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toning body by weight lifting burns fat?

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i have just had a lesson with my personal trainer and he told me that by toning my body which means do more raps (12-15) with just enough weight to make me feel burn can lose my fat at that body area, is that true??

i have never heard about that before. all i know is cardio can burn fat and weight training only improve the metabolism and INCREASE MUSCLE CELLS.

so, which one is right?

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There is no way to influence where your body prefers to store fat via exercise.  That trainer is full of beans if that's what they said.

Cardio directly burns glucose, amino acids, and fat.  The higher the intensity, the less percentage of total energy expended it gets directly from fat.  Nevertheless, very high-intensity "aerobics" (HIIT) burns much more fat per calorie expended than low- or moderate-intensity aerobics.  This is mostly due to post-exercise increase in base metabolic rate (BMR), which fades very quickly except when aerobic intensity is very high.

Hard strength-training is even more effective than HIIT at increasing post-exercise BMR, which makes it effective at burning fat too -- although hard strength-training doesn't burn fat directly, the calories it burns don't come out of thin air ;-), and its post-exercise BMR boost is highly significant and surprisingly long-lasting (upwards of a full day).

It's unclear whether the number of muscle cells can be increased; most books still say "no".   The number of metabolically active muscle cells does decrease with age.  Strength training has many effects on many body systems, including increasing the size of muscle cells (although there are different ways to do strength training, and it's possible to train for strength, power or endurance instead of for peak size).
There is a thread in weightloss titled "Wondering what's going on" Spirochete posted a link to a very good article on fat loss and weight training.  It is a great read with a lot of great info!!
i have never heard about that before. all i know is cardio can burn fat and weight training only improve the metabolism and INCREASE MUSCLE CELLS.

Well those are two sides of the same coin. What do you think all that muscle is doing? It's burning fat. In fact, it's burning fat while you're sleeping, eating a cupcake or watching TV. Cardio burns fat when you're doing it. Weight training also preserves your muscle when you diet. Cardio strips it away.

I disagree with your trainer in that I think you'll get much better results by doing lower reps with higher weight. There is no such thing as toning or making muscle more lean. Muscle is muscle. It's up to you if you want to spend forever and a day getting it (doing it the way your trainer suggested) or if you want it quickly (lifting those heavy weights).
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