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How many ounces in a deli slice....?

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I often get cheese and meat at the Whole Foods Deli.  I usually get my meat thin/medium many ounces do you think is in a slice? Or how many ounces are in 2-3 slices??  Any guesses?

As for cheese, I usually use 1 piece of deli sliced cheese on a sandwich....this is usually normally many ounces would you think is in 1 slice?

 I don't have a food weigher yet so I really appreciate your help! Smile

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It's a very hard question to answer, without seeing the slices in question.  A slice of my fat free cheddar cheese is about 21 grams (there are 28 grams to an ounce), I guess you could take one of your slices and eyeball it to guess if it is much over or under that.

    But rough guessing is all you will be doing.  Really, I recommend getting a digital scale.  I got mine at walmart for around $20 if I recall, and it's made a world of difference in portion control. 

When I get deli meat I ask for 3/4 pound (which is 12 ounces) and divide that by 4 so I know a sandwich will have 3 oz of deli meat (would really like 6 b/c I like the meat and cheese and not really the bread so I compromise with 3).
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It's going to depend on the slices.  Some prepackaged deli meats are actually 2 or 3 slices to the ounce, as I recall.  The easiest thing to do might be to look at the weight on the package and divide by the number of slices in the package.  This assumes they put the weight on the package, I'm assuming you buy the deli meats by weight.
Yes, I buy them by weights. Its difficult to seperate all the meat slices because they are thinnly sliced and break apart usually when I try to pull them apart. I will try to get a food scale this week though. Thanks everyone!
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