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Best 5K time - beginners?

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I am running a 5K in June and I'm wondering what all of your best 5K times are? I'd like to think that 30 minutes would be my goal!
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30 minutes is a great beginner time. My fastest time is about 25:30 which isn't super fast but was third in my age group, so I was pretty happy with it. Good luck with your race!
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Wow that's a great time! Keep going!

My first 5K was a 25:xx (somewhere in the 25:30 range; I have the actual number recorded at home).  My PR is 23:15.

30 minutes is an excellent goal for a first time out.

I also think that 30 minutes is a good beginner time to shoot for.

My DW started running in 2011 and her first 5K was 28 minutes. Last year, she was down to 25:25, and winning her age group sometimes (she is 48). She had done some sporadic jogging over the past years, and does a lot of hard hiking, so she was pretty fit before she started running regularly.

I'm older, and run longer races. I haven't ever done a 5K, but might someday. I think I'd be under 24 minutes in my first 5K (my last 10K was 48.something). It would be my first 5K, but I don't think I could claim to be a beginner.Wink

I ran my first 5k in 34:02. I had been running for a few weeks at that point.

My PR at a race is 27:55 (9:00 miles) and it put me at 8th in my age group. That was in December and I've since started averaging sub-28 minute 5Ks on a daily basis. I think I could probaby race a 26 or even 25:something at this point. I'll find out in a couple of weeks!

30 minutes is a great goal for a beginner 5k! Just remember to have fun, that's the most important part!

OGR--Funny that you, of all people, haven't done a 5K!

For a beginner, 30 min is a reasonable goal.  It has been many years since I last ran a 5k, but my pr at that distance is 21 minutes and change.  I'd love to give it a go again and see if I can still run that fast!

Original Post by bierorama:

OGR--Funny that you, of all people, haven't done a 5K!

When I started running, 5K's were uncommon/rare. I don't think that they even existed. I started with 10K's, which were very common.  Same thing with half marathons (I'd never heard of those when I did my first marathon, and have never run one).

Now that 5K's, and half marathons are so common, I'm sure that I'll get around to doing them eventually. Actually, I entered a half marathon, as a walker, two years ago, because I thought that I could win the walking division overall. I took second place (2:30) and got really sore! I'll be running my next half M., if I do one, lol.

After competing in races from Ultra's, Sprint Tri's, Mud runs....all the way down to 5k's for years...I hit my PR for a 5k 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 19:58. I don't run (compete) races very much anymore. I use to be pretty darn fast. I ran a 5k in March of this year to help one of our kid's time was 24:18. I felt as if I was running FASTER than I did 2 years ago....not to mention it was a much flater race...but alas..I was not even close. Obviously...running is not my 'thang' as much as it use to be.

Still, for a newbie, beginner, etc., 30 mins or under would be an awesome goal. 

30:10 was my best last summer.  I ran two 5Ks last summer after not running much for about nine years... so I'd call myself a "beginner."  My goal this summer is to run three of them, and to break 30 min.

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Original Post by oldguysrule:

Original Post by bierorama:

OGR--Funny that you, of all people, haven't done a 5K!

When I started running, 5K's were uncommon/rare. I don't think that they even existed.

LOL. I haven't done a 5k either.

My very first 5k time was a slow 45 minutes. Every other 5k since then has been between 30-36 minutes. I'm not a regular runner though. I do it 1-2 times a week. I'd love to get below 30 mins at some point.


My first 5k race was a 30:38 but my best for a 5k (not race) is 27:08. These are outside times and not treadmill. 30 is a great goal I believe.

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