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I'm new to buying pomegranates but lately, I'm crazy about eating them in a variety of ways.

Last weekend, I picked up a pomegranate at a regular grocery store. The outside looked normal (not bruised or discoloured) but when I cracked into it, 2/3 of the seeds were brown and mushy! So upsetting.

Can anyone tell me how I can determine if the seeds have not gone bad BEFORE I crack it open? Also, I usually buy organic produce except for items that have thick skins (ie: squash, bananas, melons, etc, I buy conventional and non-organic). This pomegranate was not organic... maybe it makes a difference?

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In addition to flat or discoloured areas, the presence of any flat spots usually mean portions of it have gone bad. Other than that, you want to find the largest, reddest and heaviest pomegranate to get the most "best" seeds.

Well, from my past experience, when I bought the poms in the 'cheaper or discount' grocery store they were often bad, and when I paid more at the 'fancier' stores, they were fine.  But yeah, watch for soft spots and other than that I'm not much help.

it's better to buy organic bananas their not sprayed with sulfur

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