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Negative Calories

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Hey everyone, I don't know how popular the Negative Calorie diet is, and if anyone heard of it. I just download an ebook, and just wanted to share with you... Ok for those of you that dont know what Negative calories food is... For example if you eat an apple the apple is 80 calories but to digest the apple its 100 calories which puts you at -20 calories. Here is a few to start u off with.

Veggies - Artichokes, Asparagus, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Endive, Lettuce, Peas, Spinach

Fruit - Apricots, Cantaloupe, figs, grapefruit, Huckleberries, Mangoes, Oranges, Pineapple

Meat - Abalone Clams, Crab, Flounder, Mussels, Shrimp

If anyone is interested in more just let me know... I'll be happy to help....
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I find it a little hard to believe that pineapple is on the list.

I've heard of this before, and some of it makes sense, but I've also heard the 'eat a bowl of really cold ice cream because your body has to heat it up first before digestion'

I can see it being true of any fibery greens, as fiber is passed right through and detracts from the calories. But I can't see everything on that list working right, or people would have stopped eating them long ago!

I just can't see it working. I know when I eat an apple on an empty stomach, I can feel the sugar going through my body. If that's the case, then its being used (and going into the system).
yeah i dont know if i buy it either. The only one i truly would believe is celery. cuz it's mostly water, and difficult-to-digest fiberous material. and it's not even on your list....sooo..........i dunno, maybe, but i'm gonna stick with a balanced diet and exercise regime. It's worked so far.
I know I've read that about apple's somewhere. .. but I didn't know there was a WHOLE diet deticated to it. That's interesting :)
where is christins??? She posted on this a while back with lots of info. Do a search for the negative calories, look back 30 days. She had lots of info!
actually this does work and I'll try to explain it. It isn't that the foods dont' go into your system. Yes, the sugar from that apple goes into your body as energy you're correct, but your body still has to burn more than that amount of calories to digest the fiber in that apple. It's not saying that you dont' get the food into your body at all. All foods have soluble and insoluble matter etc. Fiber "goes through" but nutrients, sugars etc go into the blood stream. The body though has to process teh fiber of the apple, and the processing of the food causes your body to spend energy (calories) to do so. In some cases the body has to spend more energy processing the food than is in the actual food hence the somewhat confusing term "negative calories"

Hope that makes sense. I posted a couple months ago a very comprehensive list of Neg calorie foods. Some of these were not on there so maybe we can combine the lists and research them a bit.

now Im interested in the meats.....
Just wanted to add that these foods are all part of a balanced healthy diet, but in no way would I advocate anyone trying to eat only "negative calorie" foods. All of them are good for you, but we also need other things in a healthy diet.

One little trick for a negative calorie food is if you overdo it one day a little on fat etc you can eat an apple if you are hungry later on in the day and it isn't going to hurt, the apple may actually help rid the system of soem of the extra calories you ate as you process it.

then wouldn't it be a good idea to say eat an apple before you go to bed??? help breakdown things while you sleep or am I missing the point
I would say that you wouldn't have to have an apple before bed, but yeah, if you are hungry at night and want something nutritious that isn't going to sabotage you by all means eat that apple :) It may even help with the other stuff, but even if it doesn't, it won't hurt you and the are healthy :)
I found a review of the diet here egative-calorie-diet/

I think I should highlight this part :

The Negative Calorie diet ?? Against:

* No scientific proof to confirm its effectiveness
* Very little information surrounding diet
* More theoretical than practical

The other thing is, it seems that you have to eat anything on the list completly raw - which would be okay for most fruits, but not all veggies. I think any meat is off the list, and I couldn't find one that included meat, or fish.
The concept of negative calories is feasible and it might work for some people - but only in the way that you will actually find a few foods which consumption produces a slight net calorie deficit or at least no weight gain. So, in theory, if you only ate negative calories foods, you would end up with no (or even negative) calorie intake, and all of your calorie expenditure would count towards weight loss.

In real life, the foods that allow this are not sufficient for a balanced diet, and you will end up with an deficit far below your expectations. I should add that I don't quite believe every single number published regarding the amount of negative calories for each one of the negative calories foods. This number depends on the individual's metabolism, and most of us are here because our metabolisms are not the best burners. So take those numbers with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, eating apples is and will always be a good idea ;)
lisa here is one of the list we were talking about
yes it!! thanks :)
I would think your body would be required to burn calories in order to digest any foods. Just like how takes more energy to consume cold water than warm water... but the amound of calories that that translates is so small that it really doesnt matter....

I know my stomic goes through a lot of stress to digest milky things like cheese and cream... so I would think that right there would require a lot of calories, but to use that as a way of justifying eating pizza just seem silly to me.
here are some other negitive calorie foods.

beet greens
brussels sprouts
buffalo fish
chinese cabbage
dandelion greens
frog legs
green beans
logan berries
musk melons
mustard greens
parsley leaves
red cabbage
sea bass
string beans
thanks for the list, but I still urge anyone to realize that it really only applies if you don't cook any of the items, and I'm still not convinced on the fish, as it's generally easily digested.

You have to eat all this stuff raw for it to even work, and its still not scientifically proven. Everything takes energy to digest, and I think it would mess up the calculation of the average daily calories you burn just by being a warm body.

I'm going with the well-balanced diet, and eating a balance of protein, fats and carbs. A person can't subside on just negative calorie items, even if it works. Everyone knows its good to eat salads and raw apples and stuff anyway, so I will do that, but if anyone is thinking of just eating raw fruits and veggies as a diet, I urge them to reconsider..
I don't think anyone is suggesting using only negative calorie foods as one's only source of nutrition. However all of the foods on the list are healthy foods and can be incorporated into a well-balanced diet. I eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies, many of them from this list and I feel great. The nutrients provided by raw fruits and veggies alone are reasons to incorporate them :) Also most are very low calorie and make great snacks :)

For the person who has problems with the dairy being hard to digest, that could be a food intolerance and you may want to consider possibly organic milk (which tastes better and is easier to digest) or products made for those who are lactose intolerant. It might help :) I love organic milk! I can't sing its praises enough. It costs more, but it lasts longer and we don't drink it really a lot except for on cereal or in cooking. :)
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hey, does anyone know the actual negative calorie amounts for foods?  I got the food list but it doesn't say.  Also can you use the negative food diet if you want to maintain weight?  Like eat enough carrots you can have a peice of cake?  Thanks!!
I completely agree with Igor on this one; there's no way to scientifically test its use, either. The concept is feasible, but that doesn't mean that it's 100% true.

Plus, I can't see anybody consuming enough of something to lose lots of calories, or if they did, it wouldn't be healthy. So I think cake might be out of the question, unfortunately. XP
How should one cook the cod for it to be negative? 
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