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Low carb/high protein foods??

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I'm in college... so it's REALLY hard to find fish and eggs/egg whites. I know those are 2 low carb/high protein foods. But are there any others I can get easily??? Im trying to have less than 100g of carbs and at least 50g of protein. thanks so much! 

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Protein shakes chicken, tuna, turkey, any meat, nuts, beans, legumes, milk, peanut butter, almond butter, lentils tofu, tvp, tempeh. Carbs are not your enemy they are your energy.

Thanks so much! And I know, but I'm doing this 10 day thing where I eat less than 100g of carbs and at least 50g of protein.

don't forget dairy products!

Best sources: cottage cheese and greek yogurt

Hard to find eggs? That seems odd. Even on college meal plans when I was in school there was an omlet bar and eggs avaible at breakfast.

Meat- but if eggs are hard to find why would meat be easier?

Tofu- but once again if eggs hard to find no chance of tofu

Edemame- but harder to find then eggs



Well I don't go to breakfast in the morning cuz the way they have it set up is ridiculous. I'm in there for 45 minutes trying to get eggs cuz there's only 2 ppl there cooking for a ton of students. So I usually just eat something in my dorm room. They have chopped up eggs on the salad bar for lunch sometimes but that's about it.

Do you have a fridge? Microwave, or cofee maker in your dorm room?

If fridge+ microwave ( scrambled eggs  or eggbeaters in a bowl)

If fridge+ coffee maker only you can make hard boiled eggs in a coffee maker Actually in some countries people do not put eggs in the fridge so they are good at rt for a week  or so

If fridge you can have some turkey or meat of some such just deli meat


But isn't I bad to cook eggs in the microwave? I heard it makes the food lose a lot of its nutrional value. And yea, that's a good idea. I'll keep deli meat in my fridge. (:

Microwaves do not cause food to lose nutritional value that is a myth.


Do pam your coffee mug or bowl as otherise hard to get the baked on egg off.


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The low carbs , high protien for 10 days is another big diet forget it..

I tried it all before..Atkins, tried carbs only, low calories only etc etc..all myths..I have since found that trying to reduce the carbs only means should reduce refined carbs..i.e junk food, breads, white rice, health and junk food mars bars etc etc..The real key to sustainable weight loss is eating as much veges as you want + as much protien ..meat, fish etc as you want and fruits..noting fruits is only before 730 PM..and then doing regular exercise..I started with 5 minutes and added 1 to 2 minutes a 2 months you are then doing more than an hour and burning real will then see change whoever you are!

The real , only truth..which is always in fine print on ll diet books  is everything comes down to exercise for a long term result!

Its the main factor,.Hope this is useful..Note I am on Calorie count as its also good to save calories to below 2000 a day..but by eating good mixed foods..vegies galore, meats, fish, chicken, fruit etc..anything not processed basically

Extra lean Ground turkey!!!!! 130 cals 0 carbs 27g protein 1.5 g fat
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I love these egg mug recipes. Takes 2 minutes to make. Do use a non-stick spray in the mug and a LARGE mug to avoid spill over. 56

If for some reason the link doesn't work go to the hungry girl website and search on egg mug recipes at

I usually use egg beaters, vegetarian ground sausage, and laughing cow light cheese. It's really yummy and filling.



If you want an easy way to eat eggs, just boil a few and grab one in the morning.  That way you can eat the whole egg when you want and just the white on other days.  Don't be afraid of the yolk.  Eggs are not the cholesterol enemy they were purported to be just a few years ago.  The yolk is where you get so much of your protein. 

Original Post by gregccox:

If you want an easy way to eat eggs, just boil a few and grab one in the morning.  That way you can eat the whole egg when you want and just the white on other days.  Don't be afraid of the yolk.  Eggs are not the cholesterol enemy they were purported to be just a few years ago.  The yolk is where you get so much of your protein. 

Both the egg whites & yolks have protein, the whites have about 15% more protein than the yolks. 

I like to buy the egg whites in a carton and add some to an egg when I cook an egg for breakfast.

Thanks for all the ideas guys! I guess I could buy a carton of egg whites and make them in the microwave in the morning in my dorm. And I'm still getting carbs! I just don't want them from breads or anything. I'm getting them from fruit and veggies and protein bars and stuff. I'm just doing this for 10 days just to try it out. Then I'll go back to eating whole grains (: I'm still getting almost 150-200g of carbs so it's not like I'm not getting any. I just need ways to get more protein!

I'm trying to get more protein as well. I agree - it's not always easy! Here's a list someone sent me:  There are even some veggies on there. And I'm definitely going to up my mushroom intake now.

Good luck!

On a super low carb diet like that, your protein needs to be way over 50g or else you're going to be drinking oil to make up for your calorie needs. Which is hard. I get ~120 carbs/day, eat protein @ every meal. Yeah, it's a bank breaker, but at least I still have my muscle mass.

On the cheap:

Canned tuna/albacore

Sardines - Fresh ones $1.98/pound, cans 1.50/each


Chicken thighs - These things are $1/pound these days!

Extra fatty ground beef, like 70/30

Fattier cuts of pork are ranging 2-3.50$/pound around here


Yeah, low carb is fabulous for weight loss, it is, but 50g of protein is way too little. Just make a point to have meat & veg at every meal, preferably 5-6 just so you can keep your energy up, because there's hardly any carbs for energy. Protein shakes are helpful indeed, mix with some full fat coconut milk and flaxseed meal you're full. Let's say a can of protein powder is $30, given 50 servings so that's .60/shake. Just as cheap as tuna. Personally, when I low low carb, I get 50-60% fat, 30-40% protein, 10-20% carbs. It works, you just can't really exercise other than slow walks. And yes, the first week is going to be miserable on trying to think - just a heads up. But after that, it works works.

I ussually eat a breakfast sandwich on flat bread at Subway for $3 which includes a cup of Seattle's best coffee (made by Starbucks). I get the egg whites with 2 strips of bacon and shredded cheese with loads of veggies including spinach. The calorie count is about 400 and the bacon is not that healthy but adds greatly to the tase. I get the protien and a good start on veggies:)

If you have access to a grocery store, many sell hard boiled eggs in the deli section. Just eat the egg whites if you're trying to avoid the yolks. They may be a little pricier, but it's worth avoiding 45 minutes in the cafeteria! I'm a recent college grad so I know exactly where you're coming from.

Or, track down a stove on campus (dorm kitchen, friend's apartment or house), buy a dozen eggs, and hard boil them all for the upcoming week.

All the meats are good sources of protein, but sometimes nothing beats eggs in the morning!

how about more suggestions for a vegan, got the soy products, nuts,etc but trying to get more protein and i am sure i am missing something thanks

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