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I cant find moonshine or everclear in the food search. I know, I'm a crazy hillbilly, whatever. But, it's nearly pure alcohol, so it's not contaminated with unneeded calories, right? Anyone know how many calories are in one ounce of pure alcohol? (It's good in lemonade crystal light) Laughing

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Something like vodka would be close enough.

from a drink site I found this about Everclear:

"A one- ounce (30 ml) serving has an astounding 95 percent alcohol (190 proof) and 190 calories with no protein, carbs, or fat."

A couple of weeks ago I also found an article that suggested that the alcohol itself does not encourage weight gain--it is the extra ingredients. 

So I don't know enough about how the body absorbs the calories from Everclear or moonshine to know if a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, please...but isn't moonshine made with corn meal, sugar and malt? Aren't there alot of calories in these ingredients?

I'm only asking for curiosity's husband's uncle used to make his own Dego Red ~ totally different, I know, lol ~ but still...

Yep she's right on the everclear. 190 calories per OUNCE. You can't get away from alcohol calories. Alcohol is a carb.

Sep 06 2009 19:17
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Whiskey and rye have a long history as a way to preserve grain carbohydrates for long periods of time.  The alcohol (ethanol) isn't a carb, but you treat it the same.  cc foods lists neat alcohol (or 100 proof) as 4 calories per gram, or 82 calories to the ounce.  I don't know why everclear would be so much higher than that.

Even though fermenting preserves the carbs, it doesn't make a very good rates it an F.  And while the body processes it differently than it would a carb, a calorie is still a calorie.  There are enough beer and wine guts around to prove this.....

Original Post by gi-jane:

Something like vodka would be close enough.

HEY! Don't compare moonshine to Vodka!


Original Post by thhq:

  cc foods lists neat alcohol (or 100 proof) as 4 calories per gram, or 82 calories to the ounce.  I don't know why everclear would be so much higher than that.


 Because everclear is 190 proof, not 100 proof. Far higher alcohol content.

pilgrimdude's estimate on Everclear sounds about right. Moonshine is different, though. Since the distilling process is not standardized, you can wind up with different proofs in different batches. To get a rough estimate, you can take a small amount (like one metal spoonfull) and check to see if it is flammable. If it burns, it is over 100 proof. If it doesn't, it is under.

Sep 09 2009 20:34
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You're right, buck.  Duh.  Not only was I wrong about proof (200 is neat alcohol), I was wrong about calories.  Pure alcohol is 7 calories per gram (or about 180 calories per ounce), not 4 calories per gram like carbs or protein.  Even though it's made from carbs, the fermentation raises the concentration of calories, so it's closer to the calories of a fat. 

Wine gut??  LOL. Maybe if you drink port or silly sickly sweet wines. There is no such thing as a wine gut if you drink DRY red wine. Simply impossible.

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