medallions & Gravy
  • Tuna Gratin
  • Salisbury Steak & Mac n' Cheese

Lean Cuisine:
  • Spaghetti With Meat Sauce
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