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P90X online free workouts?

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I keep hearing alot about the P90X, Insanity workout, etc.. Is there a way of accessing these workouts online via youtube maybe for free ?

And i mean full length versions, not clips. Thx !

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So what you're saying is that you're looking for the pirated versions, huh?

haha yup, basically. I figured the way the media works today it should be possible to find it on the internet somewhere..

haha yup, basically. I figured the way the media works today it should be possible to find it on the internet somewhere..

To answer your question directly:  Yes, you can -- you can access ALL the DVD's online.  An exact link to them?  Nope, I can't help you there though, sorry -- I don't agree with it.  Perhaps someone else who doesn't care can help you out.

On another note:  Quite often you can see the DVD's being sold used, or for super cheap on Ebay.  At least then you're still supporting the product... Undecided

you might wanna also check out craigslist cuz ppl are often wanting to get rid of the stuff they dont use and will often sell a whole set for like 20 bucks.

Actually, when you buy the product off of eBay or Craigslist, you are not really supporting the product necessarily.
MOST of those are pirated versions and not always even usable.
In addition, they don't come with the complete program (nutritional guide, workout schedules, any bands, etc.).
You CAN find short clips of the workouts on youtube, as you said.
But, other than obtaining an ILLEGAL version of the program, your best bet is to purchase it directly from or a Beachbody coach.
For what it is worth, they do offer 30 day money back guarantees on all their products and programs.
If you want more info, let me know. Yes, I just happen to be a Beachbody Coach, and thus, talk of getting illegal copies is a bit bothersome to me.



Kassay I think I found where to download them for free, I've been researching because I keep hearing about P90X and keep seeing things that make me want to try it out.... I'll let you know lol

yep...bittorrent..btjunkie..torrents..goggle will come up

if beachbody actually cared about Pirating they would follow google and get rid of links..but they don't

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