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Activity level question

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In the section where you chose your activity, whether its moderate, light, etc. What happens if not all the activity levels are accurate?

I sit at a desk and walk around but I push myself really hard during workouts, usually over 60-80 plus minutes 6 days a week.

PLease help :)


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I had the exact same confusion, as I don't get a lot of activity at work but do work out at the gym very hard.

The way I got around it was to first choose "light" and see what calorie target it gave me (about 2000) and then I went back out and chose "moderate" and viewed that target (about 2400).   So with that information, I've been shooting for about 2200 per day and have had good luck so far.  

Hope this helps!



Yes thank you that does help. I pretty much did the same thing. I still think that I am not eating enough calories but that is what the website tells me:)

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