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My goodness... I kept analyzing, and re-vamping my dinner for tonight because I couldn't figure out where all of the sodium was coming from.  I substituted egg whites for the one whole egg I was going to use (in addition to egg whites already) and realized that in one cup of egg whites there is 400mg Sodium! 

Anyone else feel like you can't win, that when you find something "good" you then find that there is a big down side. 

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Do you mean those awful egg-whites in a box?....  But don't worry, because you already found the thing that's really 'good' for you.  Whole eggs!  Fresh, healthy, ready-packaged and the yolk contains natural antioxidants that help lower cholesterol.  ;-)

It's just a gripe about finding balance I guess - if I have whole eggs, I end up with the fat (which I'm trying to keep lower) and if I have egg whites, I have no fat, but tonnes of sodium!  It feels like I can't win.

Hi Meima, keep in mind that a cup of egg whites is a lot!  There are only 55 mg of sodium in one egg white, which is 2% of your daily recommended allowance.  As long as you eat no more than five or six egg whites at a time (a bunch!), you'll be totally fine.  Heck, even if you eat more than that at a time, you'll still be ok.  Eggs are great, I always have some in the kitchen.

i was gonna say!! there like no sodium in eggs! i think youve got your calculations wrong :)

i eat at least one egg a day to get my fats up actually. it turns out my fat intake is (very surprisingly) too low! go figure...

Did you use an egg white from a real egg or a carton of egg beaters? Egg beaters add salt. Egg whites alone are low sodium.

Oh, I think of eggs as the perfect food.  I love them fixed in so many different ways.  My down fall is cheese.  I love cheese on them.  I am lucky that I have friends that have chickens, so I have a free source.  I think that makes them even more appealling!

I use the packaged egg whites, but not egg beaters... just the plain egg whites, nothing added... which is why I thought that was weird - I KNEW regular eggs didn't have that much sodium.

I adore eggs, and I'm eating them as my main protein at dinner which is why I'm eating like a cup and a quarter of egg whites w/ broccoli mixed in. mmm

You could always separate your own eggs. If you don't like the idea of throwing out the yolks you can make a pound cake or something with them. That's what my mom used to do. Use 2 yolks in substitue for a whole egg if you recipe doesn't already call for yolks on their own.

You could then feed the cake to others so you don't have to eat it! (I usually take stuff to work and it gets wolfed in minutes! Hungry engineers!) Or better yet, cut it into reasonable servings and freeze. Then you'll always have a little bit of cake to go with your fruit or something for a treat.

She used to also make us custard! YUM! You could do that if you have kids to cook for and it's way better that instant pudding in flavour and lack of preservatives. Of course everything in moderation...

I also read that you can mix a little sugar or salt (to stabalize them) with the yolks and freeze them for later use. This must be why they add salt to the ones in the carton.

Anything packaged usually has to include some preservative (salt) in order to give it a shelf-life.....  Given that whole eggs have excellent shelf-life quite naturally, I've never seen the point of buying them in boxes

Yes, fresh egg whites have sodium.  Most foods from animals do. 

Egg Whites, raw, fresh

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Too much sodium can result in your body retaining water.  Potassium intake should be twice sodium intake as it helps the body eliminate excess sodium and water.  I started using the website "Calorie Count" in order to try to lose 50 pounds.  I discovered my sodium way out of whack (like over 4,500 mg when it should have been maxed at 1,300) and my potassium at like 300 when it should have been 4,000.  Surprisingly to me, I wasn't taking in enough "fat".  Readjusting my diet has resulted in losing close to 20 pounds so far and feeling like I'm eating more than ever.  My point is - eat the whole eggs and not anything packaged in a box.  The sodium in packaged foods is outrageous and should be outlawed.  I've come to the conclusion that sodium has been my problem all along and not fat at all.  And I don't think I'm alone.

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