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Hi Guys,

For those of you already using calorie camp, how do you feel about it?

I think it has some major advantages, but also a lot of disadvantages.

It's nice to be able to see what others are eating that have similar goals and getting ideas and encouragement.  However, I think this is going to be a very dangerous tool for those with Eating Disorders. 

Even I don't enjoy seeing that people are able to make it on less than 1000 calories when I can barely keep mine below 1500 and I have never had any ED, so I imagine this would be very stressful if you are suffering or in recovery from an ED.

Also, I think it is going to get annoying getting all these emails everytime someone posts a report.

I think it would be helpful if there was a way to pick whos reports you wanted to see and filter out the ones you dont.


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Original Post by mrsjtmedley69:

Also, I think it is going to get annoying getting all these emails everytime someone posts a report.

I think it would be helpful if there was a way to pick whos reports you wanted to see and filter out the ones you dont.

I have no idea what this new thing is, but THIS ^^.

It's bad enough that I can't filter whose journal entries I see in "My Friend's Journals" without having to defriend people, but getting emails about how much someone ate yesterday? Completely unnecessary.

I'm a member and am not getting any emails but none of my Friends have joined yet; maybe that is why.  There should be a place in settings to turn off notification like for forum replies.

I've been seeing all these posts about Calorie Camp. Can someone please explain what it is???

It's some new application thing that CC is testing out I guess.  It basically just allows you to post your food and exercise logs for others to see.  I got an email a few days ago asking me to try it.

How do you turn off the damn notifications? I just had to delete a bunch of them from my email. I don't give a crap what anybody eats.

OK, I just had to go delete 2 more emails from my inbox notifying me that someone posted a log. This time I did open one of the emails and click on it to quit getting those kind of notifications. Will I have to do this for every single friend who joins the calorie camp? If so, it'd be easier to just defriend my whole list.

Please get this fixed.

I think if you click the link to opt out of the notifications, then you won't get any at all regardless of how many of your friends go to camp. 

I don't want to know what everybody else eats either - I don't want to be the calorie police telling everyone to back away from the brownie. 


I haven't had any notifications so am not vexed (yet). I do like to see what other people have eaten but just to see if they eat roughly the same kind of food as me. My food must be very boring to some of you as I tend to eat the same thing. 

I agree about the site maybe not helping people with eating disorders. How can people eat so few calores? If I don't eat very much I feel quite weak. I cant imagine eating less than 1000 calories daily. Even that is extremely low. 

I thought it was sad to see how little some people eat. To a person with an ED though they might be encouraged to go even lower. 

Did I get kicked out?


I didn't log for two days, I wonder if that's why? Caloriecamp disappeared from my account. 


Disappeared from mine too-and I logged.  So What's Up?

For anyone still wondering, the Camp is back up, with new customizable goals.

As for not wanting to see users who are on dangerous or unhealthy diets, I think the Camp is supposed to get a "Block" function which should cut out all interaction with a user, if you so desire.  Hopefully that will fix the problem for people who find it distressing to see the 500-1000cal reports that float around occasionally.  

It'd be nice if you could sort visible reports by criteria like "1500cals+ only" or self-selected profile things like "maintaining/gaining/losing," "Diabetic," etc.  That would also help similar groups find each other and not get tangled up in others' unhelpful or personally irrelevant diet reports.

Since the Camp is entirely optional, I think it's pretty much a good thing all around.  If you do well with it, you can use it, and if you don't do well with it, you can completely ignore it. Laughing

Hi does anyone know how to edit my entry on calorie camp?





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