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have you ever eaten an -entire- chocolate bar?

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I had a delicious green & black organic 60% dark chocolate bar and ate the whole thing today. (: I'm glad it had a high cocoa content, but there was so much saturated fat! and sugar.

I didn't eat it in one sitting, but I kept it near my desk so I kept breaking off pieces every few hours. (now i know better though. keeping chocolate in the pantry from now on...)

I am a 15y/old 5'4 female, not sure of my weight but I think its 114/115.. usually eat 2300-2500cals/day (I am a long-distance runner; 3-5miles 6 days a week)

So far (chocolate bar included) I've eaten about 2000cals, so I can still have a full dinner. (I'm not sure if I have room for it though. The chocolate actually feels very heavy in my stomach right now even though it doesn't look bloated.) ..but my fat intake ended up being 70grams - 30% of my intake already... then again, I did have smoked salmon and 2 tbsp of peanut butter so that might have added a few grams of fat. I also had 264g carbs (a lot from sugar ): ). What a striking number, haha...


kashi go lean crisp cereal 1cup

banana/.5 apple/.5 orange


1 tbsp black sesame seeds

2 tbsp peanut butter w/ omega 3

smoked salmon sandwich + 1 tbsp cream cheese

green&blacks organic dark cherry choco bar (whole bar)

mini organic cupcake

1 cup low fat milk

ahhhhh i didnt eat any veggies today. hefty veggie dinner for me (: planning to have a nice big bowl of vegetable curry + lean turkey.

i probably ate over 50g of sugar today. ill try to cut back a little tomorrow.

Have you ever eaten a whole chocolate bar? (: what flavor/brand was it? what tempted you to eat the whole thing?

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I don't think I have, a friend or 2 ends up robbing me of it. But I've eaten twice as much peanut butter alone in one sitting to equal up to about 2 chocolate bars. What tempted me? I was just snacking mindlessly while watching was back when I thought I could eat as much PB as I wanted, thinking it was unbelievably healthy, though.

And you say you ate a lot of sugar, I don't think the natural sugar from fruit really counts!

Yes, on many occasions I have eaten large chocolate bars.

I love eating most things chocolate.  So I am tempted every so often just because I like chocolate.

Some that I have eaten in the last few months:

  • Hershey's Symphony toffee bar
  • Lindt's dark chocolate bar
  • Ghirardelli's dark chocolate bar
  • Wonka's Domed Chocolate bar
  • Wonka's Chocolate Waterfall bar
  • et al

I've never felt guilty eating one; I just make sure I eat them in moderation -- most of the time.  LOL

Yes, usually when I eat a chocolate bar I eat the whole bar. To be honest I don't see a problem with that as long as its not a daily thing. My favorite chololate bar is Hershey's cookies n creme! Yumm..

I love Green and Black chocolate!! especially the really dark.

mmmmm, also love endangered species, the "bug bites" are good in dark for packing lunch!

I don't eat that much of it at one time though, generally 1/3 or 14 of a bar with a 1/2 glass of dark red wine.

I have eaten a whole one but it was poor quality dark chocolate, hersheys or something. The better brands satisfy me with less.

amyandjesusforever: oh i didnt count the sugar from fruit but the chocolate bar itself was 30g sugar, plus the little cupcake i had was 11g, and the kashi cereal had 12. so thats 53g refined sugar o:

shane_paladin: ooh i had the wonkas doomed too! i didnt win a golden ticket ); i feel a little guilty but i knew it would fit my calorie range so i went ahead anyways. but then i looked at the fat content and thought... uh-oh, this isnt something i should really do too often. youre right, moderation! moderation is everything. (:

jvanderwoude: ooh cookies & creme. heeeaven. im pretty sure thats white chocolate so i would definitely feel guilty eating that (if it was the whole bar), knowing it doesnt have any cocoa content :/ but taste-wise it definitely beats dark chocolate.

lasmith86: green and black chocolate definitely holds more health benefits than non-organic chocolate. however, like you said, i have a feeling that if i got a more rich and savory kind (lindt maybe) i would have been satisfied on less. i guess in my mind i said, the heck with it, its saturday! im going to enjoy myself-- screw 'moderation' for today, hahah.

I always eat the entire bar (that's why I rarely buy them).  Who is strong enough not to?

Many, many halloweens I have eaten multiple whole chocolate bars...if you haven't eaten whole chocolate bar in your lifetime, I think you'd be a little crazy?

All. The. Time.

Many, many times...

It just so happens that on the shelves in the closet behind me, which double as a pantry for me to store my canned, packaged, and similar food items, I spotted a package of Wonka Domed Dark Chocolate pieces.  I ate 8 of them.  I felt that was about what would be in a candy bar.  Wasn't too bad on calories, and I did put the remainder back on the shelf...instead of into my stomach.


my absolute favorite candy bar is hershey's cookies n creme bar. i know they're far from nutritious but they are my favorite treat. about a week ago i had 3 in one sitting and felt pretty sick afterward, lol. note to self: don't buy a 6-pack of these bars again! :P

I sure have hahaha. I definitely don't make it a regular occurance but it does happen now and again!

Many, many times. Chocolate is AMAZING.

I try to stick to the 85%+ dark chocolate, as I believe that's the kind used in studies that support the health benefits of a little dark chocolate on a regular basis. Some brands I've tried are so so, so often it's easy to ration it out...but I got a Green & Black's 85% dark choc bar the other day and it was hard not to eat the whole thing! So I don't think I will be getting them on a regular basis Cry.

yes a lot of times, well more so when i was younger- some of my favorites were twix, nutrageous, and snickers.

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