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Generally how much honey should I eat daily?

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I really REALLY love honey.

I normally eat one tbsp of raw organic honey with oatmeal for breakfast, and maybe 2-3 more later on in the day with toast or more oats. I know one tbsp of the honey I use has around 17 g of sugar per serving, and my daily recommended intake is 40-ish g. However, I also eat a lot of fruit (2-3 green apples or banana daily). Is it bad that I eat so much honey, as well as getting such a high sugar intake from my fruit?

I am afraid to put on weight, but I love honey and don't want to give it up as a condiment. :(

Age: 17

Daily calorie intake: 1100-ish

Height: 5'2 (petite)

Weight: the scale says 106, but I think I am really 110 or something similar.

Also, I like to mix sugar free maple flavored syrup in my oats sometimes, specifically Cary's syrup. Sometimes my syrup intake totals over 1/2 a cup every day if I don't use honey. Is that also bad?

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The bare minimum for a teenage girl is 1500 for weight loss.  If you are trying to maintain, you need to eat a lot more.

Since you eat honey, I am surprised you don't eat real maple syrup when you eat syrup.  Both are natural sugars.  According to the site World's Healthiest Foods, honey and real maple syrup are healthy, when consumed in moderation.  I eat honey and maple syrup in my oatmeal, and I always use honey or maple syrup in all baking I do that calls for granulated sugar.  Both honey and maple syrup have 50 calories per tablespoon.  Most of the time, we benefit from following the adage of all foods in moderation.

Someone else could advise you on how much sugar you should take in daily (natural from honey and fruit); in my opinion, if you limit yourself to around 3 tablespoons of honey a day, you should be fine.

Natural sugars in fruits and honey (and maple syrup) can be healthy for most of us in moderation.

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