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What is the best way to cook boca burgers?

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My fiance and I are both hardcore dieting so we just bought some boca burgers to help us on our calorie count diet. However, I've never made them before so I don't know which is best. Any suggestions?

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They're okay in the microwave... but I suggest blotting them because they get a bit... moist. I like grilling them best.

I usually cook them in a non-stick skillet, lightly sprayed with cooking spray, covered so they don't dry out. They're good with fat-free cheese slices (31 cals) on a Wonder Bread or Sara Lee Delightful bun (80 cals). Or, you can sautee up some onions, peppers & mushroom and do it open-faced style, saving 40 cals on the bun, and if you top with just the veggies, you save the 31 cals from the cheese. Very tasty!

I second kitty- they are much, much better grilled or pan "fried" than they are in the microwave. I actually like them on the dry side since it makes it taste more solid and hearty. I normally cook them in a non-stick pan until both sides are crunchy. Play around with them and see what you like. I also sometimes crumble them up once they are almost done cooking and throw in either an egg or some egg beaters to make a super protein meal.

i have found that when they are almost dry,if you throw a little water on them they actually become juicy. you'll be surprised.

i have found that when they are almost dry,if you throw a little water on them they actually become juicy. you'll be surprised.

I usually nuke them for a few seconds then pan fry until they are done. I use lettuce instead of a bun to save some calories.

I pan fry them in a nonstick skillet without oil. When they are about done, I will sometimes top them with cheese, turn off the stove, and put a lid on the pan. By the time I finish putting together the bread/lettuce/condiments/whatever I'm having with them, the cheese will be melted.

I also like grilling best. Throwing them in the toaster oven works too, much better than the microwave.

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Love the boca burgers, but like the Orignial Gradernburgers even more - a bit of cheese, nice texture and so on.  I actually put mine either in the toaster or the toaster oven.  I eat it with a little slice of cheddar cheese, an english muffin, and a bit of non-fat or low fat mayo.  Best meal and so totally filling. 

I microwave mine but sometimes the edges can get dried out. On a skillet is probably best.

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