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cream of wheat!!

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does anyone besides myself like cream of wheat?? Does anyone know if its better for you than oatmeal?? help please
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i LOVE cream of wheat. i don't know if it's necessarily "better" but it's good for you. it has a ton of iron in it. i like to stir jam into mine.

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I love cream of wheat too! :]

Mixed with Creamy nut butter is good.

You should also try Cream of rice!~ Yummiee

I LOVE cream of wheat (hate oatmeal). I eat it with a little butter and then put it on top of pumpernickle bread. OMG--the best!

I'm obsessed with cream of wheat! I don't know if it is necessarily better than oatmeal. There is a new whole grain cream of wheat that is 100 calories a serving. It tastes about the same. If you love cream of wheat try it with some of these mix ins!

I first mix mine with 1/4 c steel cut oats then add-

soy and whey protein powder

nutmeg and cinnamon

stevia and splenda

lastly, milled flaxseeds

Mix all together! OMG it tastes like cake.. its amazing!

Original Post by akramer21:

does anyone besides myself like cream of wheat?? Does anyone know if its better for you than oatmeal?? help please


 Cream of Wheat has less calories and quite a bit less sodium than oatmeal, but also less protein and fiber. Both are pretty good for you, so eat which ever one you like best. Personally, I love both.

Another thing, shredded wheat (the hot kind you cook with water) is low in calories and has no sodium.

I LOVE cream of wheat... I keep forgetting to buy it.  I cook it nice and thick and put a little milk and brown sugar (I know, I know... lol) on it.. yummmm!!

I like both cream of wheat and oatmeal but my current favorite hot breakfast grain is quinoa.

We have had wonderful fresh blueberries this year - quinoa, bb, a bit of milk and brown sugar is my current mix.


I absolutly LOVE cream of wheat. I put berries on it in the morning, or a little flavored soy milk *in heaven*

omg cream of wheat is simply deelish! but oatmeal I believe is more nutricious, so in the health department oatmeal wins by a bit, but cream of weaht is still very good for you :) I only made it with milk, and sprinkled a bit of splenda on it...tried it once with sliced banana in it and omg *drools*

there's no cream of wheat in Spain, so I def miss it a whole lot *tear*

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