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How many cup's is one bowl?

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It really get's me angry when foods that are meant to be in bowls, say things in Cups. For example, when I eat cereal it says 1 Cup= 110 Calories. But how many cups equals one bowl?Serioiusly, who eats cereal in a cup? ;)
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are you serious?
Do you have a set of measuring cups?  Take the 1 cup and fill it with cereal.  Pour it in the bowl.   If you want more cereal in yr bowl take the 1/2 C and fill that.  Keep going until your bowl is filledwhere you want it and then add up your calories.
Yeah, because when I eat rice, I eat it in a cup because the nutrition facts are for "1/2 cup of rice".

I was joking.

They mean measuring cups, not an actual cup. That's the same for every other nutrition label that is based on cups.
yeah is this like one huge joke? 
i did not take this thread as a joke.  I think that everyones sense of a serving size is different.  The kind of plates, bowls and coffee cups you have are not the same size as mine.
I have a few bowls that will hold 2 cups.  I have a few bowls that hold only one cup.
One bowl, one serving?  Unless you weigh or measure everything, how do you really know?
A lot of people do not own kitchen scales.
A lot of people have not learned basic kitchen skills.  Isn't it nice that they can ask questions here?

PS  I have ate ice-cream out of a measuring cup, because I did not want to dirty two dishes.
no it's just funny because i don't think they understand that a cup is a unit of measurement, not the name of the actual item. at least that's how i interpreted the question.

lol "Serving size: 1/2 bowl"

lol @ "serving size: 1/2 bowl". hahaha.

this thread is so funny =)
Most of my bowls are 2 cups worth..
Sep 17 2007 15:58
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For me it was serious.  I used to dump cereal into a bowl and eat it without thinking about portion size.  This was 3-4 half cup portions, and way more carbs than I could handle after I added milk and sugar. All the years I did this I thought it was good for me - lots of fiber, vitamins, fruit, calcium, low/no cholesterol - and that carbs were my friends.  Until I got the test results and had extremely high fasting blood sugar levels....cereal and milk were the first thing to knock out of my diet.
This is funny, lol.   I was also surprised to see how little a proper "serving" of cereal was!  Now I usually measure out 2 servings, but with fat free milk, it's still pretty decent, under 350 calories .  I rarely have cereal but definitely once in a while!
haha this was a great post.

seriously WHO actually eats Cereal out of a CUP.... lmao
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