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How many calories does 1 cup of apple slices contain?

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here on CC the calorie count says 65 calories for 1 cup of apple slices but when you click on the ounces it will says 4.4 ounces and 1 cup equals 8 oz...can some1 please explain why its 4.4 ounces instead of 8.

and slices meaning cut up into peices so i guess its the quartered/chopped one.
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please, anyone?
Just a thought:

One cup = eight ounces of liquid or any "substance" that is "re-shapable"... One cup of water is the same as eight ounces of water... One cup of sugar is the same as eight ounces of sugar.  Because of the shape of the apple (and the fact that it is not re-shapable), it is reasonable to say that 4.4 ounces is equal to one cup.  The ounces it is talking about are what the actual slices of the apple weigh.

Does that make sense?  I'm just taking an educated guess, btw.  Hopefully somebody who knows more will come along to help.
so if u put 1 cup of chopped apple in a measuring cup it will be 65 calories or not?
It should be 65 calories. If you have a food scale and weigh it, it should be 4.4 oz.
i dont, i only have a measuring cup =(....there is no way to measure it with that?
you kind of have to make an educated guess, based on how finely chopped the fruit is. in practical terms, it's somewhere on the spectrum between "slices" which are the least chopped up, and "applesauce" which is totally chopped up. the more airspace leftover in your measuring cup, the fewer calories, and the closer you are to 4.4 ounces; the less airspace leftover in the measuring cup, the more calories, and the closer you are to 8 ounces.

in the final analysis, you aren't talking that big of a difference calorie-wise, so swag it & don't stress over getting the measurement perfect.
** the more airspace leftover in your measuring cup, the fewer calories, and the closer you are to 4.4 ounces; the less airspace leftover in the measuring cup, the more calories, and the closer you are to 8 ounces.

how is that possible?? if i was closer to 4.4 ounces there would be less airspace...if i had 8 ounces thered be more airspace
if there's more air in the cup, there's less food, so it's fewer calories & fewer ounces, right? or maybe i'm not making sense...
well i understand now lol

if there is more space in the cup then there is fewer ounces BUT it would measure to more ounces really. If u were to *magically* lol..reduced the apple to were thered be no more space then it is fewer ounces....okies i understand ^^

Maybe if you look at it this way. If you were to chop a cup of parsley, to your thought would be 8 oz. Now cut 8 oz of parsley and see how much you would come up with.  What you are looking at is volume not weight. If you go by weight you will come up with more than you want.

A cup of chopped parsley weights about 1 to 1.5 oz. So look at it from that stand point of view. Not by weight but by volume.

go by the weight in grams - 115 grams = 57 calories.

A food scale solves the problem every time.
OK so just calm down, apple is not what will make you fat if you happen to eat a few slices extra. And you can save the trouble of slicing/cutting/weighing/measuring that unfortunate piece of fruit if you estimate 80 calories for a medium apple.
lol, but if i put 1 cup or (8 oz) of apple in the measuring cup..will it be the same 65 calories?
1 cup of apple in the measuring cup...???

Really, you are overcomplicating this. You take an apple and give it 80 calories. And it DOES NOT matter if it's 5 more or 5 less.
It is because there are two types of ounces: one measures volume, the other measures mass.  1 'volume' oz is 1/8 of a cup.  However, 1 'mass' oz is 1/16 of a pound.  So your cup of apples is 8 oz in volume, but it weighs 4.4 oz.  You need to keep your ounces straight, that's all.

But really, it's an apple.... don't worry so much about the calories.  Just take your best guess.   To be most accurate, go by the mass of the food (ie, the 4.4 oz) instead of the volume.  The volume will depend on whether it's chopped or not, while the mass will be the same no matter how it's prepared (unless you've added something or cored it, of course).
thanks so much tin!!! you cleared it up for me ^^
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