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Turkey Bacon - do some brands taste better?

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I was going to try it but am suspicious of the taste and with different brands, wasnt sure which to give a try.  Any preferences over brands of turkey bacon?
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I prefer the Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon.  I've tried others and particularly don't like the Jennie-O.  The good news is my kids and husband don't even like real bacon anymore and prefer turkey bacon.  In fact, they refer to it as 'pig' bacon! :)

i agree with the post above me.  i really disliked the Jennie-O brand.  I like the Oscar Mayer and Butterball is pretty good but kind of salty.

I also like the Oscar Mayer "center cut" bacon when I want the real bacon taste.  It actually has better stats than some of the turkey bacon that i have seen out there, but the pieces are tiny.

I'm not a big fan of turkey bacon... just because i dont think it taste like regular bacon what-so-ever, i eat expecting.. "YUM BACON" and get something that doesn't taste like it at all.. .lol soooooo i just advoid using it.

Im so glad I asked - they were all reasonably low cal but the Jennie-O was quite a bit lower then the others so I was about to take it when I started questioning if there might be a taste issue since this is already a play on the taste of bacon. 
Yes, there's DEFINITELY a difference. Jennie-O is especially dry. Butterball is low-cal, so for me that makes up for the fact that it isn't amazing. It does taste pretty damn good though. Taste-wise, my favorite is Louis Rich.

I'll have to look for the other brands.  I think the kind I had was the Jennie-O, it was terrible.  It was thick and rubbery and was colored weird to make it have red and whitish stripes to look like the meat and fat of real bacon.  I like my bacon to be thin and crispy.

I eat the precooked microwavable bacon now, it's only 70 calories for 3 slices, and it cures my bacon cravin' for now.



If you're going for "thin & crispy," I definitely suggest the turkey bacon by Butterball. It's called something along the lines of "extra thin & crisp" or something haha. Not sure exactly how it's worded, but check it out.
It's yummy too.

I like Jenny-O the best tasting to me....

well, i'm just not a fan of frie dfat of the regualr bacon, and growing up a vegatarian made me really picky when i did starting eating meat as an adult.  I have tried them all, but wehne it comes to quality and quantity, you dont want one piece that will be 60 calories!  Go to Whole Foods and pick up a pack of the Turkey peppered Bacon by wellshire Farms,  you will find it along with the regualr stuff.  This bacon is 98% fat free and is 35 calories per slice.  And two slices is a pretty good serving size for me!  I love it, and buy a few packs at a time.  THey are about $4.99 a pack.

I don't like eating any pork.  I love turkey bacon.  Even my picky, critical daughter buys it now. 

Just tried Butterball brand and sort of like the Oscar Mayer better I think.

I don't like Jenny O brand in anything!

Butterball is a good brand.  :)


i prefer the butterball turkey bacon to Oscar Mayer, for some reason the oscar mayer gets this processed smell to it when i cook it.


You should try turkey sausage. One or 1/2 a link is enough for breakfast and one of the big links is just over 100 calories. there really good with eggs.

May 16 2008 14:54
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I just started eating some Jimmy Dean I got on a closeout for 49 cents a package.  Tastes OK for the price paid, and at 25 cals per slice it's not a diet-breaker.  But man is it loaded with salt.
Elizabeth, Ive always really liked sausage far over bacon so you might have something there with turkey sausage. 

Good point about the salt - definitely would be an occasional item for me as the scale knows when Ive salted up my diet.
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