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High humidity (98%)

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Is it harder for someone who is not fit to maintain their exercise routine on a treadmill when the room humidity level is 98%?  I certainly feel like a limp noodle compared to last week when the humidity was lower.

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It is harder for someone who is not fit to exercise on a treadmill period....  Humidity affects your sweat rate which affects your hydration.  As you get dehydrated, your body has to work harder to supply your body with oxygen.  So, in high(er) humidity, you will need to drink more while exercising!

Plus, humidity sucks out your will to live.

Wesmckean - thanks, that really makes sense. I realised I was sweating more than usual and felt weak, even though I had eaten an adequate breakfast. Then I had a light bulb moment and dragged a dehumidifier into the room and saw it registered 98%.


Original Post by amethystgirl:

Plus, humidity sucks out your will to live.


I agree, I live in southern Louisiana.... omg.

I keep trying to go out and just walk to get some exersize in but when i open the door it's like a wall of heat, i just dont think its healthy to be out in the sun w/ a heat index of 105F!

It's so unmotivating

It is also harder for someone to maintain their exercise routine in high humidity when they are fit.

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